A year at moral home has almost come to an end~
How do we sum it up?
We end it with a christmas celebration organised by a first timer, barbie and an old slack timer, jojo.

Buzzing, singings, shoutings, squeaking, mic tests, strumming, jingling all these are the sounds heard inside the office and in the dining area~
Moral angels are always so not quiet at work~~ but this is also the best part of us too..our ‘noise’ to each other made the christmas atmosphere
At moral home come alive~~

While angels are busying doing up the celebration atmosphere, our ah gongs and ah mas upstairs are not any freer..
They are also preparing to come down in their angels polo and look in their best to come down and join us in this joyous event!

Our emcees kick start the event with a brief history of christmas and inviting our Santa Claus ( wei wei— who has kindly offered to be sabotaged by SK who claimed to have jet lag from japan of same time zone as us or perhaps SK has been using up too much of his pitera, that’s y he been ‘balding’ and using a cap to cover..heehee…joking…. =p), Santa Rina (our sweet and always enthu Shermin took up the role and look superbly cute with her two white plaits hanging down which compliments with her white boots..oops..white flats..haha..) and not forgetting our evergreen ever charming elf (Jasmine, she rushed over despite the heavy rain and was drenched when reached…who else can be our very own elf who actually braved the rain to grace the event~)

Soon log cake cutting ceremony by our santa claus, together with his santa rina and elf.
This year’s christmas gifts to the ah mas and ah gongs are sets of pyjamas and handkerchief (thank you aunty fiona) and i believe they love it!!

Our first entertainment started out with an instrument performance by Shuhua (keyboard player) and Mok (multi-tasker for the day, guitar player, emcee, singer, volunteer, etc..).. such melodious music appreciation for our elderlies…

Games… our slacker in-charge Gary has puzzled everyone with his jigsaw games~~~ the 40 pieces jigsaw were no easy task if not for the spontaneous and ever kiasu angels wanting to help the elderlies win…our ah gongs and ah mas sure has a great deal of fun feeling ‘puzzled’!! haha~~

Then we have a long string of christmas caroling from Cherie’s heart childcare centre..these children’s bright faces and sunny characteristics mesmorises our ah gongs and ah mas and how beautiful a saturday it can be with them around…. later part..these children even ran around to give packet biscuits away…so young yet so generous!!


Then we had AAA to perform christmas carolsssss..wow…they surely has motivated alot of us to be good singers like them~~ before their performance, they gave away christmas ang baos… aren’t moral home elderlies blessed with so much love!!


For the elderly who were unable to join us in the dining area, they were equally blessed with the angels’ love. Santa Claus and his troop (Santa Rina, elf, Ping Sing, Desment and Maria, our guitarist) performed Xmas carols for these elderly at Level 1 and Level 2.

Lastly we served our grand dinner with braised meat, eggs, beancurd heartedly prepared by our kitchen heroines— Molly, Susan and Ah Yen… their sweat in the kitchen has certainly not been wasted as all the ah gongs and ah mas finished up every bit of their food!!! these 3 heroines deserved to be commended a zillion times~

Finally, to all those angels and volunteers who were around~~~ your presence is the greatest presents to us and to the elderlies~~  many thanks for your time and participation~~ till then… take care and have a joyous christmas celebration!!




A special thank you to the committee members for making this event possible..
1) Our dearest emcees – Mr Mok and Adeline: Thanks for agreeing to be the emcees for the day.. seriously the 2 of you look so pro with all the accessories =)
2) Santa Claus (Ah Wei), Santa Rina (Shermin), Elf (Jasmine): did you guys manage to burn any fats from the warm clothing… =)…
3) Deco team – JX and our 有才华又帅的 Ah Kiat: the fire place is awesome… i like it … =)
4) F&B – Aunty Molly, Yen and Susan: thanks for the yummy-li-cious food but a pity barbie xian is not able to take non-halal food =(.
5) Photographer & Videographer – Mr Loi, SK, Ah Kiat, Hui Quan aka AD, Uncle Poh Yan: for capturing the precious moments
6) Game – Gary & Chee Wah: a pity we didn’t have enough time for the ‘pass the bean bag’ game. Don’t be disappointed Gary, we shall reserve that game for the next event ya.. =)
7) Entertainment – Ping Sing, Desment & Maria – for bringing joy to the residents who were unable to us in the dining area.
8) Sound system – Desmond: for controlling the AV system
9) Not forgetting my prettiest co-organiser Josephine: a big thank you for agreeing to be my co-organiser given the short notice =)… Muach…

Jojo and barbie Xian

More photos at Xmas Gallery