Looking back, 2008 has been an eventful year by any standard. Some of the highlights are the Buddha Tooth Temple outing, joint-movie outing with other homes, and the ESN carnival. The biggest event is of course our very own 10th Anniversary celebrations!

In 2008 we saw a lot of new faces in both regular and ad-hoc volunteers participating in our weekly activities and special events. Thank you all for the support and remember to keep coming back in 2009. Our blog has grown by leaps and bounds in 2008, and this is all thanks to our regular contributors and readers. Not forgetting the wonderful photos taken by our very own professional photographers.

There are a lot of new faces among the residents. Naturally a few had initial difficulties adjusting to the new environment, but eventually we have observed new bonds and friendship being formed. We have also bid farewell to a few residents, notably our beloved chinese chess players and a few weekly activity regulars. They may have gone, but our memories not. Yesterday’s past, tomorrow’s a mystery. The present’s a gift, so lets cherish the present moment.

Personally I have enjoyed each and every moment at the home with the residents and my fellow angels. I started volunteer work as a way to contribute to the community. After 2 years, I realised I have received more than I have ever given.

It has taught me patience, compassion and appreciation of life. I have learnt happiness does not diminish when spread, but multiples in abundans. I am thankful that I have discovered the hidden beauty of volunteering, and I am sure my fellow angels share the same sentiments.

I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful new year, and may 2009 filled with joy and happiness!