This is an event in collaboration with Ngee Ann Poly and YJC students.
Leo club(Ngee Ann Poly) will be recruiting volunteers to help out in the event. The event will be at the dining hall of Moral
home. Volunteers will be separated into two main groups. The first group (BEFRIENDERS) of volunteers will be pushing elderly with the wheelchair around during the event and assist them throughout the event. The second group of volunteers will be taking care of the different stores.
Moral Angels will be purchasing all the items for the elderly to ‘purchase’ and all food and drinks for the folks to consume.

Objective and outcome of participating

For volunteers to create the festive joy of Chinese New Year to the elderly through this event.
To enable volunteers to develop a sense of belonging in giving back to the community.
For elderly to be actively involved while participating in games.
For volunteers to interact and build relationships with seniors.
To understand the challenges our seniors are facing today.

Description of Proposed Activity
Rules of the carnival:
There will be a ‘purchase card’ given to the elderlies at the start of the carnival, the incharge of the store will tick the items after they have purchased from the store. Furthermore, there will be 2 game booths for elderly to play and win small prizes.

Volunteers will ensure the elderlies have a good time buying things from the different stores. *Note: Only elderlies with swallowing issues are not allowed to purchase food stuffs.

GAMES (2 game booths)
Purpose of the games: allow participants to win small prizes when they accomplish one game.

Game 1: Guess where?
There will be some 3 paper cups face downwards on the table, one ping pong ball will be placed under one of the cups, then we change the sequence of the cups and let the participants  to guess which cup has the ball.
Winning criteria: When the participant guess correctly, he/she can claim a small prize from game ICs.

Game 2:Ring Toss Games
Participant will be using the plastic rings to throw on the cone.
Winning condition: When the participant successfully throws 1 ring into the cone, he/she can claim a small prize from game ICs.
**small prizes will be prepared by Moral Angels.

Areas for improvement
1) The spacing of stores need to be widened.
2) Purchase more slippers especially.

1) Pajamas ($700)
2) Clothings and slippers ($600 sponsored by Mona)
3) Snacks ($50 sponsored by aunt Vivien)
4) CNY food snacks ($400 sponsored by Yen)
5) Soya Milk ($36)
6) Chicken rice dinner ($250 sponsored by uncle song)

Written by Ah Yen and Rico