It’s outing time at Moral Home, and we are bringing the folks to the Singapore Flyer!

Uncle Song was the first to arrive, loading up 15 wheelchairs up the lorry for the trip. Thanks Song for the back breaking task, we will get more help for the next outing.


Rico and Yen were also early to prepare for the volunteer registration. Slowly but surely the volunteers streamed in, same for the elderly who were brought down from their rooms. They sure were excited about the trip, waiting at the lobby 1 full hour before the set off time.

We had 20 elderly and more than 35 volunteers for the outing. We are glad to see volunteers who are always so supportive. There were also a number of new faces who are joining us for the first time. I am sure you will enjoy this outing, and hope to see more of you in the future.


We managed to ‘squeeze’ everyone into one tour bus, not bad huh? No choice lah, times are bad, haha. Actually the bus capacity is 50, so everyone was seated comfortably except for a few volunteers who were performing. They were non other than our Jojo, Gary, and Mok. They always manage to get the crowd going effortlessly with their infectious singing and boundless energy.

The Flyer isn’t too far from the Home and we reached our destination in 20 min. Song and Desmond were already standing-by with all the wheelchairs lined up in twos waiting for us at the entrance. Many thanks to all the volunteers working tirelessly behind the scene to ensure a smoothly journey for everyone.

After we got everyone off the bus, it was snack time. Better fill up that tummy before going up that ride. Snack was an assortment of Pao, specially selected by Adeline and Jennifer. The snacks were finished in no time. Either everyone was simply too hungry or was just too eager to get on the Flyer.



Not only were Singapore Flyer kind enough to offer us a special rate, they also provided a dozen of friendly guides to help us with our special needs. We were given the VIP treatment, with our own private lift and direct access to the cabin. They even stopped the Flyer when its time for us to board the cabin. They certainly went all out to make sure we had a pleasant time. Thanks Singapore Flyer!

We were split into 4 groups, each occupying 1 cabin. As the cabin slowly moved upwards, the enthralling sight of the city’s skyline slowly unfolded before our eyes. It was an amazing experience, and the residents were visibly thrilled by the view. Needless to say, everyone who was armed with a camera was busy taking photos of the wonderful view outside.




The volunteers were explaining every building within sight to the residents, while the residents shared with the young volunteers how the Singapore river used to be during the early days. After 40 min on the Flyer (which felt more like 10 min), everyone was reluctant to get off. Well maybe we will come back again next year :)

There was still time for group photo taking before leaving for Moral Home. Our very pro photographer Stuart found a perfect spot and we were all rounded up to strike the perfect pose. It was no easy task to fit 55 of us and the Flyer into a single pic, but you can trust Stuart to get that perfect shot.


The outing did not end after we reached Moral Home. The residents who did not join us for the outing were already out at Bedok Food Centre having their dinner, and the residents who came back from the Flyer were eager to join them. We duly accompanied the residents on a short walk to the food centre, with all the yummy food already on our mind.


Each resident was given $5 to buy any food he or she desired. They were like kids in a candy store going around hunting for their fav fare. This was part of the Senior Citizen Week activities organized by Moral Home, and the residents were clearly enjoying themselves.

After a hearty dinner, we proceeded back to Moral Home. It was a long day for everyone, but you could never tell from the face of the volunteers and the residents. It seemed like everyone was still longing for more, reluctant to end the day.

The outing couldn’t be a success without the commitment of all the volunteers. I continue to be amazed by the dedications of Moral Angels, be it the long time veterans or the ad-hoc volunteers. You have always answered the call when asked upon without fail. We will also like to thank Moral Home for their constant support, the Singapore Flyer for their kind reception, and the generous donors for this outing. Last but not least the organizing committee for doing a great job. You deserve a big pat on the back.

Jin Xiong (already looking forward the next outing)
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