HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!! Our dear VL Jin Xiong and Coordinator Guan Guan have been pestering me for our moral home national day flash and here it is… This is my first time doing this flash so please forgive me for my powertoot English… Heheh!!

It was a pretty threatening weather when I first reached the home as dark clouds were all over the sky. But guess what, the weather turned out to be otherwise and the wonderful weather had definitely contributed to the cheerful spirit of the volunteers and the elderly!! (: Ti Kong Bor Bi (天空保佑)… I’m sure other angels had also helped to pray that it wouldn’t rain… (:

I thought I was the most enthusiastic angel to first reach the home, but there were even more passionate angels who had arrived even earlier than me. They are none other than Christina, Jasmine, Susan, Jennifer and Mr Mok, busy preparing for the stage decoration with many heart-shaped, Swensen’s Happy Mother’s Day balloons all over the table in the room and preparing for the event. HAHA! Anyway, the stage was really beautiful. AWESOME!

Oh no! It was 1pm already but everything was not prepared and the event was supposed to start at 1.30pm. No decoration, no PA system being set-up, songs were not ready. Worst still, I forgot to bring the wire that was needed to play the national songs through my laptop! BUT luckily, thanks to my quick-witted mind (Whahahahahaha), I managed to find a wire and immediately, the lovely national songs were played and the ‘feel’ for national day started to build up. Soon after, Nickson and friends had arrived, and some other ad-hoc volunteers came as well. We were really grateful for their help to get all the games being set-up quickly. 谢谢大家的帮忙!

We invited a very special guest for the event, and he was the most adorable character of the day and that was WINNIE-THE-POOH!! THANK YOU BROTHER SAM FOR SACRIFICING YOURSELF AND GOT DRENCHED BY YOUR OWN PERSPIRATION INSIDE THE CUTE AND CHARMING ‘NAKED’ WINNIE-THE-POOH MASCOT! Bro Sam was trapped inside the mascot for about 2 hours, posing on the stage and taking pictures with the elderly. But don’t worry brother Sam, every drop of water coming out from your body was definitely worth it for you had brought us and the elderly with many laughter and smiles… Your determination is indeed laudable!! (:

Of course, not forgetting Poh Yan and Xing Jian, who had brought all their heavy equipments needed for the photoshoot and took many wonderful photos for the elderlys to keep as memento. The booth was so popular that many elderly wanted to go up stage to take photo with the pooh bear! Business was so good such that the price of a photo dropped from $1 to $0… Hahahaha!! It’s free and it’s instant printing for the elderly. Good job to our efficient PPT (Professional Photography Team) and thank you Desmond for lending us your muscles in pushing the elderly up the stage.

Thanks to our beloved SK, Nickson and Ah kiat =p (The Games Committee), for coming out with 5 FUN, INTERACTIVE, WONDERFUL, EXHILARATING games for the elderly… see.. I wasn’t kidding in the email… and of course, the most popular game is still the betting game (BIG SMALL – 大小)… Ah Mas and Ah Gongs just simply love this game, crowding around the table, refusing to leave for other games. Besides, Ping Sing did a great job in making the ambience lively by shouting and being super enthusiastic. She made Ah Gong Ah Ma really excited while playing those games. FAST EYE seems to be the easiest game of all. Although HAMTAM BOLA, HOOK ON FISH and SHOOT ME DOWN are more challenging, I believed Nickson had helped them to win LOTS OF COUPONS for them to buy many things at the MAMA SHOP… Haha! Oh yea, the artistic and lovely posters were drawn by the games committee and Jasmine (who spent 3 hrs drawing out the poster)


After playing a few games and winning some coupons, our Ah Mas and Ah Gongs were getting tired and guess where they were heading to? It was the CHEAPEST MAMA SHOP you could ever find in the world – which was manned by our dear Shu Hua and Eisa! Many elderlys were surrounding the MAMA SHOP CORNER, some buying shirts for $4, some buying drinks and snacks for only $1… and other basic necessities as well at a really low price. Ah Gong Ah Ma really 赚到了!Thanks Uncle Song and Uncle Sam for purchasing the stuffs for the elderlys, and thanks for the help from the MAMAs at the shop… =p

After shopping, Ah Gong Ah Ma must be really really hungry! But don’t worry… We also have the CHEAPEST FOOD FAIR just outside the kitchen! A set of snacks for just only $1… Can you believe it? And it has Chwee kueh, siew mai, together with a cup of soya bean milk! Thanks to the food committee for preparing the food (Ah Yen, Susan and Jennifer), with the help from Joy and Alex in distributing the food! The elderlys had commented that the food was really delicious!! 好吃!

Last but not least, we ended the celebration with a medley of national songs and thanks to many volunteers who sang their heart out on stage with the lyrics and being so patriotic for that half an hour! Oops =X To sum it up, it was an extremely enjoyable and fun-fulfilling event for both the volunteers and the elderly. Most importantly, we have met our objective, which is to experience great fun and bringing smiles to our Ah Gong Ah Ma. It was a great success with the help from all the volunteers, in a way or another. Thank you everyone for your valuable contribution to this event.


Anyway, Hui Quan was the one who got the mascot and poor Ah kiat had to return it back on his behalf! =X

Ah kiat