20th June 2009 (Saturday) – Bright, Sunny, Hot

0730hrs – one by one we started waking up to have our breakfast as well as preparing our final activities.. which was….. white water rafting at Kiulu River!!! After our breakfast at the nearby coffeeshop.. (oh my.. the ‘Baos’ were really big and filling… haha.. :) ), we were all ready for our next challenge…

Breakfast at nearby Kopitiam

The bus came to pick us up at around 0915hrs… In the bus, we met a few group of Singaporean and a family from Hong Kong… It was a 1 to 1.5 hours to our destination… Upon reaching Kiulu River, we were greeted by our guide who briefed and taught us the equipment we would be using, paddling technique and safety measures.. After a short 15 minutes of lesson, we were on our way to the river water… :) Jin Xiong, Brendan, Rico and Uncle Loi were in one inflatable rubber boat while SK, Auntie Mona, Uncle Poh Yan and Quan were on the other boat..

A group photo before our river extravaganza

Water at Kiulu River came from the nearby Mount Kinabalu.. the river is very clear and clean… Due to the dry season and minimum rain, the water level at Kiulu River was not high and thus we were needed to paddle at certain parts of the river.. The best time to visit Kiulu River is at November and December where the water level is high and the rapids and current are strong and exciting… Kiulu River is classified under grade 1 or 2 where it the current and rapids of the river are mild and less dangerous.. The guide even told us that a mother eve brought along a 10 month child for this white water rafting activity… True enough, we saw many families bring their children (around 5 to 8 years) to have fun and exciting experience at Kiulu River…

Water fight started the moment we got into the river… Using paddles to splash water and pushing one another down to the river were common sight to be seemed… Even the children also joined in the fun… Along the river, it was another magnificent sight… We saw cows and buffaloes by the side of the river.. some of them even got into the river, cooling themselves against the warm weather… village people playing and swimming along the river.. sampan or bamboo boats used by the locals.. ropes bridges that you never come across… There were even guides taking pictures and videos while we were paddling down the river… These people really know how to do business…

Pics taken by guides









Our groups were known to be aggressive and vicious when it comes to water fight.. There was this father telling his children, “This group cannot play. They are very dangerous.. Sure loss.. Come, we go and attack another group.” haha.. :) Upon saying that, they quickly break away and engaged water fight with the weaker side.. :)

During our short break along the river, all of us began to behave like young children… jumping into the river, engaging in furious water fight, swimming and enjoying the coolness of river water… Even the small children also involved in our fearsome water fight… Our FON SK did something disrespectful to the river… He ‘pee’ or ‘fart’ in the river… haha.. :) (no la.. just joking).. And because of his act, Quan Quan and him fell into the river when they passed by a rough rapid… whahaha.. :) It was a hilarious scene especially when SK was pulled up to the rubber boat.. It was liked pulling up a big tuna from the big vast scene… His whole head went into the side of the rubber boat…he looked pathetic… haha… so funny… :)

Uncle Loi was not spared too.. He fell into one of the fast flowing rapids too… But luckily, the guide immediately jumped into the river and brought him up to the rubber boat… Upon seeing that scene, the rest of us especially SK and Quan started to grip tight on the side of the rubber boat so that we will not fall as well… :)

We took about 2 hours to finish the 8 km ride… After washing up, we rewarded ourselves with a marvelicious buffet lunch…. :)

End of Moral Angels’ Adventure Expedition.. Mission Accomplished!

It was free and easy after white water rafting… However it did not stop us from exploring the city… This free and easy period was what the women liked best… SHOPPING TIME!!!.. Therefore upon reaching our lodge, we immediately went out again to explore the city of Kota Kinabalu.. Jin Xiong, Auntie Mona, Uncle Loi and Quan went for an hour of massage while the rest went to Center Point Shopping Center to start their shopping spree..

After our massage, we came upon a handicraft market.. that’s it.. we were stuck there for about 2 hours.. Those that went to Center Point Shopping Center also came to join us.. The women were shopped like nobody business.. The guys who were waiting outside basically chatanything under the sun.. chat until no topic to talk about.. Uncle Poh Yan even went to the extent of taking photographs at the locals playing international chess near the handicraft market.. Uncle Loi went to hurry them but to no avail.. Even though they said they will be out within 10 to 15 minutes.. in the end they shopped until the market closed at 1845hrs.. Well you know who they are… haha… :)

Serious shoppers at Handicraft Market

Guys posting for pics while waiting for the shopping queen to finish

There you see.. Uncle Poh Yan nothing to do, taking photographs of locals playing international chess while waiting for the shoppers

That’s not the end… we went back to Center Point Shopping Center and the ladies were off again to do another round of shopping spree… Rico also ended up getting her first mp3 player at an electronic music store… it was a white mickey mouse mp3 player… Xiong managed to get a pair of addidas shoe and auntie mona.. whahaha.. it seemed like she had bought all the T-shirts, souvenirs and food from Kota Kinbalu City… :)

We reached our lodge at around 2230hrs.. but that was also not the end yet… as we were craving for ice kachang and chendol… we went back to the street hawkers to have our ice kachang (also known as ABC something) and ice chendol.. Uncle Poh Yan as usual went around taking photographs like nobody business (even when SK was peeing at the toilet) haha.. :)

21st June 2009 (Sunday) – Bright and Sunny

Cling, clang, ping, bang… 0530hrs… these noises woke some of us up… The moment we looked through our windows, we could see the whole stretch of street was immediately turned to a huge bazaar… The guide told us there were weekend morning bazaar market along the street where our lodge was located..

Scene at weekend morning market

Jinxiong: What should i buy for H** H**? Oops

His g** symptom is back.. Why do you pick a dress?

Without any hesitation, our instinct told us to get down for another shopping spree… by 0630hrs, the place was crowded with people… There were street performances and stores selling almost everything… pets such as hamster, puppies, kittens.. souvenirs.. shirts… stamps… tongkat ali.. food… porcelain… vases etc.. And of course, the ladies shopped till the very end when our transport came to pick us up to airport at 0945hrs.. :)