28th of February 2009 – Sunny… Cloudy… Raining… Drizzling…

Kopi O! Kopi C!! or ME?? 😛 Wait wait wait…Uncle Song, why you put evaporated milk into the Chinese tea huh?!?! “Hahaha…new invention mah!!” he said :O

Yes this was heard at MH dinning area on Saturday afternoon during the tea break!!! :) We are proud to announce that our first ‘Roti Kopi Corner’ of 2009 went F&F… Fun & Fine!!


Thank you angels, Ah Xian, Desmond, Shermin, Angela, Angeline, Yushan, Uncle Song, Bro Sam, Uncle Meng Huat, Min Yuet, Chihuahua, Susan…who helped serve the elderly!
Thank you VL for making the traditional kopi(with not very traditional way)
Thank you AVL P being the kopi tester and pushing the trolley around serving the drinks! 😛
Thank you kopi auntie uncle!!
Thank you Mr Mok who turned Moral Home dinning area into some “Day Club Lounge” with live performance!!
Thank you SK for being the porridge transporter!! 😀
Thank you LUV (u know who u are) for taking photos of elderly while enjoying their porridge n kopi! Hehe!!!



Here are some comments on the porridges (chicken w/ century eggy or the vegetarian version): Auntie Lim said “Very nice!!”; Uncle Song said “Excellent!! :)”; Angela said “Wah got my mother standard!!”; VL said “Hey can open shop leh!”; Winnie admin said “Pass ah! Pass with flying colours!”; Ugly Cheapo SK said “Edible!” :( So based on last night(Sat) ‘votes’- Rico ‘can’ cook???! 😛 haha

So, what’s other happening at MH? The ban luck and mah jong went on as usual? Yes! Yes! The dumb-dumb battle between my LUV and Uncle John? Yes! Yes! Uncle Song kasyna running errands? Rico doing befriending? VL slacking? You named them, we did them 😛 hehe


Besides, as early as 1pm, SK (1 of the Games & Arts IC) has already hauled all the games stuff out to the activity area, went Cold Storage to buy the Detol for cleaning the stuff (since his the other Games IC-Barbie is some cleanliness freak!) Leading a team of hygienic lady angels like Xian, Shermin, Angela, Angeline… all the toys are disinfected and cleaned!! Thank you thank you! Oh! I remembered seeing Barbie Xian taking photos of angels playing some of the games… hmm let the Games ICs to tell you angels their plans. :)


As the Lounge continued with more singers Angela, Susan, Uncle Loi… (killing the chickens away!!! :P) till serving of dinner, ‘intense’ discussion and planning for the Marina Barrage was going on inside the volunteers room.


Here are some IMPORTANT announcements:

-Pls confirm your attendance for the 28 March (Sat) Marina Barrage outing with Shermin(98271036) or Jinxiong(96822436) ASAP :)
-Marina barrage reccee will be carried out on 14 Mar (Sat) after MH activities; important committee members will be informed but if any angels who would like to join in, pls feel free!

Just a reminder:
-7 March (this coming Sat) is our 1st PURE breed Moral Angel Baby Lucas 1 Year Old Big Birthday Party!! See you Lucas!! 😛
A_g_l_n_, owe $ pay $ 😛 or else… hehe

Ricola 😛

Wait wait wait…one more thing! Please suggest to our Volunteers Welfare ICs-Uncle Song & Shu Hua, the activities you angels would enjoy doing so as to enhance their planning ya!? 😛


Happy Birthday Mei Kuen!!! Hope you had an enjoyable celebration last Saturday!