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Bring a Friend Day on Seven Eleven

Hi angels,

it is your long time friend jojo speaking to all of you!
we are going to have a ‘bring a friend to volunteer day’ on the 7 November which exactly coincides with our sports day!! first thing first:

On the 7 November 2009,
We are all going to be sporty and be going down to CGH for a round of actions and perspiration!
There will be one tennis court and one badminton court for all of us. So remember to bring along your sports wear and your sports cells along..=)

On top of the sports day, it will also be a “Bring a friend to volunteer day”. You can bring your boyfriends, girlfriends, gay friends, whoever that are interested to do voluntary work and you been dying to bring them down but not sure when is the right opportunities, NOW is it.

The program planned for 7 Nov will be:

1) volunteers to bring along their friends and reach MH at 2.30p.m.
2) Briefing or motivational video will be screen to show your friends about us and also moral home volunteerism.
3) Experienced volunteers will then bring your friends around the home to orientate them a bit (as a group).
4) hands-on for your friends-get them to help in mobilisation but please do not leave your friend alone, they need all the encouragement and help you can offer to their first time volunteering.
5) commencement of our usual black jack, mahjong, fishing, chess, singing sessions.
6) Do feeding if your friends just want to be kind. (still you need to be there.)
7) a short debrief in the office after the dinner time of old folks to build rapport and at the same time get these friends’ contacts.
8)after debrief, we will then proceed to CGH for sports day along with your friends, this is a team-baiting i mean team building form of activity ya.
9) to end off the sports day with a sumptuous dinner.

So I will appreciate angels that you will bring down at least a friend or more. Then please email or sms me to let me if your friend(s) are coming. I will need to tally the total number of people coming to the home and to CGH, so that I can plan appropriate activities to accomodate everybody. This is a WHOLE DAY EVENT. Newcomer of moral home, don’t be shy to bring your friends or family along too ya.

We must look far, after all the abovementioned, angels, you are required to follow up with your friends and invite him or her back to MH the following weeks and many weeks to come.. Get them involve in the upcoming outing on the 21 Nov. By then they should already feel acustomed to our nonsense already. So angels, this is the best time!! So please bring along your friend(s)!!!!!!!!

Thanks and Regards,
Josephine aka jojo

Mid-Autumn Festival in Moral Home

‘Mooncake festival’, an ocassion that I have enjoyed since young. Yummy mooncakes, beautiful lanterns, interesting story of Chang Er, exciting dragon boat race (Opp..not this one, ha ha)… How can we miss out such an enjoyable festival for our dear Ah Kong and Ah Ma?

So, on 3rd Oct 2009, our dedicated angels put together a wonderful celebration at the Moral Home.

The dinning room at the Moral Home was decorated with lots of beautiful lantern by the Moral Home’s staff (Shu Hua and I have volunteered for deco team for next year, for obvious reason, ha ha..). Thanks to Hui Quan, Hui Hsien and Angeline for decorating the center stage with a nice 欢庆中秋节 banner, it really brightens the whole place.


Susan went all the way to Ang Mo Kio to get the sweetest Pamelo, SK drove all the way to Bedok Reservoir to pick up the yummy Mooncake and not forgetting our Dear Aunty Molly for contributing the Orange Chiffon Cake + Homemade Lotus dumpling dessert. The food were yummy licious and mouth watering, the elderly finished every bite of it. Thanks Susan, SK, and Aunty molly, as well as Hui Hsien, Chritina, Rico, Shu Hua, and Angeline for preparing the snack.


The afternoon was filled with extraordinary performances:
First, our very own Moral Angels Chang Er aka Rico won the heart, mind and soul of our elderly with her beauty when she swings in to the dinning hall. I could hear the praising sound of “Sui ya”, and Lee Ah Kim even commended that she is less than 20 years old? Thanks Mr Mok and Poh Yan for creating the “Flying to the Moon” effect, that was super… COOL!! A special thanks to Rico for “everything is for the elderly” attitude, being out of herself just to make them happy.

Then, our very own Moral Angels Idol aka Uncle Loi and Mr Mok took over the stage with their wonderful voices, they have presented 2 songs with great interaction with the elderly. (Guess who was missing? Rushing her ways from the far away train station??). Thanks so much for bringing music to the Home and making the atmosphere lively!! Our “Singing Queen” Jojo, also entertained the elderly during the dinner time, adding the special taste to the food.


The last performance was from the invited guest “Bukit Batok Stomper”. Their professional line dance performances have caught the eyes of the elderly and the volunteers. The hall transformed to a dance floor, some of the Angels and our elderly – Rosie, also joined in the dance. (Spot the couple! There are holding hand and wearing the yellow flower?) Wow.. That was HOT, really HOT!! Thanks Mr Mok for inviting the guest, and sincere thanks to the Bukit Batok Stomper for making it a memorable day for our elderly.



Beside the extraordinary performances, SK and Sam have invented an artistic game for the elderly – Lantern painting. There were 5 elderly who took up the challenge. They were full of imagination and creativity. The participated painting were “Blooming rose”, “Sunny fish”, “Reunion”, “Beautiful flower”, “Yummy Mooncake” and “Lucky Number”. (Guess which was the winner??) Thanks SK and Sam for the fun game, the game also challenged Angels artistic skills as well.


How could us forgetting the most important two Emcee? Gary and Jin Xiong. They have done a good job entertaining the elderly, and making funny comment along the ways. Still remember they were trying to tell the Chang Er’s story, at the end needed to get help from the teacher, Xin Jian?

This was truly a fun, enjoyable, and memorable celebration. And this was not possible without the help of all the Angels. I want to take this opportunity to thanks everyone for contributing every part of it.

1. The Organizers: Mr Mok and Susan, for putting all the pieces together. Inviting the performer and being one of the great performer himself
2. Game Master: SK and Sam, for bringing fun to the elderly and making them exercise a bit.
3. Food committee: Susan and Christina, for preparing the yummy snack for the elderly.
4. Aunty Molly: For making the Lotus dumpling dessert for all the Angels, thanks for loving us and taking care of us.
5. Uncle Song: For contributing the Mooncake and always so generous to the elderly and the volunteers
6. Performers: ChangEr aka Rico, Uncle Loi, Mr Mok, Jojo and Bukit Batok Somper for the outstanding performances.
7. Sound system: Desment, for controlling the system and linking the entire program together.
8. Photography: Poh Yan and Xin Jian, taking all the memorable moments.
9. Emcee: Gary and Jin Xiong, for making up the Story and telling funny joke in between the performances.
10. Deco Teams: Hui Quan, Hui Hsien and Angeline, for making the banner and lighten up the dinning hall.
11. Shu Hua, Stuart, Doris and Uncle Meng Huat: For being there, and helping up in all the little areas.


Cheers Angels… Well Done!!

Love you all, Ice Cream

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