Moral Home funpack song, "Majulah lalala... 爱拼才会赢..."


Balloon sculptor master, Chin Soon, showing what he knows best

What’s going on in the room at Moral Home at such early hours of 11am?! What’s the din about? These are the sounds of courageous and curious angels learning and doing balloon sculpturing. With every burst of a balloon, came a series of high pitch ahh-ing.. heehee… but after a few rounds of BOOM-AHHH session, the balloons pillars were up and ready!

The pillars of strength

Of course must give some noise credit to Poh Yan who constantly captured exciting and beautiful moments of angels in actions.

Our dedicated and selfless photographer, Poh Yan, doing instant prints for the elderlys

How can we have such a magnificent Stage design without Chin Soon? And………how can he do it alone? With Wilit, Chin Ling, Kiat, Quan, Babi, Susan, Yen, jinxiong’s miracle hands and Chin Soon’s magical touch…all the rubber tubes came alive!!! WOW!!!

Trust fall

Moral Home's one-day-of-fame

“Cheng-tng hot or cold?” “chicken rice!” “Hokkien mee!”

Lunch time was here and uncle song and kiat just couldn’t bear let the angels’ stomach go growling non stop and off they went on a mission to fill up everybody’s stomach!

Angels having quick lunch before program

Soon enough…everyone’s taken their lunch and the drum rolling of programme became faster and faster…. Xin Xin and Jingyi were already scurrying around for the auction items, making sure and double-comfirming everything is in place so that things will run fast learner they are isn’t it… from newcomers to a now…experienced and confident pair..good job!

Gift models for the day, Xin Xin and Jingyi

Then the MOST important people came… who are they? The singers of the ge-tai of course!! VGC gang lead by Andrea and Honey came, Sk..whose homeland is the yellow soil high hill…JinXiong who chi dao, Susan whose flowers happen to be on the roadside, Stuart who came with a big big wind and Uncle Loi who came asking the sky and Jojo (hat queen) started to stroll in…

The all-or-nothing performers

VGC members entertaining the crowd

More and more angels wings spreading….one by one flew in with grace…. like Stella who is our new volunteer but has already blended in with us so well…nickson the big boss advertisement man…

Jennifer who brought along two bubbly young angels along… Kacy and Chelsea…with the trio around..the volume of laughter escalated!

Birthday songs were sang for Singapore as well as to elderly, volunteers’ august birthday! Soon the yummy National Day cake and ‘Shou tao’ were served by our delicate food handlers.. Rico, Doris, Yen, Babi, Chin Soon, Stuart, Nickson and many more angels who helped to distribute…

Birthday girls

Volunteers helping to serve the treats

With the help of each and every angel’s dust… the dinning area of moral home brightens up! The event was then ready to be kickstarted!! Sam and James were the emcees and they are definitely professionals! The normally noisy atmosphere became noisier and everybody got a taste of real auctioning! One by one items are being auctioned out and finally the highlight came when ge-tai started… all singers put in their best to impress and sure enough…all are over-qualified to be singapre idols!! we even have a world class pianist..kiat! who mesmerize everyone with his talent in piano!!! “Chen Ping Jie” also came to grace our event and the songs she put up for the elderly….can indeed be felt by our hearts and needless to say the elderly…

Forever young Uncle Sam

The effervescent Uncle James

“Xuan wo, xuan wo!! 15!! 18!! 20!! Huat ahhhh” With all their might, people like Honey, Mona, and many more hardcore volunteers like Rico who took special leave to shout their hearts out just so that our dear elderly get a prize!! How can we do without these volunteers? =)

"I only have $10, but heck... three-zero!"

"choose us!"

All good things must come to an end…but that day had another beginning!! we were treated a yummilicious buffet dinner by moral home management! All volunteers and nurses and staffs had a good treat and bonding and re-bonding time!

A treat from the staff for everyone

Three cheers and three cheers and three cheers to Moral Angels!! Hip Hip Hoooray!!!!!!!!!