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CNY celebration 2019 16 Feb 2019

Organiser: Hui Kiat and Hui Quan
Emcees: Stuart and Jin Xiong
Photographer: Poh Yan
Games: Uncle Sam and Uncle Song
Food & Snacks: Rico, Yen and Doris
CNY Singing Performance: Jojo + Auntie Susan + Emcees
God of Fortune: Lucas
Lion Dance: Hui Kiat
Event Programme:
1445hrs Arrival and standby elderly at Dining Hall
1500hrs Celebration Start (Arrival of MH God of Fortune + Angbao Distribution +
CNY Songs Karaoke Session)
1505hrs Snacks Serving (Ah Ma’s Cake – Original + Pandan)
1515hrs Game 1 (Guessing Game)
1530hrs Lion Dance Performance + God of Fortune
1545hrs Lao Yu Sheng
1600hrs CNY Medley
1615hrs Dinner (Braised Pork Belly, Chicken Wing, Egg, Black Fungus and Tau
Event Details:At 3.00pm, all of the elderly were gathered at the dining hall. The event started by the arrival of the
God of Fortune greeting every elderly as well as giving away the mandarin oranges, ang baos and
serving of snacks. While the elderly was enjoying their snacks, the God of Fortune proceeded to
level 2 and 3 accompanied by the Singing Group.
It was then followed by the guessing game conducted by Uncle Sam. The prizes were wrapped as
present and the elderly who had guessed correctly, received the items in the wrapped present.
The Lion Dance troop arrived at about 3.30pm with two lions and a God of Fortune (with the face of a
pig). The lion dance troop were superb and performed a number of acrobatics stunts. Best of all, they
generously donated their ang bao to the home.
Due to time constraint, we were unable to proceed with the 2 nd game (Bingo).
Lao Yu Sheng started at about 3.45pm. The elderly together with the volunteers were happily
shouting out their best wishes to everyone. The celebrations ended with a finale of CNY medley by
Jojo, Auntie Susan, Stuart, Doris and Joyce at 4pm.

The Moral Angels took up the roles of serving the food of braised pork belly, chicken wing, egg, black
fungus and tau pok from the stall of Mr. Lobak which is pretty popular and well known for its braised
pork belly in social media. The sumptuous dinner end at about 5pm.
Would like to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers for the time and effort to make the event a

Written by Huiquan and Huikiat

CNY in house shopping 19 Jan 2019

This is an event in collaboration with Ngee Ann Poly and YJC students.
Leo club(Ngee Ann Poly) will be recruiting volunteers to help out in the event. The event will be at the dining hall of Moral
home. Volunteers will be separated into two main groups. The first group (BEFRIENDERS) of volunteers will be pushing elderly with the wheelchair around during the event and assist them throughout the event. The second group of volunteers will be taking care of the different stores.
Moral Angels will be purchasing all the items for the elderly to ‘purchase’ and all food and drinks for the folks to consume.

Objective and outcome of participating

For volunteers to create the festive joy of Chinese New Year to the elderly through this event.
To enable volunteers to develop a sense of belonging in giving back to the community.
For elderly to be actively involved while participating in games.
For volunteers to interact and build relationships with seniors.
To understand the challenges our seniors are facing today.

Description of Proposed Activity
Rules of the carnival:
There will be a ‘purchase card’ given to the elderlies at the start of the carnival, the incharge of the store will tick the items after they have purchased from the store. Furthermore, there will be 2 game booths for elderly to play and win small prizes.

Volunteers will ensure the elderlies have a good time buying things from the different stores. *Note: Only elderlies with swallowing issues are not allowed to purchase food stuffs.

GAMES (2 game booths)
Purpose of the games: allow participants to win small prizes when they accomplish one game.

Game 1: Guess where?
There will be some 3 paper cups face downwards on the table, one ping pong ball will be placed under one of the cups, then we change the sequence of the cups and let the participants  to guess which cup has the ball.
Winning criteria: When the participant guess correctly, he/she can claim a small prize from game ICs.

Game 2:Ring Toss Games
Participant will be using the plastic rings to throw on the cone.
Winning condition: When the participant successfully throws 1 ring into the cone, he/she can claim a small prize from game ICs.
**small prizes will be prepared by Moral Angels.

Areas for improvement
1) The spacing of stores need to be widened.
2) Purchase more slippers especially.

1) Pajamas ($700)
2) Clothings and slippers ($600 sponsored by Mona)
3) Snacks ($50 sponsored by aunt Vivien)
4) CNY food snacks ($400 sponsored by Yen)
5) Soya Milk ($36)
6) Chicken rice dinner ($250 sponsored by uncle song)

Written by Ah Yen and Rico

Xmas Celebrations 2018

For this Xmas Celebration, Moral Angels collaborated with Leo Club from Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 22 Dec.
In preparation for this celebration, I met up with Harry (Leo Club chairman) on 2 occasions. The first was to explain to Harry and to aid him in coming up with the proposal. The second was a site recce for the poly students.
Leo Club was tasked to :
a. Prepare two games for the elderlies to play ;
b. Prepare photobooth;
c. Perform 3 xmas songs;
d. Act as Santa Claus and Santa Rina
We were impressed with the dedication, capability and passion of the Leo Club members. They accomplished the tasks with ease and they were exemplary in mingling with the elderlies and guiding them to play the games.
While the rest of the Leo Club members played games, Santa Claus and Santa Rina went upstairs to visit those bedridden residents and sang Xmas Carol.
Thanks to Leo Club, the Xmas Celebration was a great success. We look forward to collaborate with Leo Club for future events.
Thanks to those Moral Angels who turned up to help too.
After the Xmas celebrations we had a lucky draw (proudly sponsored by you-know-who). One lucky Leo club member walked away with a PS4 console! Congratulations !
Stuart & Doris

Moral Angels with the kind support from the shooting academy of the Singapore Sports School went out on our first outing of 2017. It was a record breaking event for us as we brought a total of 28 beneficiaries to Zhong Shan Mall for some midyear shopping.


We gathered at 1215pm on Saturday 01/07/2017, as students were introduced to their various group leaders. Rico and Christina were the HR manager as 38 student volunteers were painstakingly sorted and paired with a beneficiary.


These students were then put through a rigorous session of wheelchair handling workshops conducted by their various group leaders to make sure that they are well prepared for the arduous journey ahead. A big thank you to all our volunteers who stepped up as group leaders, taking care of both our elderlies as well as our young volunteers.


We went to the NTUC at Zhong Shan Mall and the beneficiaries were given the VIP treatment. they each had a “personal butler” to bring them around, helping them with their purchases. NTUC was also kind enough to open a dedicated lane for us to make payment.

We spent as if NTUC also took part in our nationwide GSS campaign, spending close to $500 in total in our shopping spree.


Tea break was held at Zhong Shan Park, a beautiful open area right outside Zhong Shan Mall. Just one hour into the outing, and our young volunteers had absolutely no issues handling the wheelchair, expertly manoeuvring and marshalling our beneficiaries in this tight space. Sports School also sponsored the tea break for our beneficiaries, buying buns and drinks for all involved, old folks, students and volunteers alike.


Our final stop was at Sun Yat Sen Nanyang memorial hall. The aircon inside provided a brief respite from the sweltering heat. Special thanks to Susan mama, who despite the various protests, insisted that we had to take a photo here. If not for her persistence, we would not be able to capture this beautiful moment.

Thank you, all young and old volunteers, for a meaningful Saturday spent together.


I would also like to make use of this avenue to address our young volunteers, as we never had a chance to talk to them and to thank them properly after the event.

What to have for meals, what time to shower, what to splurge your pocket money on, what to do and where to go in your free time; this are simple decisions that we are all free to make. An independent choice is however oftentimes a luxury to our beneficiaries instead.

So, I want to thank you, not just because you made their day by bringing them out, not because you kindly spent your prize money on them, but because you empowered them, to a little extent, to your best abilities, enabled them to make a conscious choice. You allowed them to choose something they want, to buy something that they like.

On the grander scale of things, Freedom of choice is a precious gift and something I hope you will cherish and be grateful for.

Lastly, I would like to do some advertising for ourselves, we are volunteering every Saturday from 230 to 530 and all are free to join us. Of course, do not expect our normal routine to be as intensive and high octane as the outings we’ve been on. The activities might be banal, but the company is fun and entertaining, and we all can’t wait to see you again.

This is Raymond. Peace out.

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  • Kopi Roti Session 22 Apr 2017

    Moral Angels Volunteers held their first “Kopi Roti Session 2017” on 22-04-2017 (Saturday).

    On this bright and lovely “Spring” afternoon Brother Song met up with Christina, Rico, Susan and Alice (Susan’s friend) to collect the chwee kueh at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 hawker centre. We next proceed to collect the siew mai at “Tanjong Rhu Pau” and reach  “Moral Home for The Aged Sick” at about 1.45pm.

    12 Sam arrived with soya milk and Adelene was kind to fetch Mr Lee, Mr Cheong and Mdm Tan, our invited guest from Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities @ Indus Moral CARE and our Susan also invited her friend Alice to support our karaoke too.

    When the event started at 3pm, the canteen area were packed with our Ah Gong & Ah Mah. As usual, our all hardworking F&B team, Rico, Christina, Susan, Vivian, Doris, Ping Sing, Joyce, the young volunteer kakis all spring up to help to prepare the snacks. At 3.15pm, we begin with serving MH residences, Chwee kueh, siew mai and soya bean drink. The snack were the right choice, Ah Gong & Ah Mah just finished the snack in no time. There was a residence who had requested for 3 serving of soya bean drinks, till the nurse had to refrain him from over drinking.

    After the snacks being served, Stuart, Hui Quan & YiQi warm up with singing. Next we invited Mr Cheong to perform the Cantonese karaoke, followed Mr Lee who picked his all time favourite Hokkien songs and Mdm Lee the mandarin songs. The 3 singers seems to be well prepared and chosen as each had selected Mandarin, Hokkien & Cantonese to entertain the residences. Next in the number was Alice who sang modern, cha cha piece. Our dear Susan was so sporting, where she dance cha cha on stage.









    On the audience side, our dear Robert and aunty Angel had “CHOPE the circles seat” to watch attentively to the performers. The audience love the singing group, as many times, we can see Ah Ma humming along, aunty Angel and Robert gave few thumbs up to encourage the singers. Also can hear from the background shouting “ encore, encore”…I am one of them….

    Aunty Angel is a big fan of YiQi, she will always listen attentively to YiQi’s singing. Once, I tried to sing, Aunty Angel gave me a thumb down…….sigh…


    One of Moral Home residence Mr Sim also performed 2 songs that had rocked the hall with his strong vocal tune.

    At 4.15pm, YiQi, Hui Quan, including Rico who sang and dance to our residences upstairs. I greatly appreciate YiQi who informed me her intention to bring cheers to our less mobile and bedridden residences too.

    Time really flies, its almost 4.45pm and time for dinner. Hui Quan started the game session; Name the songs or Singers. As usual, the objectives of games is to bring cheers to the residences with special gifts contributed by our Brother Song. This time, Brother Song had contributed more than 30 bottles of Bird Nest to reward our lovely Ah Gong & Mah. The grand finale came a surprise to Ah Kiat, where we celebrated his Birthday with song and cake.

    This Kopi Roti session was blessed with support from The Ngee Ann Polytehnic students who help to take our video, photos. Mr Lee, Cheong, Mdm Lim, Alice, Mr Sim …. and Susan who sang and perform to us. Many many thanks to our own team Stuart/Doris & family, YiQi, Hui Quan, Ah Kiat, Lucas & Kayden– the drummer, Giselle-the pretty girl. Our Joy team, James, Meng Huat, Rico, Christina, Aunty Vivian, Raymond, Ping Sing/ Desmond & family, Stella, Jin Xiong–the Master of Ceremony, Willit-where we missed her laughter, Joyce & Kayden (Joyce’s son) kind boy who help to massage my back, Brother Song-all time generous man.

    Kudos must also go to Sam for inviting and engaging the 3 elderly singers from Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities who came and brighten the day for the elderlies of Moral Home for The Aged Sick.

    The event end with briefing by Raymond on our next outing on 27 May 2017 with students from Singapore Sports School.



    Written by Sam (Assistant Volunteer Leader)

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    The Chinese New Year Celebration is the second event of 2017. It was held in Moral Home for Aged Sick on 4th Feb 2017 from 1.30pm to 6pm. The objective is to let the elderly experience the joy of the festive mood during Chinese New Year. This event is one of the most popular events in our calendar as it is filled with performances, lion dance, games, lo hei and delicious food.


    Angels Strength

    We have about 35 volunteers helping out. There are close to 100 elderlies who took part in the celebrations.


    Committee Members

    Organisers – Patrick & Jojo

    Food and Beverage – (Rico, Christina & Susan)

    Games – Stuart and Sam

    Entertainment – Yiqi & Hui Quan

    Emcees – Jinxiong & Susan

    Photography – Official Cameramen (Poh Yan & Damien)


    Event Summary

    By 1pm, the volunteers’ room was already bursting with joy and laughter. Doris, Joyce, Christina were the first to reach and set about preparing for the event. Soon after, the organisers arrived with cartons of mandarin oranges and packet drinks.


    Thanks to many helping hands, the packing of oranges to gift bags were done in a jiffy.

    16508547_10211123103461088_8833553856709451157_nRico (our Assistant Volunteer Leader) requested for helpers in the kitchen to prepare snacks for the elderly. We wish to say a big thank you to the many helpers who work tirelessly behind the scenes in preparing the snacks.


    At 2.30pm, the elderlies were wheeled down into the dining area after they had a bit of siesta. Volunteers served the elderlies with the yummy Chinese New Year Goodies and they flushed them down with chinese tea.



    At close to 3pm, we started the event with singing of the Chinese New Year songs. The God Of Fortune strutted into the hall to the tune of 财神到.

    cai shen

    All the little moral angels were vying to hold his hands.16508727_10211123101901049_3485090474574954621_n


    Thanks to the help of Uncle Yeo, Uncle James, Aunty Jane, Joyce and nurses for making sure every elderly received an ang bao and a bag of mandarin oranges.






    We were pleased to have a group of youths from Nan Chiau Secondary School to perform a number of dances for the elderlies. They obliged the elderlies by singing songs as well. It’s so good to be young!








    While the youths were performing in the dining hall, the God Of Fortune and his entourage ventured to the upper floors to hand out AngBaos to the bed-ridden elderlies. The elderlies’ hearts were warmed when they heard Chinese New Year songs. Some of the elderlies could not see nor speak, but they still responded by moving their limbs to the beat of the songs.  16425719_10211123186543165_4537131894246929741_n

    After the youths’ performance, Lion Dance arrived and boy did they steal the show! The rousing drumbeats and the clashing cymbals set our hearts fluttering while the Lion Dance razzle-dazzle and captured the attention of young and old alike in the dining hall. 

    16473379_10211123196543415_1631039959673435900_n 16508439_10211123215103879_3056093278809683631_n 16508648_10211123197423437_4998145811783744894_n

    After the lion dance, it was time for the elderlies to play some sure-win games.

    Soon after, it was dinner-time!

    This year, it was made special and possible for elderlies to do their Lo Hei at the dining table themselves! Thanks to the hardworking ladies for preparing the ingredients and putting them into separate plates way in advance!



    16427291_10211123210663768_6274933617384252957_n 16507823_10211123235824397_5087458779635787_n

    After Lohei, a special dinner was served to the elderlies as part of the CNY celebrations! The elderlies were treated to Hor Fun and Kong Bak Bao!

    The event ended with a short debrief

    We wish to welcome 2 walk-in volunteers (Michael & Jasmine) who saw our CNY posters. We also want to welcome Cindy who is Susan’s cousin. We had a mini birthday celebrations for the February babies- Rico, Sam, Poh Yan.

    Special thanks to everyone for making this event possible.

    Thanks to Patrick for sponsoring the mandarin oranges and the packet drinks and to be a sweat-overflowing 财神爷 !

    Thanks to Huiquan’s Aunt and Stuart for the Ang Baos to the elderlies.

    Thanks to Mona for the God of Fortune Costume.

    Thanks to Christina for preparing the red bags.

    Thanks to Uncle Song for the gift vouchers for the student-performers.

    Thanks to Christina, HuiKiat and Stuart for going out to bring the dinner back for the elderlies.

    Thanks to Rico for making the Lo Hei at every table possible!


    Thanks to everyone (if your names are not mentioned here, it does not mean you are not important, it just means the list is just too long and I only have this amount of space to write!) But you are definitely appreciated for being there physically, mentally and spiritually!

    Wishing everybody a Happy Chinese New Year. Good Health and Wealth!

    Written by Jojo and edited by Stuart.


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