“Teh siew dai! Kaya gao!” this is what you would normally hear at a standard coffee shop. But this is no ordinary ‘coffee shop’ that serves you your toast, teh, and returns you loose change. It was home-made kaya (made by chow chow), freshly toasted bread, together with lots of love and sincerity served on an old school plastic plate for the ah-gongs and ah-mahs. Though it waas my first time being a kopi-soh, I had no qualms being one as (not because I was the youngest) it was as blatant as giving a toast of love in exchange for a wrinkly but heart-warming smile.



Simultaneously, it was also ‘bring-a-friend’ day. Sometimes it amazes me how the moral angels come up with these bizarre and innovative ideas for the name of spreading volunteerism. I have never met a more cohesive and welcoming volunteering environment as such, which frankly, haunts my conscience.




There were 4 new friends who joined the moral home— Ka Man, Caroline, Sandy and Min Ling. There was a presentation done by jojo to assimilate the new volunteers. After which, they were brought around the home to orientate themselves. Shortly, was the usual entertainment—karaoke kings/queens, mahjong with auntie molly, and throwing sandbags with Alex.



Before we left the home for sports day, we had a short ice-breaker, introducing everyone and the complicated love matters within the moral angels. The gist of it was that everyone was attached one way or another. It was fun seeing the angels air their dirty linens in public.

The day ended with a fat-busting-team-building-leaving-everyone-yearning-for-more sports day. Activities include, captain ball, badminton and table tennis. Captain Ball was definitely the highlight of all sports which also revealed the dark side of many. The wild, the violent, the kelongs, and the dangerous.

After the workout, calls for a feast. We settled at Miss U café in our aromatic and high-spirited disposition, and parted in anticipation for our next amazing volunteering experience.