Hi angels,

welcome to a brand new 2009! How was your new year celebration? I hope you had plenty of cheers for health and wealth coz you gonna need it in 2009. :)

The first sat of 2009 at moral home opened with a bang. We had 6 new young volunteers joining us, and I hope its a sign of things to come in 2009. The new angels are Kenneth, Darren, Feng Kai, Liu Jia, Angeline and Yu Shan. *clap clap* They are from TP and SP, and were introduced by friends of friends of friends.

They were given a tour of the home, visiting the residents on the 2nd and 3rd floors. They were also given a brief intro on Moral Home and the Moral Angels volunteer group. After which they didn’t waste much time getting down to work.

The chess kakis were alerted of the new faces and were already waiting in the dinning hall before the chess boards could be laid out. The newbies put up a good fight but in the end found the wall a tad too high. No worries guys, come back next week for your revenge, haha. The other new volunteers were also clearly at home playing board games and fishing games with other residents.

Last Sat also saw a good turnout of angels. We had Song running errands, Meng Huat playing banker, Mok and Susan fishing and singing, Poh Yan trying his lucking at MJ, Yen getting the residents down for activities, Rico minding everybody business (as usual), singing performance by Chan Peng Jie, music therapy by Shu Hua, Ah Xian and Mei Kuen. Sharon, Molly, Fiona, Alex, Hui Quan and SK also joined in fun.

After activities we had our traditional potluck to usher in the new year. There were tons of food ranging from famous pau, pineapple rice, homemade dessert and salad, spring chicken, missing carrot cakes, and loads of other goodies. Stuart and Doris were late to the party but thankfully they brought Lucas and cocktail.

Gino the fox terrier tried to gatecrash the party with his party tricks. However the star of the day was clearly Lucas who charmed the girls (and guys alike) with his megawatt smile and cuteness. It was a wonderful Sat filled with fun and laughters.


Some announcements:

We have a new committee for 2009, with Sharon handing over the VL post to Jin Xiong. Rico will be staying on as AVL, with Ping Sing joining her. Other committee members will be appointed and announced during the angels retreat in Feb.

On behalf of every moral angels, I’d like to thank Sharon, Rico, Christina and the committee of 2008 for doing such a superb job. 2008 will be remembered for our 10th Anniversary, which was a wonderful showcase of volunteerism and a celebration of friendships.

CNY celebration will be held on 31st Jan 2008. The organizers are SK and Shu Hua. The arrows had already been fired so please check the arrows on your back for more info of your assigned tasks.

Have a great week and see ya angels this sat!