It was a hot Sat afternoon. No wait. Now everyday is so hot, It should just become default, a norm. Ok let’s try again….

It was a normal Sat afternoon. I met Angeline, Josephine (aka Tweety) and her friend Betty at the bus stop. Betty is currently studying Speech Therapy in Australia, and Josephine is also taking the same course come June. Moral Angels speech therapists are fast catching up the MA dietitians, teachers, nurses and towkays.

Aunty Molly, Susan and Song were already busy entertaining the residents and running errands for them when we arrived. I took time to show our new volunteer Betty around Moral Home and introduce her to the Ah Ma Ah Kong. She ‘clicked’ almost instantly with the residents and was already making conversations with them like good ‘ol friends.

Down at the activities area, the residents were having a ball of time playing balls with Christina, Susan, Mona, Desmond, Sam and Poh Yan. I think the Angels were more tired than the elderly. Better get some proper workout Angels!

On this rare occasion, 3 of the 4 Moral Angels Heavenly Kings were at the Home performing for the residents. For those who were lucky enough to be present were treated with timeless oldies and the latest pop songs by Mok, Loi and Gary. Sadly the 4th Heavenly King were no where to be seen. Charlie Yong where are you?

Rico continued her sewing work from the previous week. Hey Poh Yan, better get a sewing machine for your dar. At this rate the Ah Ma Ah Kong will be running out of clothing to wear. Any angels who need to get patchwork done can approach our super friendly super approachable super cute AVL. HQ and PY will get priority.


  1. Kopi Roti Corner is confirmed for this Sat (2nd May). We will be serving toast bread and coffee/tea. Please come early at 1pm to help. Thanks in advance.
  2. We are having a cycling trip to Pulau Ubin this Fri (1st May Labour Day). Interested Angels and those who need a good workout please meet 830am at Changi Village for breakfast.
  3. Dumpling Festival Celebration is on 23rd May 2009. More details will be announced soon.

Have a happy Labour Day! Rest well and come to the Home on Sat k??

Jin Xiong