Moral Angels with the kind support from the shooting academy of the Singapore Sports School went out on our first outing of 2017. It was a record breaking event for us as we brought a total of 28 beneficiaries to Zhong Shan Mall for some midyear shopping.


We gathered at 1215pm on Saturday 01/07/2017, as students were introduced to their various group leaders. Rico and Christina were the HR manager as 38 student volunteers were painstakingly sorted and paired with a beneficiary.


These students were then put through a rigorous session of wheelchair handling workshops conducted by their various group leaders to make sure that they are well prepared for the arduous journey ahead. A big thank you to all our volunteers who stepped up as group leaders, taking care of both our elderlies as well as our young volunteers.


We went to the NTUC at Zhong Shan Mall and the beneficiaries were given the VIP treatment. they each had a “personal butler” to bring them around, helping them with their purchases. NTUC was also kind enough to open a dedicated lane for us to make payment.

We spent as if NTUC also took part in our nationwide GSS campaign, spending close to $500 in total in our shopping spree.


Tea break was held at Zhong Shan Park, a beautiful open area right outside Zhong Shan Mall. Just one hour into the outing, and our young volunteers had absolutely no issues handling the wheelchair, expertly manoeuvring and marshalling our beneficiaries in this tight space. Sports School also sponsored the tea break for our beneficiaries, buying buns and drinks for all involved, old folks, students and volunteers alike.


Our final stop was at Sun Yat Sen Nanyang memorial hall. The aircon inside provided a brief respite from the sweltering heat. Special thanks to Susan mama, who despite the various protests, insisted that we had to take a photo here. If not for her persistence, we would not be able to capture this beautiful moment.

Thank you, all young and old volunteers, for a meaningful Saturday spent together.


I would also like to make use of this avenue to address our young volunteers, as we never had a chance to talk to them and to thank them properly after the event.

What to have for meals, what time to shower, what to splurge your pocket money on, what to do and where to go in your free time; this are simple decisions that we are all free to make. An independent choice is however oftentimes a luxury to our beneficiaries instead.

So, I want to thank you, not just because you made their day by bringing them out, not because you kindly spent your prize money on them, but because you empowered them, to a little extent, to your best abilities, enabled them to make a conscious choice. You allowed them to choose something they want, to buy something that they like.

On the grander scale of things, Freedom of choice is a precious gift and something I hope you will cherish and be grateful for.

Lastly, I would like to do some advertising for ourselves, we are volunteering every Saturday from 230 to 530 and all are free to join us. Of course, do not expect our normal routine to be as intensive and high octane as the outings we’ve been on. The activities might be banal, but the company is fun and entertaining, and we all can’t wait to see you again.

This is Raymond. Peace out.