As I stepped into Moral Home last Sat, the elderly were already busy working. Yup, working. Well in this trying time of recession, I guess no one is immune. Dun believe? Here’s the proof…

Their ‘work’ is to 拔豆芽 for dinner that night, very important one leh, dun play play :)

While some choose to ‘work’ for a living, the smart one choose to play. As recommended by our beloved government to promote the golden industry that will save our jobs, the smart elderly were busy honing their skills at the MJ and BJ tables. Can’t wait for the IR.

Dinner was especially sumptuous with chilli prawns, but most elderly were having problems peeling them. No fear, for the prawn deshelling angels are just around the corner ready to pounce on any trouble making prawn. Thank god for angels.

National Day is just around the corner and this year we will be celebrating on the 15th Aug 2009. So mark your calender angels. Jojo and Ah Kiat are the organizers. Email them if you wanna join in the fun. Hurry seats are limit.

Another event that is just as fun is the annual ESN carnival, happening in YJC on 5th Sep 2009. The IC from MH are Ah Xian and Ah Hua (thanks Ah Quan). We will be setting up 2 stalls (1 game and 1 food) and hopefully will be bringing some elderly to join in the fun.

Cheers to a great week ahead.
Jin Xiong

‘By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.’ -Confucius