Once again, Getai 2018 has made it to become the event of the year! Why do we say so? The event was a successful one! Everyone thinkable, contributed to this event either by singing or dancing.

This year, Moral Angels did a change. There is no celebration of the Nation’s birthday with ah gongs and ah mas this time, no, not because we are non-patriotic but because we have decided to do an event which would be a lot more times hyped up and that is a Ge Tai!


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The date of the event was 25 August 2018. Most of the angels reported at 12.30pm to get everything ready. The most important system that day was the audio system and the TV! There were hiccups along the way and we thought we were about to compromise on the standards of the event until our Ying Xiong- Jin Xiong came to our rescue! He handled the many many wirings to help us connect things right and finally the system was up and ready!

We had our emcees starting off the event by saying greetings to the ah gongs and ah mas and we had Patrick who was the OIC of the event to explain the significance of serving a huat kueh and bao as snacks. It simply means bao huat!

After eating, we had our powerhouse singer, Jojo, to start off the Ge Tai with 潇洒走一回!Thereafter the White-Red PK began! First category was English singing! We have our all-time favourite- Uncle Song singing against Sam! We can see the effort and time spent over a few weeks practising the songs! These two dedicated men had been a good role model that practice makes perfect!

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Next category was Cantonese singing! We have Rico singing against Susan! Oh my god!! Again, if you think your eyes are deceiving you, let us assure you that it is working alright! We have Rico together with her pop-up band Stuart and Lucas put up her very first performance at moral home! It was mesmerising! And of course, Susan did not disappoint anyone with her singing as well.

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Then the Hokkien category came…with our VL-Stuart and Ai Hua (Sam’s sister) vying for a vote. They both did a great job in engaging everyone below stage!

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Well, of course the best was yet to be, we have the Chinese category! It was a PK between Patrick and Jinxiong!

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We even have Desment who wished to put up a song for our ah gongs and ah mas too and our Ping Sing got so mesmerised! These 3 men had certainly brought the roof down with their emotive singing!

If you think we have come to an end to this report, you are not quite there yet… we have our mass dance led by Christina! Her leadership in leading the dance really made dancing seaweed so much easier and our moral ah gongs and ah mas were so happy!


No no…that’s not all, this is the event of the year you are talking about, we had one more part to the event! And that was the lucky draw! We managed to put together 7 chances of prizes for ah gongs and ah mas to win! Uncle James certainly made this part of the event a vibrant one! You should see the joy in their eyes when their numbers were being called! They were thrilled when they received the prize! How nice it was to end the event with a high like that!

Weren’t we glad to have the long-time-no-see Xing Jian to join us and helped us with the photography and the cousins of Stuart with the videography! Did you see the backdrop? It was done by lovely Doris! Elderly had a sweet snacking time because Jennifer arranged for sweet potato soup to be done!

Ge Tai 2018 is truly the event of the year with many unthinkable happening and all the volunteers who came! If your names are not mentioned here, pardon me, you are still important! 😊


Written by Jojo