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Moral Angels Weekly Flash 151108

A MUST READ Weekly Flash

Hello Angels,

Must remember OUR 10th year anniversary is on 29th Nov 08 (Sat)!! It’s less than 2 weeks time!? 😛 hehe okok let me do a quick report for last Saturday!

Although having much concentration on the celebration, normal activities are carried out. With Rusty being brain tortured by our ‘dumb’ king- uncle John; Auntie Molly gambling away with the ah mas; Uncle Song our Saturday purchaser; Angels Shuhua, Xian, Yen, Gary, SK, JinXiong, Sam, Jojo, Alex, Alexandra, Kengoh, Desmond, Uncle James, Aunt Jane, Uncle Meng Huat, Sharon, Rico and etc being there and then for the elderly…hmm did I missed you out??? 😛 Oh my honey! Quanquan is back from study-leave too!! Last but not least, we practised our Angels’ song, Chicken and Bamboo dance!

So, what’s next? Well, think it’s time to ‘confirm’ our little part for our 10th yr Anniversary:

Fiona and Ken Goh: Thank you for agreeing to be at our registration counter. Will update your roles later.

Uncle Meng Huat: Have you gotten your Grand Big but Short Opening Speech ready?

The Skit crew: Wow!! Rico got her difficult lines well-memorized already, how about the rest of you huh huh huh??? 😛 Oh! You all need to memorized Alex’s Moral Angels’s song too!!

Uncle Song, Mr Mok, JX and Yong: What oldies are you guys going to sing?

Shuhua and Alex: Pls protect your 20 fingers for the Moral Angels’ song 😛

Yen, Xian, Shuhua & Doris: Get your helpers from collecting the food to preparing and serving snacks and dinner! Remember the forks, plates, bowls, tissues…oh oh drinks too?

Xiaoxuan: Hey what do your kids need for their performance on stage?

Certified Chickens-SK, JX, HQ, Mok, Alex, Xian, Shuhua, Yen, Doris, Min Yuet, Susan, Rusty, Meikuen, Kengoh, Jojo, Sharon, Rico &…(Want to be a certified chicken? 😛 Join us this sat for our last practice before the actual 😛 hehe)

Jojo & XX: How’s the Chopsticks Sisters preparation for the Get Tai?

Uncle Loi: Remember you are our Moral Home Idol!! Show the guests what you got!! 😛 oh will you be bringing your karaoke system to MH?

Stuart: Pls get a few spare lighters ready! Not high-lighters hor! :O

Logistic-Desmond & HQ: Could kindly pls ensure the projector, sound system, plugs, cables, mics (wired & wireless) & etc are all workable. If need to purchase batteries & etc… do so! $$ is not a problem 😛 HQ: Remember the extension cords, amplifier, laptop and deco ideas

MCs-Ping Sing and Bro Sam: The Best of the Best Combination!! Drink more water to protect your voice ok! 😛

Exhibition Team: Could try to screen the montage this sat at MH?

Deco Team: How How How? Ideas to share angels?? Mona, you free to pop by MH this Sat? 😛

Oh my!! Too many too much already!! 😛 But Angels, YOU CAN SURE DO IT WELL AND RIGHT, right? 😛 If no response/comments, I’ll try to find more jobs for you ok 😛

Take care all! Let’s be at our top fit condition!!!


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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 081108

    Moral Angels 10th Year Anniversary

    Date: 29th Nov, 2008 (Saturday)
    Time: 2-6pm
    Venue: Moral Home

    Program of the Day

    Time Program Action By


    Registration of guests

    Fiona & Ken Goh


    Opening Speech

    Uncle Meng Huat


    Presenting of Tokens of Appreciation

    Winnie (MH Admin)


    Short Speech by VL



    Skit on Birth of Volunteer Group at Moral Home

    -scene1: matron & volunteers

    -scene 2: normal activities

    -scene 3: singing (including Alex’s Moral Angels’ song)

    Jojo, Rico, Stuart, JX, Song, Sk, Poh Yan, Mok, Yong 


    Serving of snacks

    Orchestra Performance

    Selected Angels

    Siglap Sec Students(x22)


    Poem Recitation

    XX’s Pri Sch Kids(x15)


    Montage Cum Performance

    -Chicken Dance

    -Singing (3 songs)

    -Bamboo Dance


    As many Chickens :p

    Loi, Stuart, Chopstick sisters

    Selected Angels


    Singing of “Be The Angel”

    All Moral Angels 


    Cake Cutting

    All Moral Angels


    Serving of Dinner

    Doris, Yen, Hui Xian, Molly & Grace

    Logistic & Hifi…………………..Desmond & Desment.
    Video………………………………Ah Kiat
    Cameraman……………………Poh Yan & Xin Tian
    Guest Relations……………….Song, Meng Huat, & Wendy

    All Angels are to kindly put on their nice yellow Moral Angel T-shirt.
    Report to Moral Home by 1.30pm (otherwise will be informed personally? :P)

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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 011108

    Yoz yoz.. welcome back to aunty yen’s column.. hahaha well well it has been quite a while since I wrote a flash. Hope I will not bored you out ya (^.^)

    Last Saturday was slightly similar to the previous Saturday where the elderly as it was also another movie day for them except that they were watching “Singapre Siao”. True enough this was a repeat telecast therefore one of the ah ma commented that we had showed them this movie before oops.. but it’s alright as we managed to occupy her with our ever lively fishing game J

    At our usual IR corner, Uncle Meng Huat was busy engaging ah mas in the poker game. Moral home’s elderly and volunteers will be crowned God and Goddess of Gamblers when the casino opens in 2010. Keke…

    At around 3.30pm, the no of elderly at the activity area gradually start to decrease as some of the elderly were going out for a seafood treat… yum yum hope they had enjoyed a yummy dinner last sat. Mr Loi, Jojo, Stuart, JX and some passing by volunteers filled the home with their wonderful concert like singing sessions. J

    Then suddenly, Rico was spotted running frantically round the home in search of bamboo poles and bricks… aiyoh what does she wants to do with all these items? Well these items were very crucial as we need it to practice our pole dancing oops sorry I meant bamboo dance. Heng ah, thanks to Sharon we’ve managed to find the poles and bricks needed for the dance.

    Shortly after dinner, the banging of the bamboo poles could be heard. Angels like Ping Sing, Ah Xian, Jojo, Doris, SK, Sharon, Rico, Mei Kuen and me were engrossed in the training session of the bamboo dance choreographed by Stuart. Thanks to SK and Sharon, we managed to catch up fast from them. From voices of “in in out out” to “in in ouch ouch”… hahaha it was indeed a fun session and thru some discussions, we’ve managed to come out with some interesting steps. Hey angels do take this opportunity to come down more often so that you can come join us in our fun practice sessions for the chicky and bamboo dances.

    With the 10th anniversary drawing nearer, angels got more serious in the planning and in our room we could also see informative banner, beautiful posters and colorful invitation cards being printed out. It was indeed very lovely. J A very big thank you for all the hard work.

    Oh by the way, what do you think our vision will be the next 5 years? Perhaps angels, you can give it a thought and don’t be shy to share your thoughts ya. And last but not least, as what VL has mentioned, llet’s work hand in hand to make this 10yrs Anniversary a success.

    See you soon in our dance rehearsals sessions ya… cheers!

    Aunty Yen

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