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Moral Angels Banner (Revised)

Hi angels,

it took a while, but here you are, the revised banners based on your feedback. Once again, kindly post your valuable comments.


A different twist…

Retreat Discussion

Arts and Crafts
IC: SK, Mona, Rico, Ah Xian and Ken Goh

Arts and Crafts

  1. Prepare decoration, signboards, flags and banners for outings and events such as Christmas, Mid Autumn/Outing, National Day and Hungry Ghost Festival, Dumpling Festival etc. Liaise with games sub committee and events coordinator.

  2. Need to schedule and identify elderly for the arts and crafts session.

  3. To prepare handicraft fair organize by ESN (Elderly Sector Network).

  4. Example of handicrafts, paste color paper or sprinkle color dust on the pictures

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