Hi Angels,

last Sat outing to ESN Carnival in YJC was a blast. The response to our game and food stalls was predictably overwhelming. The popiah was sold out in the 2nd year running, and all the prizes for our game stall were completely wiped clean.

The popiah wouldn’t be a seller without our lovely chefs: Rico, Yen, Shu Hua and Ping Sing.
The elderly were having a field day at our wheel of fortune game stall thanks to Desment and Poh Yan.
The immortal Chang-Er aka Xiao Xuan who descended from Moon to the delight of the crowd.

Thanks also goes Song who help to organize the bus trip from the Home, and of course to all the Moral Angels who participated: Mok, Susan, James, Jane, Meng Huat, Rusty and friend, Chee Wah, Ah Kiat and bro, Riina, Desmond. And SK, Hui Quan and Shermin who are part of ESN committee.

Wei Zhong, a volunteer from All Saints Tampines has written a great piece on the actual event. I strongly encourage you to check it out at asvolunteer.blogspot.com

The photos are also upload to our gallery courtesy of Poh Yan. Here are some of the highlights:

Crowd streaming into YJC hall

Prizes galore

Gamemaster at work

Popiah Sisters

Overwhelming demand for Angels Popiah

A day to remember…