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1.1 Our History in Brief

In 1998, NCSS started a volunteer group at the Moral Home for the Aged Sick with the help of experienced volunteers such as Teck Ee, Meng Huat, Gerald, Grace and Mou Kwang etc. These passionate volunteers built up the volunteer strength and the volunteer group was originally known as the Moral Home Saturday Volunteer group.


Eventually as a result of gradual turnover of volunteers, the group was renamed Moral Angels under the leadership of Daniel in 2002.


Now in 2007, the Moral Angels now number around 25 regular volunteers with support from another 20 odd ad-hoc volunteers. The present Volunteer Leader is Sharon with Rico and Christina as assistants.


Our Saturday Activities





Our normal Saturday afternoon starts at 2.30pm and ends at around 5.30pm. We will start off by mobilizing our regular ah kongs and ah mas down to the activity area on the ground floor. We then carry out a couple of games such as fishing or ball throwing to give the elderly a chance to exercise their upper limbs mostly. The afternoon is usually rounded off with a singing session led by our volunteers.

During this session, some volunteers will be going around befriending other elderly who do not join us for the activities. We will talk to them, and try to involve them in handicraft or board games.

Our hope is to engage most of the elderly at the home and make Saturdays interesting for them.

Dinner for the elderly starts at 5pm. Volunteers help to feed some of the elderly who have difficulty feeding themselves.

We round off the day with lively and funny discussions in the volunteer room, topics usually involve planning for festive celebrations or outings. All these are done in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere with yummy tidbits supplied by some of the volunteers.

Excursions and Outings

The Moral Angels organize at least 2 outings per year for the elderly. We had visited farms, airport, Haw Par Villa, Zoo in the past and have annually brought the old folks out for shopping at the end of the year. These outings give the elderly opportunities to step out of the Home and get some fresh air and sightseeing. Volunteers also enjoy themselves very much.




Festive Celebrations


Xmas 2005

Certain occasions such as Chinese New Year, Dumpling Festival, National Day, Mid Autumn and Christmas are celebrated at the Home. These celebrations will replace our Saturday afternoon activities, and we organize performances, games, gifts and food for the elderly to bring spice and enjoyment into their lives!


2.1 Befriending the Elderly

Birthday Celebration

Interacting with the elderly is not hard at all, though a beginning volunteer will need patience and perseverance to break the ice with an elderly.

The elderly at the Moral Home are mainly a mixture of Hokkien, Cantonese, Hainanese, Teochew dialect with a sprinkling of them speaking English, Mandarin, and Malay. However body language is universal and a simple touch, lots of smiles and eye contact will help you bring your care and concern across to any elderly.

The elderly are human brings like you and me, and have been through much more of life than us. They can be emotional too at times, bordering on negativism and so remind yourself that it’s normal and do not take unpleasant encounters to heart. Most of the time, the experiences are heart warming and good. Keep at it!

For this part, training comes in the form of continuous direct contact, so to be better at befriending, be a regular volunteer! Haha it’s worth it!


3.1 Training Opportunities

The Moral Angels recognizes the importance of volunteers in achieving its charitable objectives, and is committed to ensuring that all volunteers are effectively used, and offered training and leadership training during their time of volunteerism to enhance their skills and experience.

There are plenty of training opportunities such as training workshops organized by ESN (Elderly Sector Networking Group); Networking camps and workshops conducted by National Council of Social Service, NCSS.


3.2 Volunteer Recruitment

The Moral Home needs you! The Moral Angels are always recruiting new Volunteers and needs assistance on special occasions like excursions and large celebrations. If you know of friends who wish to volunteer some of their time in a nursing home in the Bedok vicinity, please let them know about us!


4.1 Why Volunteer?

Every Saturday, we come together from various walks of life as a circle of volunteer, working together in the Moral Home to offer games, singing session and other interactive activities to the resident of the Home. Also, the group will meet on occasion to share a weekend on an outing and organize other social activities.

We invite volunteers to help us deliver our programmes of interacting and organizing activities to offer joyful activities for our elderly and develop a sense of ownership of the community we belong.

4.2 Forming friendships through Networking and Social events

Annual Retreat

The Moral Angels offers a variety of social activities for our volunteers to relax and have fun outside the Home.

We organize an annual retreat, where we will conduct workplan seminars, review our achievements for the past year and play games and allow us to renew old friendships and find new ones.

Other time, we will have jogging sessions, karaoke or ‘makan’ or networking volunteers from other homes like the Networking camp.

Volunteerism allow us to form friendships and learn from many other volunteers from all walks of life.

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  1. Nimmi Thakurdas May 22nd, 2013 at 11:09 am 1

    Hi Volunteers

    I am presently voluntering at the Christalite Methodist Home (CMH) at Marsiling Drive. I am staying at Telok Kurau and find it a long journey to go to CMH every Saturday. Since Moral Home is nearer my home I would like to volunteer my time there.

    Please advise when I could come down.
    Nirmala Thakurdas (Nimmi)

  2. Stuart Koh October 6th, 2018 at 7:46 pm 2

    Hi Nirmala Thakurdas,

    can you call me at 91868745?

    I am Stuart the Moral Angel Volunteer Leader.

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