Hi angels,

The sat activity went on as usual. The three mahjong kaki s begun their games before 3pm, eagerly started the game with Jin Xiong while waiting for the other elderly man to join in.Card games was led by Bro Meng Huat as a banker then Shermin and Rico came to take over. 

Hui Quan and later Poh Yan play the chess with John, the resident. Meanwhile Bro Song did routine errand for the old folks.

Shu Hua and Mei Kuen lead the fishing game. Then Hui Xian came later.The  residents (about 8 of them) were happily playing fishing game, some move on so fast, that need to change fast to other games, like play throwing and catching ball, the ones that has better fine motor can play throwing rings; meanwhile some need physical guidance to do the fishing happily. There were 2 residents that were not keen to do anything except watch mtv or watching other play. After the games, Bro Roy sang and entertained them. We begun the singing session, with chicken dance music, some of the residents imitated the hand gestures.

The session ended by 4.30pm.

best regards,
Mei Kuen