17th June 2009 (Wednesday) – Cloudy, Drizzling

Eight of us touched down to Kota Kinabalu City Airport at around 11.25am and were greeted by our tour guide Mr. Allen. The weather was cool and cloudy. As we were famished, we requested Mr. Allen to bring us to some good local delicacies. He brought us to a food house which was famous for their home made noodles. We had the noodles as well as ordered some of their ala carte meals. Our dear Uncle Poh Yan then started his photographs shooting.. (FYI, he had taken 600 over photographs during his Sabah trip).

Famous Home Made Noodles

After a very satisfying lunch, we then made our way to Kinabalu Park where we would stay a night before our climb. It was a 2 hours ride. Though the journey was long, we were treated with fascinating scenic views of mountains at Sabah, including the majestic Mount Kinabalu (the highest in South East Asia – 4,095 meters above sea-level).

Upon reaching the registration counter at Kinabalu Park, the weather was so cold that some of us began wearing wind breakers or jackets.. Facing the scenic view of Mount Kinabalu facing right in front of us, we could not resist but to bring out our cameras and video camera and start taking pictures and videos of the mountain…

View from Kinabalu Park 1 Auntie Mona & Brendan shivering with cold

View from Kinabalu Park 2

Kinabalu Park Registration Office

At the dormitory (Sutera Sanctuary Lodges), we began to start packing our stuffs for the next day climb… And of course, lots of funny things happened inside our dormitory especially when you had SK as your bunk mate… :) (Check out the videos) There wasn’t any air-conditioner but the weather was so cold that we would wish to have heaters at our dormitory. Luckily there were water-heaters at the toilets. After a very warm and comfortable shower and wash up, we then made our way to a nearby restaurant for our dinner. Some crazy angels even had ice-creams and ice drinks for their dinner despite the surrounding temperature was around 10 to 15 degrees… :)

Dinner at restaurant near Kinabalu Park

After our dinner, we had card games and action games such as ‘ultra man’ and ‘Gu Ke Chuan Zhang’ (Captain Hook) at the common area. In the midst of our game, everyone started to flock towards the kitchen with our cameras and video camcorder on hands. The kitchen was transformed to a mini moth exhibition. There were many different species of moths turned up at the kitchen… Those moths were very beautiful and they knew how to camouflage themselves and blend in with the surroundings…

Angles playing action games

One of the species of moths.. isn’t it beautiful

We turned to bed at around 2230hrs where Uncle Poh Yan and Quan Quan were treated with highly coordinated musical symphony orchestra… Korrr..Gorrhhh.. Snozzz… Well done SK and Xiong… And Rico must be drooling that night as she was mesmerized by an ‘ang mo’ guy which she met at the common area of our dormitory. whahaha.. :)