20 November 2010, marks the final outing for the year. And it was a smooth sailing trip to the Resorts World Sentosa! We brought the elderlys to scream their lungs out on adrenaline pumping rides, made them gamble their entire assets at the casino and paraded them as mascots around rws. If you think that wasn’t exciting enough, we even made them trek to the peak of the merlion!

And so there was a downpour that almost threatened to change plans, but it did not last for long! By the time we got the volunteers registered, paired them to their respective elderlys, and did the briefing for they day’s itinerary and wheelchair handling, the sky was all ready for us to set off!

You never really know how much the senior volunteers (in terms of experience) does until the day you work with them. The things they do without claiming credit, helping in every way they can, providing not only mental but physical strength as well. All these for nothing in return but only a comforting smile on the elderly’s face.

Upon arrival at RWS, we had to walk quite a distance from the bus bay to the building. Fortunately there were many traffic wardens to hold the traffic while we wheel the elderlys. When we were helping the elderlys to alight the bus, there was this ah ma who was waiting for her turn to get off, she spotted another elderly on her wheelchair. Immediately she told us (many of us) that was hers and she can’t share the wheelchair because she has sensitive skin.

Ah ma: 喂!那个是我的轮椅!(hey! That’s my wheelchair!)
Volunteer: 我知道,我们只是要借用一下然后推回来。。(I know, we just need for awhile, after that we will return you)
Ah ma: 没有,那个是人家送给我的, 我有皮肤敏感不可以给别人坐。(no, that is a gift from someone, and I have sensitive skin, so I can’t let anyone else on it)

Tried to pacify her, but she repeated the same thing about her sensitive skin in a very shrilling and high pitch voice. I almost died laughing.



Then it was off for some light snack (min jiang kueh) and drinks before photoshoot. Oh yes, moral home has some world reknown photographers and videographers that never fail to produce award winning/stunning pictures of the volunteers and elderlys. After which they were dispersed for free and easy roaming before heading back to Moral Home.



It was a beautiful and breezy Saturday, all the elderlys were happy and so were the volunteers. On top of that, the sky blessed us with excellent weather throughout the day, and was paid with utmost gratitude with the infamous ‘我问天’ on the journey back to Moral Home; kudos to Gary.



Special thanks to comm. Members:
Chin ling/Jennifer/ping sing for rallying volunteers and grouping them.
Shu hua/yen/ah xian/susan for the food and drinks.
Stuart/sk/xing jian for the photo and videography.
Desmond/uncle song/poh yan for transport.
Adeline/nickson/gary for being the group i/c.
Gary/jojo/susan for providing entertainment during the journey back and forth.

And of course the other volunteers (whom I do not know by name) who has helped out during the event. Thanks a lot!

In Moral Home, we terrorize the elderly’s with our horrible singing, feed them stuff that looks unappetizing, bring them to places where other homes will never bring them, and make them do things against their will. So, DON’T VOLUNTEER AT MORAL HOME.


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