Organiser: Hui Kiat and Hui Quan
Emcees: Stuart and Jin Xiong
Photographer: Poh Yan
Games: Uncle Sam and Uncle Song
Food & Snacks: Rico, Yen and Doris
CNY Singing Performance: Jojo + Auntie Susan + Emcees
God of Fortune: Lucas
Lion Dance: Hui Kiat
Event Programme:
1445hrs Arrival and standby elderly at Dining Hall
1500hrs Celebration Start (Arrival of MH God of Fortune + Angbao Distribution +
CNY Songs Karaoke Session)
1505hrs Snacks Serving (Ah Ma’s Cake – Original + Pandan)
1515hrs Game 1 (Guessing Game)
1530hrs Lion Dance Performance + God of Fortune
1545hrs Lao Yu Sheng
1600hrs CNY Medley
1615hrs Dinner (Braised Pork Belly, Chicken Wing, Egg, Black Fungus and Tau
Event Details:At 3.00pm, all of the elderly were gathered at the dining hall. The event started by the arrival of the
God of Fortune greeting every elderly as well as giving away the mandarin oranges, ang baos and
serving of snacks. While the elderly was enjoying their snacks, the God of Fortune proceeded to
level 2 and 3 accompanied by the Singing Group.
It was then followed by the guessing game conducted by Uncle Sam. The prizes were wrapped as
present and the elderly who had guessed correctly, received the items in the wrapped present.
The Lion Dance troop arrived at about 3.30pm with two lions and a God of Fortune (with the face of a
pig). The lion dance troop were superb and performed a number of acrobatics stunts. Best of all, they
generously donated their ang bao to the home.
Due to time constraint, we were unable to proceed with the 2 nd game (Bingo).
Lao Yu Sheng started at about 3.45pm. The elderly together with the volunteers were happily
shouting out their best wishes to everyone. The celebrations ended with a finale of CNY medley by
Jojo, Auntie Susan, Stuart, Doris and Joyce at 4pm.

The Moral Angels took up the roles of serving the food of braised pork belly, chicken wing, egg, black
fungus and tau pok from the stall of Mr. Lobak which is pretty popular and well known for its braised
pork belly in social media. The sumptuous dinner end at about 5pm.
Would like to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers for the time and effort to make the event a

Written by Huiquan and Huikiat