Missing out of weekly flashes, here’s a super long one! With preparation to start of event to end of event to de-briefing, all in here. So stay tuned and read!!!!

After a long wait, finally time for celebration for the elderly!!! As I walked into moral home with ah Xian at 1pm, we were first greeted with two strangers taking our temperature, I was expecting to hear blasting music of national day songs and see fully done up decorations, smell wonderful food from kitchen, all set-and-ready-for-an-action-packed-event elderly lining up at the dining area, BUT none was ready! It was already 1pm and the only person I saw at the office was Mr. Mok playing guitar learning some songs!!!

Just when I thought my expectations were failing me, I saw 3 hardworking women in the kitchen! They have certainly lifted up my expectation a little. Aunty Molly, Susan, ah Yen were busily preparing the chickens.


Soon after, my organizer ah Kiat came, feeling more settled, we started getting things ready. Ah xian crying for help to do up the decorations as she was having some challenge with the height of the stage…oops! So people like Poh Yan, Mr. Mok, Desmond, Chee Wah and Alex and his female friend (someone who ran a wheelchair over my tiny toes,haha!) also started doing up the balloons and putting up strings of words up the curtain. The MANPOWER was great! Soon, “Happy Birthday to Singapore” was up and showing on stage!


The wheel-of-fortune was still lying on the table waiting to become ‘alive’. I was expecting the game masters to report early to do some preparations too. But where were SK and Ah Quan??!! “So who’s going to do up the wheel-of-fortune?” luckily the MANPOWER was there to keep things in control. Poh Yan though bald has got great brains!! Just when everyone was contributing some crazy ideas as to how to make the wheel spin like a wheel, Poh Yan has succeeded in making the wheel spinned and of course we got to thank Ping Sing and Desment for ‘contributing’ their USED STRAWS (Desment just finished a cup of Soya bean milk…oops) to act as the pointer of the wheel.

So what is ah Kiat doing?? He was setting up the projector and laptop, getting ready to blast music to mark the start of the event! Me, of course, as co-organiser will be sticking around with him. Hee…

Soon, uncle Song, uncle Yeo and sk came in, if not for their suggestions, tables and chairs of the dining area would not have been moved. So MANPOWER again was being exploited. Shuhua did a good job in ordering the national day cake! It’s a gigantic cake of Singapore’s flag.


Now that everything seems ready. Something was missing… (1) ah gongs and ah mas were not down yet!!!!!! Alamak!! ASSUMING that the nurses will get the elderly ready with diapers on time and mobilizing them early, we took it for granted that they will do the job, however, this time was certainly not the case! So while munching on some cheesy pancakes, I got to get all the volunteers to do even more work and that was to go up to mobilize the elderly! Ah Quan was quick to act and soon other angels followed. (2)Planning to get started at 230pm, we were delayed as the elderly were not ready. Thinking that we could stretch the event a little longer since we started late, we were hit on the head again! (3)The elderly had got another event in the evening and they got to eat at 4pm!! We were informed just before the event started.

So with a lesser time frame than expected, Shermin and Ping Sing quickly kick start the event with their joyous smile and wonderful emceeing skills. Proud of them!


Birthday song was sang and cake was cut and elderly been served cake. Goodies bags prepared by ah Yen were also given out.


Soon after, moral home superstar which is me, started the first performance by singing one united people and little nyonya theme song.


Then we proceeded with games-ah quan had prepared powerpoint slides of pictures of young of moral angels for elderly to play guessing games, the photos and some side cartoons were highly controversial and I wondered if ah quan had received any warning letters yet..haha..then we got another song performance by Mr. Mok who always sing his heart out for the elderly.

Finally, it was game time again, majority of the elderly participated and they won prizes like chicken essence, bird’s nest, packet drinks and some ‘forcefully’ by sk to win a pair of slippers. So it was a day with many prizes!


Then on the background, tables and chairs were rearranged back to the original position to get the elderly ready for dinner. Wow! Smells wonderfully good chicken rice!!

So we had a finale by singing lots of national day songs with the elderly enjoying their food! Noticed that this part sounded fast and short was due to the fact that we were in a slight rush on that day.


Because the moral home superstar has been hogging the mike and singing so ‘beautifully’, ‘fireworks’ were displayed! Though beautiful, we got to painstakingly sweep them all up eventually. So next time wanna support my singing, buy those easier-to-clear ‘fireworks’! haha…


Back in the room, we were also having a chicken bee hoon feast, writing about it made me hungry…it was delicious and everyone enjoys it. All thanks to aunty Molly, Susan, ah Yen and Rico preparing them in the kitchen with sweats!!

We didn’t have a de-brief and so all those I wrote above have some debriefing points(being numbered) embedded in it. The next organizer please takes note k. =)

Thanks to the MENPOWER AND WOMENPOWER. All those present, you know who you are, so give yourselves a pat on your shoulder for your support to this event and for your presence. Do not EXPECT me to mention all your names. Pardon me for being narcissistic in some part of the flash.

After this event, I learnt not to EXPECT and NOT TO TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED, we have to be in control with everything we are doing and not EXPECT others to be doing it for you. We are in control with the things we want to do. We have a choice to everything we do.

All in all, thanks for reading thus far. Maybe I should be a journalist or news reporter. Can write so much…haha…