Harlo volunteers, miss Moral Angels’ flash???!! There you go!!

“Ah Kong Ah Ma lai lai lai…chiek chwee kueh!!”


It’s snack time!! Wow! That’s really nice biggish yummilicious chwee kueh!! Thank you uncle Song for sponsoring and collecting the kuehs and our lovely monthly IC Yen for her assistance. (But think this IC needs special assistance with her walking :)) Of course, thank you volunteers (especially Adeline who came to serve the snacks and rushed off for a concert) who are there serving the elderly …and at the same time not failing to gobble up the chwee kuehs too!!) haha :)


It was indeed another bustling Saturday at Moral Home! Hmm, it’s a rather special Saturday to see many familiar volunteers who have gone MIA for quite some time! Nice to see you Mei Kuen! You look great!! Do come back to visit the elderly whenever free ya? (More so now for Poh Yan’s sake??!!)


Oh oh oh Mrs Yeo, you need to come MH more often with Uncle Meng Huat!! See, ah ma Beng Choo cant even recognize you!! :) Wait! This girl looked familiar!! Yes U!! Willett!! Great to see u again! Btw, pls remember to produce your MCs/parents letter so as to excuse yourself from MH activity otherwise…..”#@$%^&$” :)

That’s not all!! Who is that female photographer…??? Gosh! Stop snapping photos of me la Joy!! It’s NOT a JOYful experience to have a ‘bruised’ face taken and posted leh!!! But really, appreciated your bending, squatting, tilting all angles…to take the best shots of the elderly!! Thank you gal!!

Hi uncle James! He is there not just to befriend but also to report on his ‘F&B’ progress for our upcoming outing! Excellent! Oooh! Wow! Look who are here…the Koh family-Doris and Giselle busy befriending while Lucas running around playing his drum with his bodyguard Stuart.

“6 ah! 6 ah! 6 ah!” Aeroplanes out! Quick! Kick! Balik kampong ah!! Wa! This Barbie Xian looks so sweet but sure ‘nasty’…trying all kinds of opportunities to kick the poor ah kongs’ aeroplanes home!! Thanks to ‘real sweet’ Ricola who is there to savage the brutal acts. 😛 After the gigantic colourful aeroplanes game, Barbie go on to bully the kongs with the Jenga game!! Good job girl!


Hey what’s up at the other side? Poh Yan VS Uncle John at ‘dumb’ game!! (1-1 draw?? Gosh! PY is getting more ‘dumbed’) Ah Kiat VS Chinese Chess King playing Chinese Chess? My poor brother-in-law Kiat… but you’ll sure pick up some Chess skills from him!! Hey, Willett you are good! You managed to get ah kong Lam Sam to play Chess!!! Very impressive! :)


Yo! What’s at the other end now? Burst ah! Burn ah! The banluck gang has already glued to the table headed by Auntie Molly assisted by Susan! Of course without fail, you bet that the mahjong kakis are there, enjoying the mahjong session with the help of the extra ‘legs’-Chin Ling and Mei Kuen! (FYI, we have increased to 2 mahjong tables due to popular demand!!!)

Not forgetting the energetic Zhengren, Chu Er and Joy entertaining the other group of elderly with the fishing and other all-time favourite games!! Excellent work done!


Last but not least, we have our MH ‘HOT’ M4 aka MAD 4-Mr Mok, Uncle Meng Huat, Stuart and Gary the kiapkiap, giving their best singing to the elderly!!! At times, S1 joined in the lively singing session and she is none other than our Jojo…the SIAO or…SH*T :) hehe Btw, Poh Yan ever “first time” was given to MH! He finally sang!! (though %^*&^% la) Good try!



Oh ya! We also have a ‘superman’-Nickson flying around doing befriending!!! Fantastic!! Hey, where is SK Lim? There he is, sitting at the dinning table, kept asking for “half bobo, half rice”?!! FON! There there! We have FON’s Primary schoolmate our leader…KLKK :) hehe making sure all of us are doing something!

The Sat afternoon simply passed by so quickly with the laughter of ah kongs ah mas and the laughter of volunteers…just cant wait for the next Sat to come! :)

!! WARNING !! Due to sickening weather, volunteers getting sick, cant go MH and the sick elderly get more sick…so volunteers, please drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables(2 2)!!! Take Care ya!!!

Upcoming Outing on 22nd May 2010 to bring Moral Home residents to Hort Park. Selected committee members would have received info from the organizers, Sam and Song. More info will be released soon., mark your calendar.

This Sat (1st May) is art and craft day. Led by Jojo and Chin Ling, we will be making salt bottles with the residents. Make sure to drop by on this Labour Day.

Smile always,