19th June 2009 (Friday) – Sunny but very cold… Arrggghh…

We woke up at around 0130hrs… tired and sleepy… After our final preparation, we made our way to the common area to have our breakfast… Soon after, our mountain guide arrived… With great anticipation, at 0220hrs, SK, Jin Xiong, Rico, Uncle Poh Yan and Quan began their final expedition to the summit. Despite feeling unwell, Uncle Loi, Brendan and Auntie Mona also purposely woke up very early to cheer us up… :)

The route was dark and steep. We weren’t know where are we heading to… just basically follow wherever the guide went… Soon after, we were joined by hundreds of climbers eagerly to see the sunrise at the summit… If you looked around, you could see a row of climbers with their head lights or torch lights.. slowly moving up towards the summit of the mountain… The scene was simply amazing and magnificent… It was the scene of a movie in Indiana Jones where a group of African tribes moving up the mountain towards their tribal council with their fire torch.

The first 700m was full of rocks and steep steps… The next 2km of the climb to the summit was on granite rock… Some paths required the aid of ropes… but subsequently.. most climbers decided not to use the rope as the route ahead was safe but yet steep… :) At the 7km mark, we passby a small hut which operated like an immigration office. We were required to show our ‘passport’ which was our name tag before we could proceed on… Guess what? There were telephone booths near the ‘immigration office’, about 1.25km away from the summit… :)

The last 1km was tough and harsh.. We were physically pushed to the limit… We could feel the aches on our calves, knees and legs… We took a lot of short rest in between… It was now our mental and endurance that kept us going… Soon, we got to see the summit of Mount Kinabalu, the Low’s Peak, situated at 4095.2km above sea level… The last 300m was liked a never ending journey.. The summit was near but yet so far… Finally, we were just below the summit… however.. to reach the Low’s Peak, we had to use our four limbs to overcome the gigantic granite rocks…

0530hrs… the sun slowly rise to our horizon… the ‘yolk’ becomes brighter and clearer… Yes!! We had made it!!! We reached the summit!!!.. We felt like hugging one another.. but we never do it… perhaps the place was too cramped and many climbers were rushing up to see the sun rise.. or perhaps we were too tired… The sun rise was indeed stunning and beautiful… it was a breath taking moment… rays of the sun which shone on the harsh terrains of Mount Kinabalu… No words can describe this magnificent scenery which still laid vividly in my mind…

A very scenic view of sunrise at Mount Kinabalu Summit Low’s Peak

What an amazing view! – the ‘egg yolk’ is getting brighter and brighter

An emotional moment – Great take.. Oh my.. She looks beautiful in this pic

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu Summit Low’s Peak 1

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu Summit Low’s Peak 2

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu Summit Low’s Peak 3

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu Summit Low’s Peak 4

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu Summit Low’s Peak 5

We took lots of pictures and were proudly to stand around the summit taking our pictures with our Moral Angels banner.. Rest of the climbers were looking curiously at us.. wondering where are we from… Aiya.. should have brought our name cards along and spread our volunteering service at moral home internationally.. haha.. :)

Standing at the peak of South East Asia Tallest Mountain – Mount Kinabalu Low’s Peak 1

Standing at the peak of South East Asia Tallest Mountain – Mount Kinabalu Low’s Peak 2

Standing proudly with Moral Angels’ Banner

Look at this amazing pic.. Shadow of the mountain

At 0630hrs, we began our descending to 3,800m to do our walk the torq via ferreta… Walking back to where we came from, it was unimaginable that the route that we took was unbelievable steep and tough… but we made it after all… As the surrounding became brighter and clearer, we began to take every opportunity to take pictures at almost everywhere… from sun and clouds to the settlements below the mountains…

Pictures of Mount Kinabalu when descending








At 3,800m ,walk the torq activity, we were greeted by our ferreta guide… Not knowing what was all about, we put on our harness, caribinas and happily passing all our barang barang including our water supplies to our mountain guide… Until we saw how the Caucasians did the walk the torq, we realized how naive we were.. haha.. It was honestly very fun and challenging but we did not expect to take about 2 hours to finish the circuit… :)

Advance Level of Walk the Torq – Via Feretta

Before Walk the Torq 1 – Fantastic View of Mount Kinabalu (F4 and Shan Cai – Singapore Version)

Before Walk the Torq 1 – Bird Eye View of Settlements (F4 and Shan Cai – Singapore Version.. Low Budget so can only firm at Sabah, Malaysia)

Taking a nap before the actual activity

Half way of walking the torq activity.. we were so tired and thirsty (never had this kind of thirst in my life) that we resorted requesting water from our guide.. Oh my god.. the scene was so funny… four men sitting side by side sucking the water from our guide water bag… except our garang Rico which did not take any drop of water… That idiot SK even asked me whether there was any smoking smell in the water.. haha.. :) (FYI, the guide puffed a smoke before leading us the activity).. come to think of it… is a bit disgusting… Our photographer, Uncle Poh Yan was simply impressive.. he could take the pictures at almost any angles and at any positions while walking the torq.. I bet he could have taken all our disgusting and funny positions.. :)

Interesting Positions by angels when walking the torq








We reached Pendant Hut at around 1030hrs.. After having our second round of breakfast and packing of our leftover stuffs, we checked out of the room and made our way down at around 1200hrs.. On the way down was so much easier… We encouraged those ppl who were making their way up to Laban Rata Rest House and ironically we were complaining and whining among ourselves on our way down to Timpohon Gate… haha… :) We reached the Timpohon Gate at around 1630hrs… Uncle Loi, Auntie Mona and Brendan went off earlier and had reached the registration counter at 1500hrs… :)

Upon reaching the registration counter, Uncle Loi, Auntie Mona and Brendan quickly helped us to collect our bags from the counter and load up to the transport… Thank you very much… During our 2 hours journey to our lodge at Kota Kinabalu City, most of us were so tired that they slept but surprisingly and to our relief, there wasn’t any symphony orchestra… haha.. :)

One thing very funny, as we reached the registration counter at Kinabalu Park, Uncle Loi secretly told us that he was going to treat us for seafood dinner as it was his wife, Auntie Mona’s birthday.. He excitedly went to find out from the tour guide on where the good food was at Kota Kinabalu City while waiting for us at Kinabalu Park. He wanted to give Auntie Mona a small surprise… oh so loving and romantic.. :)

Therefore upon reaching the lodge, we quickly changed to our clean clothing and walked to a restaurant selling live seafood… The food was simply marvelicious and fresh… Some of us even had beer for dinner.. This meal not only serves as a birthday celebration for Auntie Mona, it also celebrates our unbelievable feat at Mount Kinabalu… Thank you Uncle Loi for the sumptuous meal and a very happy belated birthday to Auntie Mona… :)

Celebrating Auntie Mona’s birthday