The Team Building Event is the third event of 2017. It was held on 4th March at Aloha Changi

Seafront Chalet A which is a double storey chalet nestled in the serene and laid back surroundings of

Changi Village. The objective was for moral angels to consolidate our activities of 2016 and chart our direction forward. This event was also the gathering of minds and sharing among like-minded people.


Angels Strength

We have about 20 volunteers turning out for this event.


Committee Members

Organisers – Stuart and Sam

Food and Beverage – Doris, Christina & Susan

Team Building Games – Ray Ray


Event Summary

The night before, Stuart & family checked into the chalet with Susan, Christina and Willit. The next morning, we ventured to Changi Village for breakfast and to buy the necessities needed for the event.


Due to the heavy downpour, the event was delayed slightly so that everyone could attend the event. Uncle Meng Huat was the first to arrive. At around 2pm, Sam kicked off the event with a recap of the 2016 activities. In his recap, Sam brought us down the memory lanes of 2016. The recap was peppered with lots of photographs and we were all amazed by we had achieved in just one year. Sam paid accolades to Moral Angels for their contributions too.


Stuart introduced the new Moral Angel Committee as well as the forecast of the 2017 activities. Almost all of us were assigned (arrowed) an activity to be organisers. Stuart ran through the scope of the committee members and the organisers. The initiatives for organiser were:


  1. To prepare a publicity poster before the event; and
  2. To prepare a report after the event.


After that we took a short tea break. The tea break was food & fruits galore! All the moral angels quickly dived into the food. Thanks to Huiquan and Yiqi who bought us some nice roasted meat for us. Thanks to Uncle Song for buying so many varieties of fruits – so that we could have a “fruitful” discussion. Thanks to our Kitchen Chief Susan and Kitchen Aids Christina and Doris for preparing the sumptuous makan.



After the tea break, Gary sprang into action with a useful lesson on AED. At first, we were all unsure of how and when to use AED. With Gary’s fun and engaging lesson, we tried our hands at using the AED while giving CPR and our confidence was greatly boosted.


Next up was Yiqi who gave us an insight on the nuances of using Facebook as a personal/group profile and as a page. We were enlightened on the differences and the pitfalls for not abiding to Facebook’s regulations.


Sam stepped up to share his experience in volunteering and Meng Huat also gave a short thank you speech for receiving a Volunteer Award lately. Following that, Stuart talked about how we could live a healthy life through eating smart, eating right and cultivating good eating habits. Hopefully we can all become healthier so that we can take care of our loved ones and the elderlies.


After the sharing session, Stuart took the opportunity to present some gifts of appreciation to Raymond, Sam and Susan for their hard work. (Unfortunately Poh Yan, Rico, James and Vivien could not join us during the event. No worries we will pass the gifts to you soon!)


Raymond then picked up the baton to become the Games Master. We played two games. The first game was a special “Horse Race” which pitted the gentlemen against the ladies. The game gradually became a shouting match as both sexes were determined not to lose the game (and lose face).

We proceed to the second game which was named “Mai Tai”. Each team had to mix a cocktail for the other team to taste. For this game, the ladies won as they correctly guessed 4 out of the 6 drinks that were in the cocktail. You go girls!!!!! Thank you Raymond for the wonderful games. It’s a pity we could not go through the whole repertoire of games.


Right after the games, we tugged into dinner and the kids wasted no time in hitting the playground. It turns out that the playground comes with water play. Needless to say, the kids simply had loads of fun while we adults had fun just watching them go.


We had a discussion on the new Moral Angel logo designs and new volunteer vest/shirt. It was decided that we will look for suppliers that can printed vests. The vest design will be shared with everyone once it is firmed up.


Special thanks to

Sam for bringing the barang barang to and from Moral Home.

Susan for preparing the tea break and buying stuff.

Christina for helping Susan.

Doris for helping Christina who was helping Susan.

Jinxiong for helping to pick up Susan, Christina and Doris in the rain and buying ice.

Raymond for planning the games and playing game master.

Yiqi and Sam for sharing valuable information with us.

Gary for the useful lesson and the extra effort in bringing CPR dummy.

Adeline and Willit for popping by for a short while.

Everyone for attending this event and sharing your view points. We really appreciate you taking time out of a precious weekend to meet up. See you at Moral Home soon.

Written by Stuart

8rd March 2017