21st Feb 2009 – Sunny.
Aunty Yen is back with her 1st flash in the Niu year. Well well, I was late for Moral Home last Sat arriving around 3pm *wink* I was abit late but phewed was spared the death gallows as our dear VL was off to the ESN retreat with Sk and HQ… hahaha.. oops…
Even though VL was not around, business was as usual. When I arrived, Mei Kuan was already gathered round the MJ table with the mahjong leggies. And off went the wishy washy sound of the mahjong tiles.

Next to the MJ table was famous cheery Aunty Molly entertaining the Ban Luck Kakis in their games… Aunty Molly’s enthusiasm made the elderly pretty engrossed in their games and with all the ho ho ha ha, curious onlookers like me tend to hop by to the table to kill our curiosity… hahaha.. so KPO hor..

Our two newbies – Zhi Hua and Angela, together with Susan and Ming Yuet gathered some elderly for a games of fishing. And for those elderly not involved in the games, they were seated neatly and then treated to a movie screening of the “Ip Man”.

Whilst the games were being carried out in the activity area, chatty angels Sharon and Rico were walking around the home engaging elderly in cheery conversations :) and Uncle Song continues his rounds of grocery shopping despite the hot weather.

Also present at the home was lazy angel, Poh Yan, who was seen putting up a fierce battle with our Chess Master, Uncle John… haha but from PY’s expression, it looks like he has been crushed again… sigh… :(

Time flies and soon it was time for dinner. ICE CREAMS were sponsored as desserts to the residents on that day, So who was this lovely kind sponsor huh huh huh? Well well, it was non other than our “Bird day” Queen AVL Ricola. Thanks to you gal, the elderly were happily enjoying their sweet and cooling dessert *yum yum* Can I claim a cup of Strawberry flavored ice cream too? (^,^)

After our activities, angels present were invited for an 8 course sumptuous dinner at Aunty Molly’s house. Keke.. Thank you Aunty Molly, your dinner was indeed very yummy and we really enjoyed it very much *muacks* Aunty Molly said that it was such a waste that Jojo and JX were not there :(

Hahaha with that, we rounded up an eventful Saturday!! Thank you all angels, without your presence, a day of joy and laughter will not be possible for the elderly. So appealing to those angels who were not present last sat, don’t forget to SHOW face this coming k… hope to see ya soon!!

Cheers and have a good week ahead!!!

Aunty Yen @ Christina