A Hortpark Outing Flash Dedicated Specially to Sam and other angels who missed it…

Dearest Brother Sam,

After planning so hard for weeks with brother Song, we are very glad and delighted to let you know that both your effort didn’t go to waste!!! It was a very blessed and relaxing outing with our ah kongs and ah mas! Thank you!!! :)

On this beautiful 5th of June Saturday, the Snacks Gang (Song, Susan, Shuhua, Yen & Gary) all met up before noon to go collect the yummy yamy-pumpkiny cake for the elderly and volunteers. Having the wonderful ladies there, the snacks were all nicely and ‘cleanly’ (hopefully ;p) packed for the outing!! At the same time, some angels and helpers started to stroll in…hey!

Where’s the registration counter? There!! Jojo and Kiat were carefully doing the not-at-all-easy registration job. While some volunteers were registering and waiting patiently for the outing, we’ve Mr Mok practicing his guitar skills in the room and the ‘Nick & Kiap Logistics Company’ making sure all items are checked for the outing!

Now ah kongs ah mas were ready, bus was here, where were the volunteers? Oh…they were having a serious program & safety briefing and wheelchair handling ‘course’ by VL Xiongxiong and nurse Kiapkiap. Ok, let’s go Hortpark now! :)

During our journey, as usual, our entertainers Mok Susan & Jojo never failed us by singing their organs out (especially lungs & HEARTS)! :) In addition, some ‘not-so-clear’ city tour info was provided by Jojo! 😛 hehe So, how’s over at the HWA bus Uncle Song?

We reached Hortpark after a nice short 20-30mins bus ride. The elderly were happily settling at the shelter area and all lined up to take nice group photos with the volunteers and most importantly, with the beautifully done-up banner. Then they had their snacks, drinks and little rest before a nice stroll down the park! Wow! They truly enjoyed the flowers and the scenery there! :)

Happy moments always passed by rapidly and it’s time for home sweet Moral Home…
With the extremely nice weather given and the actively participative volunteers, it was indeed a very blissful successful outing. A BIG thank you to all volunteers, especially to Uncle Song & Bro Sam!


More photos at http://moralangels.com/gallery/photo/2010-Hort-Park/

Smile always,