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Moral Angels Review 2008

Looking back, 2008 has been an eventful year by any standard. Some of the highlights are the Buddha Tooth Temple outing, joint-movie outing with other homes, and the ESN carnival. The biggest event is of course our very own 10th Anniversary celebrations!

In 2008 we saw a lot of new faces in both regular and ad-hoc volunteers participating in our weekly activities and special events. Thank you all for the support and remember to keep coming back in 2009. Our blog has grown by leaps and bounds in 2008, and this is all thanks to our regular contributors and readers. Not forgetting the wonderful photos taken by our very own professional photographers.

There are a lot of new faces among the residents. Naturally a few had initial difficulties adjusting to the new environment, but eventually we have observed new bonds and friendship being formed. We have also bid farewell to a few residents, notably our beloved chinese chess players and a few weekly activity regulars. They may have gone, but our memories not. Yesterday’s past, tomorrow’s a mystery. The present’s a gift, so lets cherish the present moment.

Personally I have enjoyed each and every moment at the home with the residents and my fellow angels. I started volunteer work as a way to contribute to the community. After 2 years, I realised I have received more than I have ever given.

It has taught me patience, compassion and appreciation of life. I have learnt happiness does not diminish when spread, but multiples in abundans. I am thankful that I have discovered the hidden beauty of volunteering, and I am sure my fellow angels share the same sentiments.

I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful new year, and may 2009 filled with joy and happiness!

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  • Xmas 2008

    Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle all the way…. all the way Moral Angels!!! we have come to the last event of the year and that is the christmas celebrations!! well…a supposedly low-key event turned out to be yet but habitually a HIGH KEY event. perhaps moral angels do not know what’s low-key anymore..hahaha….

    For start of the day, it is aunty molly and ah yen who has arrived at the home earliest to prepare 算盘子 in the warm kitchen!! Well well, Matron Leong and the nurses joined in too in the rolling of the 算盘子. Cheerios to the ladies!!

    Back in the room, sweet voices of singing and melodious guitar were heard, the sweet voice was from teo-toot-toot (Rina, LHQ sweet cousin) and the melodious guitar was from LHQ (Rico’s honey aka ah quan). and handsome ah kiat is there to do some 合音. uncle song was there early taking lunch orders but ‘business was rather poor’.. haha… jinxiong on the other hand is lazing around in the room waiting for people to push him out to do decorations. As usual the naggy jojo got to nag everyone to be on task! haha..

    slowly as clock ticked away, desmond strolled in saying ‘today’s my rest day cos you organiser never put my name!’ how dare he say this right..haha… but thankfully he resumed to his duty as audio man almost immediately and i was grateful!!

    Alex who is supposed to there earlier than anyone else to help lazy golden bear with decorations came late!! but still he managed to make himself useful to do the decorations with susan and lixia and also stole a few minutes to rehearse a song.

    soon uncle yeo was attracted by singing in the dining area and came over to see who this wonderful voice is (is me la..haha..=P)

    and ping sing and desment also blissfully arrived together with shuhua with the yummy fruits!!

    “here come santa claus,here come santa claus”, as the cute music was played, you could expect to see the first time in history a small-built santa claus!! oops just joking! haha.. LHQ (in his army boots to replace santa boots) came running out with santa rina (teo-toot-toot) and a long time no see elf, jasmine!

    as event kicked start by emcees jinxiong and jojo, santa started giving out goody bags to the ah gongs and ah mas, 算盘子 was also served, while old folks were enjoying the food, beautiful voices were heard, love duet by ping sing and desment made us almost sink into their love web and a impromptu canto song performance by desment…simply worth a thunderous clap!

    uncle song who also spontaneously sang two english songs were simply marvellious and folks will usually encore for more…mr mok with his usual charm performed a song that mesmerizes…

    snow-man designing was game number 1 and we can see how creative our old folks are with their art and craft skills…this goes to show we can introduce more art and craft to them in future..(they are hidden dragons with hidden skills ok…) after the snowman was designed, aunty molly and golden bear paraded down the dining area with their masterpiece. Wow aunty molly was a good campaigner…she managed to garner lots of votes for her group’s art piece…

    After the games, the elderly were entertained with unplugged performance by a band with 2 guys and a girl… well well teo-toot-toot sang well man!! cheerios gal!! next time dun practice so much la… good enough le… your powerfulness will make people ganchiong de leh… haha.. then a dreamy performance by alex and jojo on a song…job well done by alex who has the chords in his mind… lastly, mr mok also did a solo unplugged… wow he is forever so ready to sing!!

    Then came the high point where angels turns chicky… haha we had a chicken dance performance by the usual and few of the newly came volunteers joined us on the dance floor too… While the angels were busy shaking on the stage, the nurses joined us in the shaking too… and surprisingly some of the old folks were also seen shaking and they looked as if they were ready to abandon their wheelchair to dance as well!!

    lastly, we got a picture quizzes organised by LHQ, the old folks surely could have a quick reminisce of the past singapore… each time the pictures were flashed, the elderly waved their hands enthusiastically, waiting for a chance to shout aloud their answers…

    soon the time came for us to end off the celebration with christmas carolling lead by our lead singers uncle yeo and uncle song!!! Wow…. their stamina are far greater than anyone of us.. 5 songs in a row!!! 3 cheers to them!!

    as dinner was served, ice-cream, mangoes and dragonfruits (prepared by non-babi eater ah xian and shuhua) was also served as add-on to the old folks meal…yum yum…

    thanks to all you people who were there at moral home to support, your presence has surely helped us shift the low-key to HIGH-KEY event.

    you people refers to:

    1. poh yan the ever-ready photographer who will not waste his film..haha..

    2. xing jian the all time photographer..who was always capturing defining moments..

    3. ah kiat the video-boy who capture sometime good sometimes bad moments..haha…

    and ah wei the next video-boy with new hairstyle….better looking liao…haha..

    4.small built Santa and pretty Santa Rina for stuffing yourself in the warm costume… well well not too bad can help to burn off some calories fast..

    5. aunty molly, the ever-ready cook who is always there to present sumptuous food to the elderly

    6. logistically talented desmond

    7. Next to be FON golden bear and cool boy boy for their efforts in putting up the decor

    8. Aunty Molly’s friends, Wen Xia and Zhi An (Poh Yan’s friend) for helping in the preparation and distribution of the snacks.

    9. Uncle Sam and family who turned up to show their support despite the fact that Uncle Sam has already applied for his family leave..haha…

    10. Aunty Fiona and her sister who helped to distribute the ice creams during dinner. Aunty fiona was here finally after so long… a common question to her “so what do you think you should do?” she is supposed to come down moral home more often should be her answer..haha..

    11. and all ANGELS who were present to make the celebration possible… without you these event is not going to be possible

    Hereby wishing all of you a merry x’mas and a happy new year!!


    Jojo and Yen

    Moral Angels Weekly Flash 061208

    Hi angels,

    The sat activity went on as usual. The three mahjong kaki s begun their games before 3pm, eagerly started the game with Jin Xiong while waiting for the other elderly man to join in.Card games was led by Bro Meng Huat as a banker then Shermin and Rico came to take over. 

    Hui Quan and later Poh Yan play the chess with John, the resident. Meanwhile Bro Song did routine errand for the old folks.

    Shu Hua and Mei Kuen lead the fishing game. Then Hui Xian came later.The  residents (about 8 of them) were happily playing fishing game, some move on so fast, that need to change fast to other games, like play throwing and catching ball, the ones that has better fine motor can play throwing rings; meanwhile some need physical guidance to do the fishing happily. There were 2 residents that were not keen to do anything except watch mtv or watching other play. After the games, Bro Roy sang and entertained them. We begun the singing session, with chicken dance music, some of the residents imitated the hand gestures.

    The session ended by 4.30pm.

    best regards,
    Mei Kuen

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  • Moral Angels 10th Anniversary

    Like the Chinese saying…

    One minute on the stage and ten years of practice off the stage.

    That was what Moral Angels did…thank everyone! :)

    One word to describe last Saturday, EXHILARATING! It was definitely a memorable event. The Home was flooded with joy, fun and laughter.
    Ah kongs and ah mas were brought down to the dining area, where they were segregated into blue area and odd area, oh, I mean those wearing MA’s blue T-shirts; thanks to Uncle James and Aunty Jane for the sponsorship, were put to sit together on one side and those not wearing were on the other side. It looks so picture perfect. :)

    Guests began to trickle in by 2 pm; it was such a warm feeling seeing the present of ex-moral angels like Teck Ee, Kheng Seng, Grace and Sin Lyn. Julie Sim came in and planted a big red kiss on the autograph that created a commotion among the group of Chee Hoon Kog’s guests. Humm…one fun gal, Julie. :)

    Fiona and Ken Goh, thank you. You gals did a good job at the autograph table, making sure all guests put their well-wishes and signature on our lovely autograph board created by Hui Quan. Wonder whether all guests remember to take their door gift or not? :)

    In came Henry, teacher in charge of Siglap Sec Sch’s Guzheng Ensemble. Within mins, 20 students were all sitting prim and proper, ready to perform. Thanks, Henry and students for giving such a wonderful performance. A regular visitor to the Home was asking me how we manage to get you guys, hahaha…

    Ang Mo Kio Pri Sch’s teachers, Sze Yeng and XiaoXuan walk in with 9 little tots following behind.
    Their magnificent performance was very captivating as you could literally see the joy and love oozed out from the faces of guests and elderly alike. They were the highlight of the day. 谢谢老师 :)

    Loi & Chopstick sisters, u guys were mistaken for professional entertainer by Rusty’s sifu; Eric Tan. :) Awesome is the word to describe you guys. :)

    Winnie has kindly given us extra 30 Sheaffer Pens for those Moral Angels that didn’t received it last Saturday. Angels, you can ask rico, yen or me for it if you want, otherwise, we will keep it as souvenirs for future guest performers.


    For more than 2 months of preparation for our 10th yr anniversary, the various sub-committee members have gone through loads of effort… From our F & B team- Xian Yen Doris & Shuhua who had rounds of brainstorming, coming out with different presentation of food so as to bring a refreshing vibe for our ah kongs and ah mas while having their meals. As for the choices of food, a huge variety was provided. Going round Singapore to collect these AMK baos that Bedok vegetarian food that that Marsiling pumpkin cakes CGH popiahs that that that XYZ kuehs and more and more…(better more than not enough) Thank you gals and also their drivers-Uncle Song, Stuart, Yen, SK… :) nothing gone to waste!! Elderly and nurses truly enjoyed the food!! :) Oh! The popiahs ‘rollers too! Auntie Molly, Auntie Grace, Sin Lyn…Thank you ladies!!

    To our Exhibition Booth Team- Huiquan Jinxiong Stuart & SK, think they only in charge of preparing and setting up the exhibition booth? No, that’s not it! There were so much they have done… You think we could have our nice 10 yr anniversary logo on the water bottles without their help? How many amendments have they gone through to come up with nicely designed invitation cards, outstanding banners, engrossing posters, memorable time line, amusing montage and on and on… Thanks guys! We knew the numerous ‘sleepless nights’ and meetings you had for doing all these 😛 Truly an excellent job!! Thank you!! :)

    As for our dearest MCs-Ping Sing and Bro Sam, yes, from discussing the program flow, producing the script, translating it into Hokkien, to countless of practices, an astonishing and entertaining MC job was put up. Bravo!! Simply Superb!! Love you both!! 😛

    Recall this “10 years of… loving, sharing, caring – Moral Angels”? Thank you Mona! Thank you for doing up such an attractive, catchy backdrop! ALL of us agreed that it was one of our ‘highlights’ of the day!! Beautifully done!! 😛

    Besides, there are more angels to thank:

    Uncle Meng Huat, Uncle Song, Uncle James, Julie… for entertaining our guests.

    Skit casts(you know who you are) for putting up a cute fun little skit. Especially, Alex and Shuhua who have spent so much time in modifying and rehearsing our Moral Angels’ song. Jojo how can we not recognised our ‘fashionable’ matron Ho with cute ‘silly’ :) dangling earrings and the ‘Roman’ sandals.

    Uncle Loi for bringing down the karaoke system, getting your singers on track for the show and most importantly, putting on your glamorous suit and gave the audiences an awesome performance.
    Thank you Chopstick Sis! Especially Xiaoxuan, one who gave her most natural, crazy performance to our dear elderly with the presence of her little students! Hmm, hope their image of yours didn’t change much, or rather, badly? 😛

    Mr Mok, one who truly participated enthusiastically. Thanks for singing in the skit, jumping left-jumping right between bamboos and of course, composing “Be The Angels”. Think our MA album is going to top the Billboard Chart?! 😛

    Desmond, Desment & HQ, thanks guys!! Really appreciated all the pushing-in, moving-out, plucking-in, changing this and that…logistic area couldn’t be so smooth without your support! Great work!! :)
    Xing Jian, Derek & Jiaying, our camera/video woman and men. thanks for helping out!! Hmm, how soon could we have the photos btw?!! We are all excited to see… Pohyan, yes, you, surrender the photos this sat (6 Dec) at MH ya! Thanks la please la 😛

    Besides a looooooong “Thank You” list, there is a bit more to share. Strangely, I took some time to get myself together before I could write this flash… tears kept flowing (maybe because it’s FOC?)…don’t exactly know why, perhaps maybe it’s because I was thinking of elderly Kok Kie in particular. I wish he was there on Saturday to share our “Big Day”…cant help but having thoughts like “how many more familiar elderly would be with us for our 20th yr Anniversary?”, “how many familiar angels will be still serving MH elderly?”, “how big Moral Angels’ family is going to grow?” or “how are we going to sustain our cohesiveness, togetherness for another 10 years and more…” It’s definitely not easy to for us to come together, sharing similar objective, and do ‘the things’ together. It takes a lot of understanding, accommodating, give and take…as we, angels, are from very different backgrounds (not heaven) with different commitments & priorities.
    Auntie Tomoko, I wish badly you could be with us on last Saturday celebration. Yong, where are you? Wendy, Mona, Gary, Tweety, Sindy, Kathy, Betsy, David…how nice if you all were there together as ‘the day’ belongs to you too! But, I’m sure your spirits are with us 😛 Thank you! :)

    Lastly, to the entire committee members, just wanted to say sorry…sorry for asking to do these and to do that, sorry for changes here and there, sorry for causing ‘little sleep nights’…so sorry…for being such compassionate, capable angels who are being taken advantage of? 😛

    “Love can make us gentle, patient, caring, humble, appreciative, considerate, understanding, generous and kind. Love is what keeps us from being hateful, unkind, envious, boastful, proud, vain and rude. It helps us not to insist on having our own way all the time, and it helps us not to be irritable, resentful or malicious. Word to consider today and every day…” Francis Gay