Do you miss the Ah-Kongs and Ah-Mas in Moral Home? Yes, I do! When a few of us arrived at the home at about 1:30pm, a few of the elderly who idled around suddenly have their smiling faces on! Some asked if they can gamble and play chess. Their hands ‘itched’ a lot and can’t wait for the stalls to get ready. A few even questioned why some of us disappeared for weeks. They miss us! They miss our noise!

A dozen of us arrived by 2pm for the TINY Dumpling Festival Celebration. It was an unusual event – super low key as we only sang songs, play mahjong, ban-luck and served them with home-made dumplings made by Aunty Molly. Initial plan was to have games, music, decor, performance by external groups. Looking at the uncertain recovery of the entire virus outbreak situation, the ‘celebration’ became a normal weekly activity. Volunteer group size to help out was also kept small. Feel very bad for it but I hope you understand the situation.

Mr Mok started off with song of the day ‘Sio Ba Zhang’ when the rest of us served the dumplings. Together in the 2.5hours of concert were Susan, Uncle Song and Jojo but they were never tired….they are really the Moral Home Superstars! There weren’t many things to take pictures of on that day but Poh Yan has never failed, fulfilling his role as a photographer. Thanks for running around to take nice shots.

Though it was only a dozen of us, moral angels’ team spirit is always glowing. We were all engaged in feeding the elderly including those upstairs. We did a lot of befriending than usual. For those angels who cannot join us that day, don’t worry…your beloved Ah Kongs and Ah Mas were well taken of. We spread our LAUGHTER, our CARE by ensuring that the elderly were well-fed, had enough of music, gambling and of course chit-chatting with us!

What touches me and admire most is the close bonding of moral angels. It’s like a ‘family’ kind of gathering whenever I see them.

JX, Yen, Uncle Song, Mr Mok, Susan, Jojo, Hui Quan, SK, Shu Hua, Poh Yan, Gary, Desmond, Min Yuet – your presence has brought JOY to the elderly!

Thanks Rico for all the advices given. Really appreciate it! Thanks Aunty Molly for your tremendous effort for preparing the 120+ dumplings!

For angels who cannot join us: Your care and concern is also felt by Ah Kongs and Ah Mas.

P.S. Sat activity for the next few weeks – Group size is still kept small, about 10+.