11 more days to go! Go where? What’s up? Hope you have not forgotten about Moral Home outing on 28 March 2009 to Marina Barrage, Singapore’s latest downtown icon!

Over the past few weeks, organising committee has been discussing about the outing to ensure that it will be a fun and enjoyable activity for all. Not only us who played a part in getting things organised but also, some elderly contributed their efforts too!

Last Sat, with the help from SK, Hui Xian and Shu Hua, the banner for coming outing was completed! The elderly have demonstrated their creativity with their steady and artistic strokes added to the banner design. They paint, they draw, they cut out the pictures of stars, clouds to beautify the banner! Lovely!

I am glad to see quite a number of volunteers turned up at Moral Home last Sat! Keep it going, angels! Of course MORE people turned up, MORE elderly were engaged in MORE activities! Jin Xiong, Poh Yan and Angela were in a chess battle with 3 elderly. Who’s the chess master ultimately?

BAN BAN, BAN Luck, Gor Leng, Peng, Chi,Hu! Mahjong and ban luck went on as usual manned by Aunty Molly, her friend and Uncle Meng Huat who got the MJ and BL kakis multi-tasking ie.play and chit-chat at the same time.

Hey! I think it’s really a good idea that Sam gathered a few elderly in the Tumbling Tower game which has not been played for awhile. Perhaps we can bring out the games that have not been played for long, who knows we can attract big crowd to join in.

Rico, Christina, Mei Kuen, Chee Wah, Min Yuet, Uncle Song, Sharon, Yong, Gary, Alexandra and Alex were all involved in other activities such as running errands, fishing game, befriending. So much on games. What about music? Mini concert by Mr Mok! He’s really superb who sang for hours and yet not tired.

Our well-known good cook, Aunty Molly, once again, has prepared yummy noodles for all residents and volunteers. Thumbs UP!

Last Sat was really a good turn up right? Hehe. =)

A day of FUN @ Marina Barrage is approaching!