As early as 1.30pm, many angels reached Moral Home to help out. Stuart, Doris, Yen, Xian, Hua, Rico and her ex-students started a “production line” to pack the cartons of the mandarins into the paper bags while the other angels including SK, Susan, Mr Mok and Susan’s son are in the dining area moving the tables and setting up the sound system. Aunty Molly was at the dining area with her two good friends preparing the chap chye and soup.

Soon after, Ah Xian and Ah Hua helped to “feed” our God of Fortune, Stuart to increase his central adiposity (fats) instantly! So, don’t think that dietitians can only help you to diet and lose weight; they can help you to gain weight too!!

At 2.45pm, our emcees SK and Rico started the event with Jojo and Rico’s ex-students’ singing etc …. Soon, our God of Fortune made his appearance to give ang baos to everyone and mandarins to the elderly to the song of Cai Shen Dao by Jojo.

At about 3pm, the Singapore Koon San Athletic Association Lion Dance Troupe arrived and performed an exciting Cai Qing for the elderly. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the performers.

After that, the Chopstick Sisters XX and Jojo, and Mr Mok sang while the CNY cookies were being distributed….There were 4 types of cookies which the elderly enjoyed with a cup of tea. Siglap Secondary School Chinese Orchestra then performed a medley of CNY, Korean and Chinese tunes to the delight of the elderly and volunteers.

Angeline and Yu Shan with help from Hui Quan conducted the games – CNY version of Scissors, Paper, and Stone! – Fire crackers, ang bao and orange! and “passing the parcel”. Good attempts! Keep it up!

After this we had the most awaited Lo Hei for more health and wealth in 2009!

More singing followed until dinner where the elderly has a nice treat of extra chap chye and white fungus soup prepared by Auntie Molly and friends and Yen.

Special Thanks to…
Our Sponsors: Song – for the snacks and packet drinks; Poh Yan – Ang Bao money (Yen – for packing the ang bao) ; SK – for the lion dance troupe’s Ang Bao; Stuart and Doris – for the Yu Sheng; Ah Hua’s mum – for the mandarins.

All the angels for supporting the event in one way or another.

From the organizers SK and SH