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Team Building Event

2017 Team Building Poster

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  • Volunteer in the News ! Well Done Sam !

    Volunteer in the News ! Well Done Sam !

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    The Chinese New Year Celebration is the second event of 2017. It was held in Moral Home for Aged Sick on 4th Feb 2017 from 1.30pm to 6pm. The objective is to let the elderly experience the joy of the festive mood during Chinese New Year. This event is one of the most popular events in our calendar as it is filled with performances, lion dance, games, lo hei and delicious food.


    Angels Strength

    We have about 35 volunteers helping out. There are close to 100 elderlies who took part in the celebrations.


    Committee Members

    Organisers – Patrick & Jojo

    Food and Beverage – (Rico, Christina & Susan)

    Games – Stuart and Sam

    Entertainment – Yiqi & Hui Quan

    Emcees – Jinxiong & Susan

    Photography – Official Cameramen (Poh Yan & Damien)


    Event Summary

    By 1pm, the volunteers’ room was already bursting with joy and laughter. Doris, Joyce, Christina were the first to reach and set about preparing for the event. Soon after, the organisers arrived with cartons of mandarin oranges and packet drinks.


    Thanks to many helping hands, the packing of oranges to gift bags were done in a jiffy.

    16508547_10211123103461088_8833553856709451157_nRico (our Assistant Volunteer Leader) requested for helpers in the kitchen to prepare snacks for the elderly. We wish to say a big thank you to the many helpers who work tirelessly behind the scenes in preparing the snacks.


    At 2.30pm, the elderlies were wheeled down into the dining area after they had a bit of siesta. Volunteers served the elderlies with the yummy Chinese New Year Goodies and they flushed them down with chinese tea.



    At close to 3pm, we started the event with singing of the Chinese New Year songs. The God Of Fortune strutted into the hall to the tune of 财神到.

    cai shen

    All the little moral angels were vying to hold his hands.16508727_10211123101901049_3485090474574954621_n


    Thanks to the help of Uncle Yeo, Uncle James, Aunty Jane, Joyce and nurses for making sure every elderly received an ang bao and a bag of mandarin oranges.






    We were pleased to have a group of youths from Nan Chiau Secondary School to perform a number of dances for the elderlies. They obliged the elderlies by singing songs as well. It’s so good to be young!








    While the youths were performing in the dining hall, the God Of Fortune and his entourage ventured to the upper floors to hand out AngBaos to the bed-ridden elderlies. The elderlies’ hearts were warmed when they heard Chinese New Year songs. Some of the elderlies could not see nor speak, but they still responded by moving their limbs to the beat of the songs.  16425719_10211123186543165_4537131894246929741_n

    After the youths’ performance, Lion Dance arrived and boy did they steal the show! The rousing drumbeats and the clashing cymbals set our hearts fluttering while the Lion Dance razzle-dazzle and captured the attention of young and old alike in the dining hall. 

    16473379_10211123196543415_1631039959673435900_n 16508439_10211123215103879_3056093278809683631_n 16508648_10211123197423437_4998145811783744894_n

    After the lion dance, it was time for the elderlies to play some sure-win games.

    Soon after, it was dinner-time!

    This year, it was made special and possible for elderlies to do their Lo Hei at the dining table themselves! Thanks to the hardworking ladies for preparing the ingredients and putting them into separate plates way in advance!



    16427291_10211123210663768_6274933617384252957_n 16507823_10211123235824397_5087458779635787_n

    After Lohei, a special dinner was served to the elderlies as part of the CNY celebrations! The elderlies were treated to Hor Fun and Kong Bak Bao!

    The event ended with a short debrief

    We wish to welcome 2 walk-in volunteers (Michael & Jasmine) who saw our CNY posters. We also want to welcome Cindy who is Susan’s cousin. We had a mini birthday celebrations for the February babies- Rico, Sam, Poh Yan.

    Special thanks to everyone for making this event possible.

    Thanks to Patrick for sponsoring the mandarin oranges and the packet drinks and to be a sweat-overflowing 财神爷 !

    Thanks to Huiquan’s Aunt and Stuart for the Ang Baos to the elderlies.

    Thanks to Mona for the God of Fortune Costume.

    Thanks to Christina for preparing the red bags.

    Thanks to Uncle Song for the gift vouchers for the student-performers.

    Thanks to Christina, HuiKiat and Stuart for going out to bring the dinner back for the elderlies.

    Thanks to Rico for making the Lo Hei at every table possible!


    Thanks to everyone (if your names are not mentioned here, it does not mean you are not important, it just means the list is just too long and I only have this amount of space to write!) But you are definitely appreciated for being there physically, mentally and spiritually!

    Wishing everybody a Happy Chinese New Year. Good Health and Wealth!

    Written by Jojo and edited by Stuart.


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