The Chinese New Year Bazaar is the first event of 2017. It was held in Moral Home for Aged Sick on 14th Jan 2017 from 2pm to 6pm. The objective is to let the elderly experience the joy of shopping during Chinese New Year. In the past years, we always brought 20 elderlies out on CNY shopping so this year we decided that we wanted to bring the CNY bazaar to Moral Home instead.

Angels Strength
We are fortunate to have 37 volunteers helping out today. The number of elderlies who took part in the shopping is around 30.

Committee Members
Organisers – Stuart & Jinxiong
Stall Holders – Clothing (Sam, Rico, Stella & Susan)
Sundry (Doris & Joyce)
Food (Yiqi, Huiquan and Shuhua)
Integrated Resort (Ray Ray & Friends)
Photography – Official Camerman (Poh Yan)
Unofficial (Everyone)

Event Summary
I need to specially mention that Huiquan, Yiqi and Huikiat were the first to arrive at 11am to prepare and set up their stall. Good job guys!!!


At 1pm, most of the stall holders arrived and set up their
respective stalls.


No matter how busy they are, volunteers always have time to
take photos.

At around 2pm, Jinxiong gave a briefing to all the volunteers.
We were given a refresher on how to push the wheelchair by Sam.


At 2.30pm, the elderlies were wheeled down into the canteen. Volunteers served the elderlies with some light refreshment such as siew mai and lotus paste bun.

At close to 3pm, we started the event with a bang! Volunteers were handed $20 voucher and a plastic carrier. They then paired themselves to the elderlies and set off exploring the stalls with enthusiasm.


Sam and his elderly checking out shirts.


The elderly checking men’s fashion.


Business was brisk at all stalls!


Business here was so good they had to turn away customers.

The bazaar continued until 3plus and we sang some CNY songs to give the bazaar some festive mood. At 4pm, we set off to the nearby Bedok Hawker Centre with 16 elderlies.

20170114_161421 20170114_161657Fearing that the rain may fall, we bundled along brollies.

At the hawker centre, we went about buying the food and drinks for the elderlies while others interacted with the elderlies.

20170114_162317 20170114_162430 20170114_162642

When the elderlies have filled their tummies, it was time to bring them back to Moral Home.



20170114_171816We ended the event with a short debrief.


Special thanks to everyone for making this event cum mini outing possible.
Thanks to Huiquan and Yiqi for bringing your dog and bringing the foodstuff.
Thanks to Sam and rico for the wonderful garments.
Thanks to Jinxiong & Shuhua for buying the miscellaneous items.
Thanks to Ray and Yiqi for bringing volunteers.
Thanks to Giselle for helping to do up the posters.

Moral Angels Rocks!
Wishing everybody a Happy Chinese New Year

 (P.S: Our CNY celebration is on 4th Feb, do join us!!!)