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Bring a Friend for Kopi Roti on Sports Day

“Teh siew dai! Kaya gao!” this is what you would normally hear at a standard coffee shop. But this is no ordinary ‘coffee shop’ that serves you your toast, teh, and returns you loose change. It was home-made kaya (made by chow chow), freshly toasted bread, together with lots of love and sincerity served on an old school plastic plate for the ah-gongs and ah-mahs. Though it waas my first time being a kopi-soh, I had no qualms being one as (not because I was the youngest) it was as blatant as giving a toast of love in exchange for a wrinkly but heart-warming smile.



Simultaneously, it was also ‘bring-a-friend’ day. Sometimes it amazes me how the moral angels come up with these bizarre and innovative ideas for the name of spreading volunteerism. I have never met a more cohesive and welcoming volunteering environment as such, which frankly, haunts my conscience.




There were 4 new friends who joined the moral home— Ka Man, Caroline, Sandy and Min Ling. There was a presentation done by jojo to assimilate the new volunteers. After which, they were brought around the home to orientate themselves. Shortly, was the usual entertainment—karaoke kings/queens, mahjong with auntie molly, and throwing sandbags with Alex.



Before we left the home for sports day, we had a short ice-breaker, introducing everyone and the complicated love matters within the moral angels. The gist of it was that everyone was attached one way or another. It was fun seeing the angels air their dirty linens in public.

The day ended with a fat-busting-team-building-leaving-everyone-yearning-for-more sports day. Activities include, captain ball, badminton and table tennis. Captain Ball was definitely the highlight of all sports which also revealed the dark side of many. The wild, the violent, the kelongs, and the dangerous.

After the workout, calls for a feast. We settled at Miss U café in our aromatic and high-spirited disposition, and parted in anticipation for our next amazing volunteering experience.


Bring a Friend Day on Seven Eleven

Hi angels,

it is your long time friend jojo speaking to all of you!
we are going to have a ‘bring a friend to volunteer day’ on the 7 November which exactly coincides with our sports day!! first thing first:

On the 7 November 2009,
We are all going to be sporty and be going down to CGH for a round of actions and perspiration!
There will be one tennis court and one badminton court for all of us. So remember to bring along your sports wear and your sports cells along..=)

On top of the sports day, it will also be a “Bring a friend to volunteer day”. You can bring your boyfriends, girlfriends, gay friends, whoever that are interested to do voluntary work and you been dying to bring them down but not sure when is the right opportunities, NOW is it.

The program planned for 7 Nov will be:

1) volunteers to bring along their friends and reach MH at 2.30p.m.
2) Briefing or motivational video will be screen to show your friends about us and also moral home volunteerism.
3) Experienced volunteers will then bring your friends around the home to orientate them a bit (as a group).
4) hands-on for your friends-get them to help in mobilisation but please do not leave your friend alone, they need all the encouragement and help you can offer to their first time volunteering.
5) commencement of our usual black jack, mahjong, fishing, chess, singing sessions.
6) Do feeding if your friends just want to be kind. (still you need to be there.)
7) a short debrief in the office after the dinner time of old folks to build rapport and at the same time get these friends’ contacts.
8)after debrief, we will then proceed to CGH for sports day along with your friends, this is a team-baiting i mean team building form of activity ya.
9) to end off the sports day with a sumptuous dinner.

So I will appreciate angels that you will bring down at least a friend or more. Then please email or sms me to let me if your friend(s) are coming. I will need to tally the total number of people coming to the home and to CGH, so that I can plan appropriate activities to accomodate everybody. This is a WHOLE DAY EVENT. Newcomer of moral home, don’t be shy to bring your friends or family along too ya.

We must look far, after all the abovementioned, angels, you are required to follow up with your friends and invite him or her back to MH the following weeks and many weeks to come.. Get them involve in the upcoming outing on the 21 Nov. By then they should already feel acustomed to our nonsense already. So angels, this is the best time!! So please bring along your friend(s)!!!!!!!!

Thanks and Regards,
Josephine aka jojo

Ubin Cycling Trip

1st of May (Labour Day)-A NORMAL sunny day

What a beautiful day! Wait wait wait Uncle Song, 600g is not here yet…Jojo, you are late AGAIN!! =) Wa! Desmond, Eisa, Barbie, Yen, JX, Gary, Alex, Rico, Uncles Song & Yeo are waiting for you!!! Hey, my honey* and luvy** are at Changi village waiting…for me you know!!! 😛

Yeah!! after a nice breakfast, alright angels, time to take bumbumboat to Pulau Ubin!

Having reached Ubin around 10am, Uncle Song cant wait to go on a roMENtic walk with Uncle Meng Huat and decided a “help yourself” attitude and abandoned we angels at the island-“See you guys here at 1pm!” Okok…then we went on ourselves to pick our ‘vehicles’. Guess what? Jojo and Barbie can cycle but DON’T know how to balance?!!! Wow…impressive…what to do, but some super kind angels would have to do a doubling with these pathetic gals :) who? but the super fit and steady Ricola ‘lonbanging’ Barbie willingly while our super cute and handsome HuiHui taking Jojo…of course ‘unwillingly’.

We cycled here, cycled there…cycled up the slope with some angels busy pushing their two wheels up the slope 😛 …then we cycled here again and cycled there again…then our super sweet and brilliant HuiHui brought us to the ‘peak’ where you could view the quarry. Look look look Uncles Song & Yeo are there XXXYYYZZ (hahaha…cant revealed…secret between us :P)

There came a resting break where we had some self-served cold drinks seeing how angels performed their ‘defleshing’ coconut skill!! :p

After which, we decided to paddle our way to the temple…hmm interesting, there is quite a few different ‘gods’ to worship. Before heading back, we took a ride to the beach, standing there smelling some strange stupid odour. Ohhh the smell is from our VL! Uncle, ‘toh-long’ la, PLEASE don’t use that that that kind of spray anymore 😛

Soon after we ended our cycling trip, met up with the two old men and said bye bye to Ubin. Of course, we wrapped up the half day tour with a nice lunch at Changi Terminal 3 food court! :)

*HuiHui & **Poh Yan (fyi new angels :P)
Jojo has successfully gotten close to HuiHui (just curious, don’t be scared, did you feel some1 hugging of touching your waist while doing the doubling with Jojo???)
Thanks Jojo, the uncle at the bicycle kiosk has to really ‘pump’ in more air to the rear tyre due to…okok you have slimmed down but still… 😛

For those angels who have to work or can’t make it this time round, worry not, the welfare committee have many other activities planned ahead for you! Right? Uncle Song and ShuHua? Hehe 😉

Smile always,

Retreat 2007 – Games and Activities

Games and Activities
IC: Uncle Sam, Uncle Song, Rusty, Mei Kuen and Ah Yen

Games and Activities

  1. Games played in 2006: Fishing, Throwing Bean Bags/Balls, Card Games*, Mahjong*, Board Games*, Chess*, Passing of
    Ping Balls. Those with (*) are games played with selected elderly.
  2. Set up a timetable to indicate the games to be played every Saturday. Games must be different for every Saturday.
  3. New Games: Lotto (Matching pictures), Bean Bags (Matching color, matching size and matching shape), Velcro Puzzle and Bowling Game.
  4. Example of handicrafts, paste color paper or sprinkle color dust on the pictures
  5. The gigantic board game is still under construction.
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