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Moral Angels Weekly Flash 250409

It was a hot Sat afternoon. No wait. Now everyday is so hot, It should just become default, a norm. Ok let’s try again….

It was a normal Sat afternoon. I met Angeline, Josephine (aka Tweety) and her friend Betty at the bus stop. Betty is currently studying Speech Therapy in Australia, and Josephine is also taking the same course come June. Moral Angels speech therapists are fast catching up the MA dietitians, teachers, nurses and towkays.

Aunty Molly, Susan and Song were already busy entertaining the residents and running errands for them when we arrived. I took time to show our new volunteer Betty around Moral Home and introduce her to the Ah Ma Ah Kong. She ‘clicked’ almost instantly with the residents and was already making conversations with them like good ‘ol friends.

Down at the activities area, the residents were having a ball of time playing balls with Christina, Susan, Mona, Desmond, Sam and Poh Yan. I think the Angels were more tired than the elderly. Better get some proper workout Angels!

On this rare occasion, 3 of the 4 Moral Angels Heavenly Kings were at the Home performing for the residents. For those who were lucky enough to be present were treated with timeless oldies and the latest pop songs by Mok, Loi and Gary. Sadly the 4th Heavenly King were no where to be seen. Charlie Yong where are you?

Rico continued her sewing work from the previous week. Hey Poh Yan, better get a sewing machine for your dar. At this rate the Ah Ma Ah Kong will be running out of clothing to wear. Any angels who need to get patchwork done can approach our super friendly super approachable super cute AVL. HQ and PY will get priority.


  1. Kopi Roti Corner is confirmed for this Sat (2nd May). We will be serving toast bread and coffee/tea. Please come early at 1pm to help. Thanks in advance.
  2. We are having a cycling trip to Pulau Ubin this Fri (1st May Labour Day). Interested Angels and those who need a good workout please meet 830am at Changi Village for breakfast.
  3. Dumpling Festival Celebration is on 23rd May 2009. More details will be announced soon.

Have a happy Labour Day! Rest well and come to the Home on Sat k??

Jin Xiong

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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 110409

    Yoz angels, it’s been a while since my last flash. I bet you wouldn’t have noticed coz we have really good flash writers among the angels, esp the new ones. Veterans, aren’t you inspired by the new angels?

    When I reached Moral Home last sat, it was already buzzing with life. Our 4 heavenly chefs (Molly, Min Yuet, Susan, Yen) have been toiling in the kitchen since 1pm, preparing the most ingredient packed prawn noodles you have ever eaten. The prawn mee really power man! Or like Yong would say: ‘Power ben de mah!’ (pardon my tamil. YES, its tamil) I tried both the dried and soup version and both put the hawkers of SG to shame. SK had around 5 bowls (bye bye 5kg) and still couldn’t get enough.

    The Games & Arts team (spearhead by SK & Xian, awaiting return of HQ) is doing very well at our new Art & Craft corner. Last Sat the residents were taught to paint ice-cream sticks to be used for photo frames. The participation was really encouraging. We had around 5 residents enjoying their handiwork before the thunderstorm disrupted the class.

    The Art & Craft session will be a permanent weekly fixture, complementing the weekly games and music session. We are now on track to meet our goal of involving more residents for weekly activities. In the pipeline is to bring a handful of residents out for some hawker food on a weekly basis. With so much activities going on, we will be needing your help. Yes you angels!

    Uncle Meng Huat was the BJ boss of the day, with his new understudy Brendan. Loi and Jojo were entertaining the crowd with their lovely voice, while Shu Hua, Shermin, Desmond and Gary played games with the residents. Poh Yan the chessmaster was intensely focused on his game. Mona, Angeline and Yu Shan were busy playing board games with the residents. And then you have Rico running in and out of the kitchen, changing in and out of yet another giraffe tees. Tina and Jasmine joined in later in time for the dinner feeding.

    The next Kopi Roti Corner is scheduled on the 2nd May. We will be serving traditional toast bread and coffee. Mark your calender and come join us for some post Labour Day fun!

    Can’t wait for the boating this Sat!

    Jin Xiong

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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 040409

    4th Apr 2009 – Rainy/Sunny

    Yo, its another week past the great outing to Marina Barrage. Time flies. Today its a great day to do some housekeeping in the office. Rico, Susan, Christina and Jin Xiong took the initiatives to clear off the unwanted stuff and re-organize the “barang barang” in the volunteer’s office.

    Came out of the office to shift and set up the “K-system” (Karaoke set), and saw Aunty Molly already “open table” with her BL kahkis on the round table. Ping Sing, Shermin and Mei Kuen were busy helping the elderly to the ground floor for their weekly activies.

    Around 3:30pm, the elders were ‘neatly’ seated and the activities awaiting them were ready. “Fishing”, bean bag throwing, hoop aiming, ball passing, etc, you name it, we have it. Meanwhile on the other side of the corner, the usual 4 elderly “heavenly kings” are already drowning their concentrations in their Mahjong Game. Uncle Mok, on the other hand, is bringing out the joy by singing the Cantonese/Chinese/Hokkien oldies to the enjoying elderly.

    Turning to another corner, there is Poh Yan playing chess with the resident. Wow, from the stern faces, they are really concentrating very hard. Yu Shan and Angeline are also engross in some activities with the elderly. Thumbs up for all of you, beautiful angels!

    There comes the dinner time for the residents, Rico, SK, Christina, Susan, Gary, Uncle Song, Min Yuet and Desmond were busy helping up on the resident feeding and shifting of the resident after dinner. After which, VL conducted a short meeting before dismal of the angels.

    Some highlights of the meeting:
    1. Sending new volunteers to ESN workshop on 25th Apr
    2. Confirmation of monthly/weekly events
    3. Kopi Roti corner will open shop on 25th Apr
    4. Rico Owe $ Pay $

    Have a great week!
    Chee Wah

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  • Marina Barrage Outing 2009

    Dear Moral Angels,

    We have the privilege and pleasure in organising the outing to Marina Barrage on 28-3-2009 for the elderly of Moral Home for The Aged Sick.

    When Song & myself arrived at Moral Home at about 1130 hrs Mok was practicing his songs for the day and Susan have prepared the items for the games and gifts.

    Soon volunteers were seen trouping into Moral Home and the whole place was full of activities with SK and Rico (logistics) rushing here and there and collecting all the necessary items. Jin Xiong and Shermin (volunteer coordinator) have meanwhile set up their registration booth to register the volunteers and pairing them with their assigned elderly.

    Wendy and Mei Kuen (F & B) were also busy preparing the snacks and tea for those elderly joining us for the outings. Shu Hua, Hui Xian and Alexandra (Group I/C), have also gathered their volunteers and elderly for their respective group and befriending with each other. Song (co-organiser) was loading general stores and wheelchairs and proceeded to Marina Barrage to ready all logistics items prior to arrival of buses with elderly.

    As for me, try acting busy to sort out the problems and then finally time to conduct briefing on safety matters for the outing and also on wheelchair handling for the volunteers.

    We have 27 elderly and more than 50 volunteers for the outing. We are glad to see volunteers who are always supportive in helping us whenever we organised such event. Some even spread the goodness of volunteerism by bringing new friends. Thanks you.

    By 3pm, everyone boarded the 2 tour buses and the HWA bus specially catered for those immobile elderly (so that the whole wheel chairs can sit comfortably in this special bus). On the road, Mr Mok and Gary were our signers for Bus 1, who entertained the elderly and volunteers with their signature english, mandarin and hokkien songs. As the bus was moving, Mok complained to Susan not to ‘shake ‘ the song book too much, he can’t see the lyrics and guitar notes…hahaha. And Susan replied….Not my fault, blame on the bus…..hahahha…


    In bus 2, the song IC were Josephine, Alex & Xiao Xuan – the chopstick sisters. As you guys had witness it in our home activities and celebrations… when the chopsticks sisters are together….the rock the Bus….Do you all agrees…? Though I was not in Bus 2, but I can sense their power from my bus.

    When Group 1 arrived @ Marina Barrage, we proceed directly to rooftop garden for viewing and Kite flying, followup by Group 2…I believe, this event of kite flying had brought back good memories for elderly and of course the volunteers…You should see Mr Ng, demonstrating his laying flying skill…ulo talak, ulo and talak and he is the only one that can keep the kite flying highest and longest, as for Desmond the champion…he keeps running until the kite hit the ground…..some volunteers even complained the string were entangled and unable to fly the kite…. One male resident actually show his kite flying skill too.


    Oh I had forgotten one very important point. THE WEATHER WAS PERFECT, hot but windy… perfect day for this outing.. thanks to Brother Song, who always assured us of such good weather. Meanwhile volunteers also brought elderly to stroll along the roof garden and bridge where the barrage were located, to enjoy the scenery, see breeze, skyline of S’pore Flyer Icon, IR construction, clean S’pore river and the sun shone….etc….

    By 4.30pm, we gathered for our group photo taking, a rather big group indeed, whereby Xin Jian and Poh Yan need to demonstrate their skill to ensure everyone is captured for this outing, before we depart for dinner in Hung Kang Restaurant.


    I must highlight this, The Hung Kang restaurant is specially catered for wheel chair dinners; the company had invested in an electric lift to for wheel chair, so that elderly can sit with comfort. Upon our arrival to the restaurant, the Manager – Jimmy personally operate the lift to transfer the elderly to up the stairs…our special thanks for his kindness and assistance.

    During dinner, our award winning cameraman Poh Yan, went the extra mile by printing out the photos capture during the special moments and present them to every elderly, so that they can enjoy dinner and admire the candid shots. Well done Poh Yan and Xin Jian – you guys are the best.


    The food was superb and value for money. After dinner, our VL – Jin Xiong presented Jimmy our Moral Home Letter of Appreciation for his support and kind cooperation. By 6.45pm, we depart to our next designation – Moral Home…..

    Last but not least, we would like to extend our special appreciation the following people for their effort, sponsor or help out in this event. Believe me, these people are the Best…with initiative, no questions ask, can do attitude, team players, supportive…once assignment being task…they perform to their best…

    1) James and Jane for your generous sponsor for the two buses for the outing – always supportive in catering to elderly needs.

    2) Hung Kang Restaurant – Jimmy, for providing affordable price and sumptuous dinner for the elderly and volunteers.

    3) Wendy & Mei Kuen – F&B, had accomplished the impossible by negotiating the best dinner deal ever, of course… using their beauty and charm and negotiation power….gee, the speech therapy skill works wonders….hahahahaaa

    4) Group I/C – this time, the all ladies team I/C are Ah Xian, Alexandra & Shu Hua…well done ladies, least supervision, take initiative to stroll elderly along the bridge to enjoy the wonderful scenery.….heehehee

    5) Logistic I/C – SK & Rico. The cool tag team, everything no problem… ever systematic, assured, …coordinating between MH, equipments, buses, wheel chairs, etc… task well done

    6) Volunteer Coordinators – Jin Xiong, Shermin – one of the toughest task, in ensuring sufficient manpower to join in the outing, followup with on their attendance, pairing with elderly, etc. …also excellent job…

    7) Cameraman / Video I/C – Poh Yan, Xin Jian and Mr Loi…busy capturing the special laughter and moments when you are least expected…you will appreciate their effort when you see the candid shots on the flash..

    8) Entertainment / Games I/C – Mr Mok, Josephine, Xiao Xuan, Gary, Alex, Susan – hmm, you guys brought beautiful music to our ears….

    9) Special thanks to Mr Ng & Mrs Ng, befriending with residence, Andrea and friends, Sharon and friend – Christine, Alexandra’s sister Josephine, Christina, Desmond, HQ – weather update from the marina barrage, Gary – for sharing with us wheel chair handling and his friend – who is also in medical field, thanks for joining in our event.– The Loi’s family – Mr Loi, Mona and Brendan. Rico’s ex students & friends, Fiona, Aunty Molly and all others who had help in this event. Last but not least, 3 cheers for our Brother Song who also paid for the dinner in Hung Kang Restaurant.

    Thank you all for making this event a enjoyable, safe and successful outing. Contributing your time and effort to bring little more smile and heartening outing experience for the elderly. You guys are the best. Cheers.