4th Apr 2009 – Rainy/Sunny

Yo, its another week past the great outing to Marina Barrage. Time flies. Today its a great day to do some housekeeping in the office. Rico, Susan, Christina and Jin Xiong took the initiatives to clear off the unwanted stuff and re-organize the “barang barang” in the volunteer’s office.

Came out of the office to shift and set up the “K-system” (Karaoke set), and saw Aunty Molly already “open table” with her BL kahkis on the round table. Ping Sing, Shermin and Mei Kuen were busy helping the elderly to the ground floor for their weekly activies.

Around 3:30pm, the elders were ‘neatly’ seated and the activities awaiting them were ready. “Fishing”, bean bag throwing, hoop aiming, ball passing, etc, you name it, we have it. Meanwhile on the other side of the corner, the usual 4 elderly “heavenly kings” are already drowning their concentrations in their Mahjong Game. Uncle Mok, on the other hand, is bringing out the joy by singing the Cantonese/Chinese/Hokkien oldies to the enjoying elderly.

Turning to another corner, there is Poh Yan playing chess with the resident. Wow, from the stern faces, they are really concentrating very hard. Yu Shan and Angeline are also engross in some activities with the elderly. Thumbs up for all of you, beautiful angels!

There comes the dinner time for the residents, Rico, SK, Christina, Susan, Gary, Uncle Song, Min Yuet and Desmond were busy helping up on the resident feeding and shifting of the resident after dinner. After which, VL conducted a short meeting before dismal of the angels.

Some highlights of the meeting:
1. Sending new volunteers to ESN workshop on 25th Apr
2. Confirmation of monthly/weekly events
3. Kopi Roti corner will open shop on 25th Apr
4. Rico Owe $ Pay $

Have a great week!
Chee Wah