An-nyoung-ha-seh-yo (Hello in Korean) angels,
Wow… it has been sometimes since I last wrote the flash… Let me do a very quick recap on what had happened last Saturday…

It was a bright, hot and steamy Saturday afternoon and it was the first day where angels were given the ‘green light’ to resume normal activities since it was ‘banned’ (scale down activities) due to H1N1 virus… :) Our first activity for that day was a birthday celebration for Uncle Mok and Auntie Susan’s aunt or Chee Wah’s grandmother’s 86th birthday, together with the rest of the elderly whose birthday were also fall on June. They were treated with a gigantic cake which had a design of a longevity peach.

A very unique thing was found on the gigantic longevity peach cake. It was a small black ‘Poo’ on the longevity peach cake. No one knows the meaning or rationale of having a small black Poo on the cake. However, one thing for sure, it was eaten up by none other than our VL… Jin Xiong.. haha.. :) The elderly were not only treated with the birthday cake, they were given a marvelicious cream puff and a packet of green tea. Thanks to Uncle Mok, Auntie Susan and Chee Wah generous contributions… Gamsahamnida (Thank you in Korean)

We had a group of ‘ah-jum-ma’ (Aunties in Korean) conducting the card games with the elderly which Chee Wah later took over from it. Uncle Poh Yan as usual had a ferocious battle with Uncle John on a game of chess… Uncle Song and Uncle Meng Huat went around running errands and befriending with the elderly… Same goes to Uncle Sam who also went around doing befriending with the elderly… Our VL had a long private ‘love’ talk with Auntie Vicky. Haha… Then what about ‘Fann Wong minus the face’???? Well, our dear Jojo went around ‘flirting’ (befriending) with the gong gong and ma ma… haha… :) As for our singing activity, we had Uncle Mok and his group of ‘ah-ju-ssi’ (Uncles in Korean) not forgetting Jojo to display their singing talents to the elderly.

As for our special arts activity, SK, AAD (Shortie Xian), Ah Hua and I together with some elderly were busy playing, designing, lettering and coloring the banner which were meant for the trip to Mount Kinabalu. The banner was beautifully designed that our FON (FULL OF NONSENSE) SK can’t resist his temptation, had photographs taken with his full mountain climbing gear… haha… it was damn funny… Only this idiot can think of such thing… whahahaha… And thanks to Uncle Poh Yan, besides printing photographs for the elderly on the birthday celebration, he even had it printed and pasted on the notice board… :)

SK: “Yeah!!! I have made it to the summit!!!”


SK: 拍我!拍我!快拍我!!!

SK dreaming: “Will MCYS Minister come and congratulate me????”

Now here’s Quan Quan’s sharing session:
“What do you see yourself in 20 years time?” This is the question posted by one of my good friends who I respected the most. Recently, I had a lunch with him/her… During our conversation, we updated each other on what we had being doing and of course some personal talks… This is the question posted to me which until now still niggling my mind. I was rather shocked and somehow taken aback when this question was posted to me… Nobody has ever asked me this question before. However, I feel that this is a pretty interesting question which set myself thinking on what I want to do in the future and which I find that it is appropriate for me to share in this platform.

I couldn’t remember what answers I had given…I remember telling him/her that if I had a family with children, I would be slogging in my job, earning a living to provide for my parents, wife and children.. If I did not have a family, I will be given the freedom to do the things that I want to do such as overseas volunteering, moving around the world, learning music, appreciating the nature and many more…

Will I want to be ‘bounded’ by this so called human cycle where you finish your studies, you look for job, girlfriend, married, buy a flat, starting a family, providing for children, retirement? To be honest, I am not sure… Do I want to live for myself or live for others? What are my objectives in life? These are the questions which till now I do not have a definite answer…….