Hello Angels,
How have you Angels been for the past 3 Saturdays afternoon? Resting well at home? Enjoying a short getaway somewhere esle? Busy doing this and that? Trying hard to keep yourself occupied? Or being “irresponsibly disobedient” angels who went MH to disturb the ah kongs ah mas still? :)

This influenza A epidemic reminded me the similar-SARS which happened a few years back. SARS was even worst, as in, strictly NO VOLUNTEERS are allowed MH for more than a couple of months(if i remembered correctly)…that was bad and torturing to some angels… :(

Anyways, let me give you a “condensed”-3 weeks flash…

2 May-Roti Kopi Corner cancelled : A few angels were there to do some befriending, feeding and singing…

After knowing the cancellation of Sat activity:
Some Angels started smsing one another saying “huh? no service…”; “i”m all planned for the Roti Kopi corner…”; “what am i supposed to do on Sat afternoon then…”
——– a sense of “lost” was strongly felt

At the Home:
Ah Kongs Ah Mas were asking “how come you all come so late? have been waiting and waiting and didnt see you volunteers…”; “oh, where is my kaya roti and kopi huh?”; “why u all cant come to visit us next week? what swine flu?”…
——- a sense of missing and disappoinment was perceived

9 May
An extremely quiet sat afternoon at MH with Ah Kongs Ah Mas asking the similar questions when saw some of us… :( feeling “helpless” :/ what can you do but to respect the Home management”s decision as it”s ultimately for the health sake of the elderly ya??

16 May
At the gate of MH, some music and singing is heard :) As approached closer to the Home, “washing” of mahjong tiles is heard :p oh no!!! these disobedient angels quietly set up the sound system, the mahjong game and the gambling corner!!!! shhhhhhh… pray hard nothing happened to the elderly 😛 (yes, the mahjong tiles are disinfected before and after…thanks angel ;D)

Coming 23 May– A TINY Dumpling Festival Celebration
If influenza A situation remains unchanged and with Matron”s approval, we will just serve the elderly with Auntie Molly”s dumplings and sing them some songs at the dinning area. But due to the relatively stringent rules imposed by MH, Im afraid that we could only allow about a dozen angels to be at MH, serving dumplings and singing ;( so pls do confirmed attendance with the organisers (Shermin-98271036 & Shermin”s asisstant-98718477) Appreciated it really! :)

Angels who are helping please be at MH ard 2pm or slight earlier as you”ll need to GENUINELY fill up a form and take temperature. Oh, pls come in a “piggy printed” T-shirt if possible 😛 haha okok just kidding!

P.S. Really if you are phisically unwell, do DO NOT appear…we understand :) thank u very much!!

Smile always,