When I reached Moral Home last Sat at 2:45pm (ops I was bit late), the place was already buzzing with life. Mok, Susan, aunty Molly, uncle Meng Huat, Yen and Song were busy mingling with the residents. More residents were down at the ground floor than usual. It was due to the delicious snacks prepared by none other than our famous cook, aunty Molly! Her 蕃薯年糕 are really fantastic and the lucky residents were all tucking in the delectable home made snacks.

A new volunteer, Angela, joined our activities last Sat. We met her through a CNY-Goodies-Giveaway event organized by Mr Foo. She found out about what we do at the Home, and was interested to experience for herself. I gave her a tour of the Home and introduced her to some of the residents and volunteers. Although it was her 1st time visiting a nursing home, it didn’t take her too long to get acquainted. After the tour, she was immediately pulled to the MJ table in fill in the ‘legs’. After she was replaced by another elderly, she took upon herself to befriend residents sitting in the dinner hall. Well done Angela! Glad to see you fitting in so well. Hope to see you again next week.

好事成双. There was another new volunteer, Chee Wah. He is the grandson of a Home resident, and the nephew of Susan & Mok. (btw Susan & Mok are cousins, in case u dun know) Some of you might already know him as he helped out with our CNY celebration. Last Sat he was helping out with the Games activities, together with Mei Kuen, Poh Yan, Hui Xian, Ping Sing, Rico, SK and Shermin. And good news, he has signed up to become a Moral Angels! We will be seeing more of Chee Wah in the future.

After the activities, we were off for our annual retreat. Blog post to be followed shortly.

One announcement. We will be bringing the residents to the Marina Barrage for an outing on 28th Mar 2009. The outing is organized by Song & Sam. More details will be out soon.