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Hort Park Outing

A Hortpark Outing Flash Dedicated Specially to Sam and other angels who missed it…

Dearest Brother Sam,

After planning so hard for weeks with brother Song, we are very glad and delighted to let you know that both your effort didn’t go to waste!!! It was a very blessed and relaxing outing with our ah kongs and ah mas! Thank you!!! :)

On this beautiful 5th of June Saturday, the Snacks Gang (Song, Susan, Shuhua, Yen & Gary) all met up before noon to go collect the yummy yamy-pumpkiny cake for the elderly and volunteers. Having the wonderful ladies there, the snacks were all nicely and ‘cleanly’ (hopefully ;p) packed for the outing!! At the same time, some angels and helpers started to stroll in…hey!

Where’s the registration counter? There!! Jojo and Kiat were carefully doing the not-at-all-easy registration job. While some volunteers were registering and waiting patiently for the outing, we’ve Mr Mok practicing his guitar skills in the room and the ‘Nick & Kiap Logistics Company’ making sure all items are checked for the outing!

Now ah kongs ah mas were ready, bus was here, where were the volunteers? Oh…they were having a serious program & safety briefing and wheelchair handling ‘course’ by VL Xiongxiong and nurse Kiapkiap. Ok, let’s go Hortpark now! :)

During our journey, as usual, our entertainers Mok Susan & Jojo never failed us by singing their organs out (especially lungs & HEARTS)! :) In addition, some ‘not-so-clear’ city tour info was provided by Jojo! 😛 hehe So, how’s over at the HWA bus Uncle Song?

We reached Hortpark after a nice short 20-30mins bus ride. The elderly were happily settling at the shelter area and all lined up to take nice group photos with the volunteers and most importantly, with the beautifully done-up banner. Then they had their snacks, drinks and little rest before a nice stroll down the park! Wow! They truly enjoyed the flowers and the scenery there! :)

Happy moments always passed by rapidly and it’s time for home sweet Moral Home…
With the extremely nice weather given and the actively participative volunteers, it was indeed a very blissful successful outing. A BIG thank you to all volunteers, especially to Uncle Song & Bro Sam!


More photos at

Smile always,

Shopping Outing to Giant HyperMart

Saturday, 23rd January 2010
CNY Shopping at Giant Tampines

We had a very huge and spontenous turn out of new volunteers led by Andrea (but of course, that JoJo was skiving again). This would not have been possible without her coordination and patience in piecing the jigsaw together and Jin Xiong who once again led us with drive and passion and all of you who were with us, will know the elderly were brimming from ear to ear because of your time and effort, we want to thank you all.



Registration started at 12:30pm. Elderly who were selected to go for the outing were nicely dressed in anticipation, while waiting for the volunteers to do the necessary. It was kind of chaotic initially, as most volunteers were new. Slowly, things fell into place. Jin Xiong gave a very concise briefing before the set off hence the new volunteers were once reassured.


We boarded the bus after settling the elderly comfortably in a wheelchair assisted vehicle. The volunteers thereafter boarded the SBS bus. Jo Jo (who volunteered herself unnecessarily) once again tried her best to damage our eardrums along the way. She did succeed somehow. The trip to Giant was a breeze, as it was less than 15 mins away.



Upon arrival at Giant Hypermart, the elderly were given $20/- budget each to purchase items they desire. Some savvy shoppers, even got their ‘list’ ready. Do not underestimate the ah gongs and ah mahs, its experience that counts afterall. Unsure of what $20 bucks these days can achieve, it astonishes me, some volunteers even have to help out with the extra baggage. They had a really good time.






Changi Airport Terminal 3

Our second destination of the day was the viewing gallery at Changi Airport Terminal 3. The elderlys were brought to the Terminal in an orderly fashion and we toured the gallery in groups. I must say, for the first timers who joined us that day, they did a great job in escorting the elderlys around the Terminal. After 30 mins at the gallery, its time for the elderly to head back to the Home for their sumptuous dinner.




Closing this chapter, a big THANK YOU to those who played a part in making this event a great success. Just to name a few who were present,
Mr. Mok (entertainment angel)
Song and Chee Wah (logistic angels)
Shu Hua and Fiona (F&B angels)
Christina and Carol (Finance angels)
Poh yan and SK (pornography angels, oops I mean photography angels)
and groups ICs (Jasmine, Loi and Adeline).

And for Rico, Hui Quan and Gary, please ensure your presence for our next event or I’ll do something very nasty, like blogging about your rendezvous next.

Also, we would like to extend our utmost appreciation to Giant Hypermart for providing the elderly each with a very generous goodie bag filled with so much goodies.

So ladies and gentlemen, watch out for our next outing, which I believed is not too far away from now. See ya.


The rest of the photos

Merry Christmas Moral Home 2009

A year at moral home has almost come to an end~
How do we sum it up?
We end it with a christmas celebration organised by a first timer, barbie and an old slack timer, jojo.

Buzzing, singings, shoutings, squeaking, mic tests, strumming, jingling all these are the sounds heard inside the office and in the dining area~
Moral angels are always so not quiet at work~~ but this is also the best part of us too..our ‘noise’ to each other made the christmas atmosphere
At moral home come alive~~

While angels are busying doing up the celebration atmosphere, our ah gongs and ah mas upstairs are not any freer..
They are also preparing to come down in their angels polo and look in their best to come down and join us in this joyous event!

Our emcees kick start the event with a brief history of christmas and inviting our Santa Claus ( wei wei— who has kindly offered to be sabotaged by SK who claimed to have jet lag from japan of same time zone as us or perhaps SK has been using up too much of his pitera, that’s y he been ‘balding’ and using a cap to cover..heehee…joking…. =p), Santa Rina (our sweet and always enthu Shermin took up the role and look superbly cute with her two white plaits hanging down which compliments with her white boots..oops..white flats..haha..) and not forgetting our evergreen ever charming elf (Jasmine, she rushed over despite the heavy rain and was drenched when reached…who else can be our very own elf who actually braved the rain to grace the event~)

Soon log cake cutting ceremony by our santa claus, together with his santa rina and elf.
This year’s christmas gifts to the ah mas and ah gongs are sets of pyjamas and handkerchief (thank you aunty fiona) and i believe they love it!!

Our first entertainment started out with an instrument performance by Shuhua (keyboard player) and Mok (multi-tasker for the day, guitar player, emcee, singer, volunteer, etc..).. such melodious music appreciation for our elderlies…

Games… our slacker in-charge Gary has puzzled everyone with his jigsaw games~~~ the 40 pieces jigsaw were no easy task if not for the spontaneous and ever kiasu angels wanting to help the elderlies win…our ah gongs and ah mas sure has a great deal of fun feeling ‘puzzled’!! haha~~

Then we have a long string of christmas caroling from Cherie’s heart childcare centre..these children’s bright faces and sunny characteristics mesmorises our ah gongs and ah mas and how beautiful a saturday it can be with them around…. later part..these children even ran around to give packet biscuits away…so young yet so generous!!


Then we had AAA to perform christmas…they surely has motivated alot of us to be good singers like them~~ before their performance, they gave away christmas ang baos… aren’t moral home elderlies blessed with so much love!!


For the elderly who were unable to join us in the dining area, they were equally blessed with the angels’ love. Santa Claus and his troop (Santa Rina, elf, Ping Sing, Desment and Maria, our guitarist) performed Xmas carols for these elderly at Level 1 and Level 2.

Lastly we served our grand dinner with braised meat, eggs, beancurd heartedly prepared by our kitchen heroines— Molly, Susan and Ah Yen… their sweat in the kitchen has certainly not been wasted as all the ah gongs and ah mas finished up every bit of their food!!! these 3 heroines deserved to be commended a zillion times~

Finally, to all those angels and volunteers who were around~~~ your presence is the greatest presents to us and to the elderlies~~  many thanks for your time and participation~~ till then… take care and have a joyous christmas celebration!!




A special thank you to the committee members for making this event possible..
1) Our dearest emcees – Mr Mok and Adeline: Thanks for agreeing to be the emcees for the day.. seriously the 2 of you look so pro with all the accessories =)
2) Santa Claus (Ah Wei), Santa Rina (Shermin), Elf (Jasmine): did you guys manage to burn any fats from the warm clothing… =)…
3) Deco team – JX and our 有才华又帅的 Ah Kiat: the fire place is awesome… i like it … =)
4) F&B – Aunty Molly, Yen and Susan: thanks for the yummy-li-cious food but a pity barbie xian is not able to take non-halal food =(.
5) Photographer & Videographer – Mr Loi, SK, Ah Kiat, Hui Quan aka AD, Uncle Poh Yan: for capturing the precious moments
6) Game – Gary & Chee Wah: a pity we didn’t have enough time for the ‘pass the bean bag’ game. Don’t be disappointed Gary, we shall reserve that game for the next event ya.. =)
7) Entertainment – Ping Sing, Desment & Maria – for bringing joy to the residents who were unable to us in the dining area.
8) Sound system – Desmond: for controlling the AV system
9) Not forgetting my prettiest co-organiser Josephine: a big thank you for agreeing to be my co-organiser given the short notice =)… Muach…

Jojo and barbie Xian

More photos at Xmas Gallery

Volunteers Bring Elderly to Singapore Flyer

It’s outing time at Moral Home, and we are bringing the folks to the Singapore Flyer!

Uncle Song was the first to arrive, loading up 15 wheelchairs up the lorry for the trip. Thanks Song for the back breaking task, we will get more help for the next outing.


Rico and Yen were also early to prepare for the volunteer registration. Slowly but surely the volunteers streamed in, same for the elderly who were brought down from their rooms. They sure were excited about the trip, waiting at the lobby 1 full hour before the set off time.

We had 20 elderly and more than 35 volunteers for the outing. We are glad to see volunteers who are always so supportive. There were also a number of new faces who are joining us for the first time. I am sure you will enjoy this outing, and hope to see more of you in the future.


We managed to ‘squeeze’ everyone into one tour bus, not bad huh? No choice lah, times are bad, haha. Actually the bus capacity is 50, so everyone was seated comfortably except for a few volunteers who were performing. They were non other than our Jojo, Gary, and Mok. They always manage to get the crowd going effortlessly with their infectious singing and boundless energy.

The Flyer isn’t too far from the Home and we reached our destination in 20 min. Song and Desmond were already standing-by with all the wheelchairs lined up in twos waiting for us at the entrance. Many thanks to all the volunteers working tirelessly behind the scene to ensure a smoothly journey for everyone.

After we got everyone off the bus, it was snack time. Better fill up that tummy before going up that ride. Snack was an assortment of Pao, specially selected by Adeline and Jennifer. The snacks were finished in no time. Either everyone was simply too hungry or was just too eager to get on the Flyer.



Not only were Singapore Flyer kind enough to offer us a special rate, they also provided a dozen of friendly guides to help us with our special needs. We were given the VIP treatment, with our own private lift and direct access to the cabin. They even stopped the Flyer when its time for us to board the cabin. They certainly went all out to make sure we had a pleasant time. Thanks Singapore Flyer!

We were split into 4 groups, each occupying 1 cabin. As the cabin slowly moved upwards, the enthralling sight of the city’s skyline slowly unfolded before our eyes. It was an amazing experience, and the residents were visibly thrilled by the view. Needless to say, everyone who was armed with a camera was busy taking photos of the wonderful view outside.




The volunteers were explaining every building within sight to the residents, while the residents shared with the young volunteers how the Singapore river used to be during the early days. After 40 min on the Flyer (which felt more like 10 min), everyone was reluctant to get off. Well maybe we will come back again next year :)

There was still time for group photo taking before leaving for Moral Home. Our very pro photographer Stuart found a perfect spot and we were all rounded up to strike the perfect pose. It was no easy task to fit 55 of us and the Flyer into a single pic, but you can trust Stuart to get that perfect shot.


The outing did not end after we reached Moral Home. The residents who did not join us for the outing were already out at Bedok Food Centre having their dinner, and the residents who came back from the Flyer were eager to join them. We duly accompanied the residents on a short walk to the food centre, with all the yummy food already on our mind.


Each resident was given $5 to buy any food he or she desired. They were like kids in a candy store going around hunting for their fav fare. This was part of the Senior Citizen Week activities organized by Moral Home, and the residents were clearly enjoying themselves.

After a hearty dinner, we proceeded back to Moral Home. It was a long day for everyone, but you could never tell from the face of the volunteers and the residents. It seemed like everyone was still longing for more, reluctant to end the day.

The outing couldn’t be a success without the commitment of all the volunteers. I continue to be amazed by the dedications of Moral Angels, be it the long time veterans or the ad-hoc volunteers. You have always answered the call when asked upon without fail. We will also like to thank Moral Home for their constant support, the Singapore Flyer for their kind reception, and the generous donors for this outing. Last but not least the organizing committee for doing a great job. You deserve a big pat on the back.

Jin Xiong (already looking forward the next outing)
More Flyer Photos

Marina Barrage Outing 2009

Dear Moral Angels,

We have the privilege and pleasure in organising the outing to Marina Barrage on 28-3-2009 for the elderly of Moral Home for The Aged Sick.

When Song & myself arrived at Moral Home at about 1130 hrs Mok was practicing his songs for the day and Susan have prepared the items for the games and gifts.

Soon volunteers were seen trouping into Moral Home and the whole place was full of activities with SK and Rico (logistics) rushing here and there and collecting all the necessary items. Jin Xiong and Shermin (volunteer coordinator) have meanwhile set up their registration booth to register the volunteers and pairing them with their assigned elderly.

Wendy and Mei Kuen (F & B) were also busy preparing the snacks and tea for those elderly joining us for the outings. Shu Hua, Hui Xian and Alexandra (Group I/C), have also gathered their volunteers and elderly for their respective group and befriending with each other. Song (co-organiser) was loading general stores and wheelchairs and proceeded to Marina Barrage to ready all logistics items prior to arrival of buses with elderly.

As for me, try acting busy to sort out the problems and then finally time to conduct briefing on safety matters for the outing and also on wheelchair handling for the volunteers.

We have 27 elderly and more than 50 volunteers for the outing. We are glad to see volunteers who are always supportive in helping us whenever we organised such event. Some even spread the goodness of volunteerism by bringing new friends. Thanks you.

By 3pm, everyone boarded the 2 tour buses and the HWA bus specially catered for those immobile elderly (so that the whole wheel chairs can sit comfortably in this special bus). On the road, Mr Mok and Gary were our signers for Bus 1, who entertained the elderly and volunteers with their signature english, mandarin and hokkien songs. As the bus was moving, Mok complained to Susan not to ‘shake ‘ the song book too much, he can’t see the lyrics and guitar notes…hahaha. And Susan replied….Not my fault, blame on the bus…..hahahha…


In bus 2, the song IC were Josephine, Alex & Xiao Xuan – the chopstick sisters. As you guys had witness it in our home activities and celebrations… when the chopsticks sisters are together….the rock the Bus….Do you all agrees…? Though I was not in Bus 2, but I can sense their power from my bus.

When Group 1 arrived @ Marina Barrage, we proceed directly to rooftop garden for viewing and Kite flying, followup by Group 2…I believe, this event of kite flying had brought back good memories for elderly and of course the volunteers…You should see Mr Ng, demonstrating his laying flying skill…ulo talak, ulo and talak and he is the only one that can keep the kite flying highest and longest, as for Desmond the champion…he keeps running until the kite hit the ground…..some volunteers even complained the string were entangled and unable to fly the kite…. One male resident actually show his kite flying skill too.


Oh I had forgotten one very important point. THE WEATHER WAS PERFECT, hot but windy… perfect day for this outing.. thanks to Brother Song, who always assured us of such good weather. Meanwhile volunteers also brought elderly to stroll along the roof garden and bridge where the barrage were located, to enjoy the scenery, see breeze, skyline of S’pore Flyer Icon, IR construction, clean S’pore river and the sun shone….etc….

By 4.30pm, we gathered for our group photo taking, a rather big group indeed, whereby Xin Jian and Poh Yan need to demonstrate their skill to ensure everyone is captured for this outing, before we depart for dinner in Hung Kang Restaurant.


I must highlight this, The Hung Kang restaurant is specially catered for wheel chair dinners; the company had invested in an electric lift to for wheel chair, so that elderly can sit with comfort. Upon our arrival to the restaurant, the Manager – Jimmy personally operate the lift to transfer the elderly to up the stairs…our special thanks for his kindness and assistance.

During dinner, our award winning cameraman Poh Yan, went the extra mile by printing out the photos capture during the special moments and present them to every elderly, so that they can enjoy dinner and admire the candid shots. Well done Poh Yan and Xin Jian – you guys are the best.


The food was superb and value for money. After dinner, our VL – Jin Xiong presented Jimmy our Moral Home Letter of Appreciation for his support and kind cooperation. By 6.45pm, we depart to our next designation – Moral Home…..

Last but not least, we would like to extend our special appreciation the following people for their effort, sponsor or help out in this event. Believe me, these people are the Best…with initiative, no questions ask, can do attitude, team players, supportive…once assignment being task…they perform to their best…

1) James and Jane for your generous sponsor for the two buses for the outing – always supportive in catering to elderly needs.

2) Hung Kang Restaurant – Jimmy, for providing affordable price and sumptuous dinner for the elderly and volunteers.

3) Wendy & Mei Kuen – F&B, had accomplished the impossible by negotiating the best dinner deal ever, of course… using their beauty and charm and negotiation power….gee, the speech therapy skill works wonders….hahahahaaa

4) Group I/C – this time, the all ladies team I/C are Ah Xian, Alexandra & Shu Hua…well done ladies, least supervision, take initiative to stroll elderly along the bridge to enjoy the wonderful scenery.….heehehee

5) Logistic I/C – SK & Rico. The cool tag team, everything no problem… ever systematic, assured, …coordinating between MH, equipments, buses, wheel chairs, etc… task well done

6) Volunteer Coordinators – Jin Xiong, Shermin – one of the toughest task, in ensuring sufficient manpower to join in the outing, followup with on their attendance, pairing with elderly, etc. …also excellent job…

7) Cameraman / Video I/C – Poh Yan, Xin Jian and Mr Loi…busy capturing the special laughter and moments when you are least expected…you will appreciate their effort when you see the candid shots on the flash..

8) Entertainment / Games I/C – Mr Mok, Josephine, Xiao Xuan, Gary, Alex, Susan – hmm, you guys brought beautiful music to our ears….

9) Special thanks to Mr Ng & Mrs Ng, befriending with residence, Andrea and friends, Sharon and friend – Christine, Alexandra’s sister Josephine, Christina, Desmond, HQ – weather update from the marina barrage, Gary – for sharing with us wheel chair handling and his friend – who is also in medical field, thanks for joining in our event.– The Loi’s family – Mr Loi, Mona and Brendan. Rico’s ex students & friends, Fiona, Aunty Molly and all others who had help in this event. Last but not least, 3 cheers for our Brother Song who also paid for the dinner in Hung Kang Restaurant.

Thank you all for making this event a enjoyable, safe and successful outing. Contributing your time and effort to bring little more smile and heartening outing experience for the elderly. You guys are the best. Cheers.


Moral Angels Retreat 2009

It was a sunny Sunday morning. A bunch of us stayed up pretty late the previous night (some even slept at 6am *shock*), but that didn’t stop the gals from getting up early to prepare breakfast. After breakfast we went for a morning walk at Changi Beach Broadwalk, collecting sands from the beach along the way.

Lunch was pasta prepared by the gals. It was really yummy and received rave reviews even from aunty Molly. It was a most satisfying meal, all thanks to the gals and Prego, and it prepared us for the long day ahead.

As the clock ticked to 1, angels began streaming in. The chalet was a bit ulu and some poor angels got lost amid the hot weather. The program kicked off with the ice-breaker game. Everyone has to reveal a favorite food and an unknown fact about him/herself. After which, all angels have to remember and repeat the facts of everyone. It was a chance to know more about one another, and boy do we know.

  • We have enough talents to start a Chinese Orchestra
  • We have angel who sleep half naked
  • We have angel who sleep without underpants
  • We have a curry loving gay

Nuff said.


After the game, the program kicked off with an address from Sharon. She did a wonderful job in 2008, leading us towards the 10th Year Anniversary celebration. The Anniversary was a huge success and it couldn’t have happened without Sharon. We thank you for your dedication and may you continue to contribute for many years to come.


We then moved on to look back year 2008. Our volunteer numbers have increased, in both active and ad-hoc. Thanks to our many donors who contributed for 2008 events, we have enough funds to keep us running through 2009. A compilation of videos of 2008 events and happening were screened.

The videos are produced by Stuart, who spent countless late nights doing editing. The video clips are really funny and entertaining and drew much laughter from the audience, especially when lazy VL and PY appeared on screen. Thank you Stuart for sacrificing your precious sleep to produce such entertaining videos and accurate reflections of lazy VL and PY.

After the video screening, we had a short break and a photo guessing game. The childhood photos of angels went on display, and the objective is to match the photos to the correct angels. Everyone was excited and eager to see the retro fashion on display, laughing at the 60s/70s hairstyle and tut tut faces, and reminiscing about the memories of the past.


Most of us had a hard time guessing, as everyone has changed so much. However it didn’t appear to trouble AVL Rico who almost managed to score full marks! She even managed to identify fat boy and black boy! Kudos to her keen observation.

The next item on the program was to plan for 2009. We will be having 7 major events (including 2 outing) and 4 minor events in 2009. The events for 2010 CNY were also included in the planning. I’d like to thank all the angels who have volunteered to organize the events, especially the 1st timers.

Next was the Committee of 2009. We will have smaller committee groups compared to past years, which will result in a more focused effort. We have also streamlined certain groups, and introduce a new group ‘Befriending’. More info can be found in the Retreat slides.

The next item, in my opinion, was the most interesting one. It was a sharing session among the volunteers on the topic ‘Why do I Volunteer?’. The participants are split into groups of 6 to 7. Everyone in the group will share about:

  • how he or she got started in volunteering
  • the difficulties faced along the journey
  • the driving force that keep it going
  • the reflection of the journey so far


The discussions were in-depth and intimate. It helped to reinforce one another beliefs and provide motivation for the new volunteers. After the group sharing session, 1 from each group made a presentation to everyone. It was interesting to know the stories of different volunteers. We may have started from different origins, but followed similar paths and share a common goal. Hui Quan summed it up best:

  • We started without direction
  • Grow through support and responsibilities
  • Ingrain as a habit
  • Blossom into passion

After lots of talking, it was time to do some writing, it was time for Angels Appreciation! Everyone was given a card to write their names. The cards were then passed around for everyone to leave some feedback and words of encouragement, a chance to give thanks to the people you care for. It was a touching moment: angels penning their thoughts with heart, wonderful memories flashing by. It was heartwarming reading those words of encouragement. You could feel the sincerity through the drying ink.


Last but not least was the tele-match. You could hear the growling stomach as we walked out of the chalet passing the table where our dinner was already lying there waiting. All credit to the angels for resisting the temptation as we summon the last ounce of our  remaining strength to compete in the games. We were split into 4 teams, competing in 4 different games, all planned and created by Stuart.

The 1st game had all the angels jumping across the field, and the 2nd required angels to run around transporting water balloons to and fro. There was running, jumping, huffing, puffing, shouting, screaming, laughing, accusation of cheats, all done in good spirit. It was crazy I tell you! But everyone was clearly enjoying themselves.


The next 2 games were physically less demanding, but no less challenging. Both games involved beans: red, green and yellow. One is to get as much beans into the empty bottle, and the other is to dig for bean from a tray of sand.

We were all shacked out by the time we finished all 4 games, but someone apparently still have the energy to play some water bombs. I think it was Sam who started throwing the water balloons and soon many more joined in, and then all hell broke loose. It was a moment of spontaneous fun and it brought back memories of what we used to do as kids.

By the time we were done it was already 7 and everyone was swarming in the buffet table. Luckily we ordered more than enough food as everyone was REALLY hungry. The dinner was really delicious, the curry fish clearly the crowd favorite. Thank you AVL Ping Sing for ordering the food. The caterer should be hired for all our future events.

We also had a cake for Feb Babies. Happy Birthday to Jasmine, Rico, Sam, Poh Yan, Mei Kuen, Fiona and Damien! Although some of you couldn’t join us but take heart that everyone present enjoyed the cake.


Lastly we had the special award presentation arranged by Stuart. Poh Yan was the biggest winner of the night, garnering ‘Most Lazy Angel’ (narrowly beating VL) and ‘Most Act Cute Angel’ awards. ‘Best Emcee’ goes to Sam for his CNY hosting, and ‘Most Angry Angel’ goes to Ping Sing for her ranting at Poh Yan. Lastly the ‘Most In Need of Protection’ goes to Hui Quan without much competition, thanks to persistent harassment from Rico. Keep up the good work AVL!


The awards were done in good fun and cannot be further from the truth (except Best Emcee). So take it with a huge dose of salt and humor. Thank you Stuart for bringing joy and laughter to everyone.

I truly enjoyed myself. I’m sure you do too. Let’s make 2009 a truly memorable year!

Jin Xiong


  • AVL R & P: Thanks for the many meetings over dinner amid your busy schedules. How could I do it without both of you?
  • Stuart: Videos, Games and Awards. Always full of ideas.
  • Poh Yan & Xing Jian: Thanks for the wonderful photos. Your dedication is truly professional.
  • Sharon: Thanks for the tips and advices on being a VL
  • Song, SK, Stuart and all drivers: For being the ever reliable chauffeur
  • Crazy gals J & R: The catalyst of spontaneous combustion. Things will not be the same without you.
  • Odd couple HQ & J: Thanks for drawing the beautiful posters while entertaining us with your banter
  • All Angels: Thank you for your wonderful support and participation.
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