Yoz angels, it’s been a while since my last flash. I bet you wouldn’t have noticed coz we have really good flash writers among the angels, esp the new ones. Veterans, aren’t you inspired by the new angels?

When I reached Moral Home last sat, it was already buzzing with life. Our 4 heavenly chefs (Molly, Min Yuet, Susan, Yen) have been toiling in the kitchen since 1pm, preparing the most ingredient packed prawn noodles you have ever eaten. The prawn mee really power man! Or like Yong would say: ‘Power ben de mah!’ (pardon my tamil. YES, its tamil) I tried both the dried and soup version and both put the hawkers of SG to shame. SK had around 5 bowls (bye bye 5kg) and still couldn’t get enough.

The Games & Arts team (spearhead by SK & Xian, awaiting return of HQ) is doing very well at our new Art & Craft corner. Last Sat the residents were taught to paint ice-cream sticks to be used for photo frames. The participation was really encouraging. We had around 5 residents enjoying their handiwork before the thunderstorm disrupted the class.

The Art & Craft session will be a permanent weekly fixture, complementing the weekly games and music session. We are now on track to meet our goal of involving more residents for weekly activities. In the pipeline is to bring a handful of residents out for some hawker food on a weekly basis. With so much activities going on, we will be needing your help. Yes you angels!

Uncle Meng Huat was the BJ boss of the day, with his new understudy Brendan. Loi and Jojo were entertaining the crowd with their lovely voice, while Shu Hua, Shermin, Desmond and Gary played games with the residents. Poh Yan the chessmaster was intensely focused on his game. Mona, Angeline and Yu Shan were busy playing board games with the residents. And then you have Rico running in and out of the kitchen, changing in and out of yet another giraffe tees. Tina and Jasmine joined in later in time for the dinner feeding.

The next Kopi Roti Corner is scheduled on the 2nd May. We will be serving traditional toast bread and coffee. Mark your calender and come join us for some post Labour Day fun!

Can’t wait for the boating this Sat!

Jin Xiong