The Saturday We Were Escorts for Kreta Ayer Elderly

Last Saturday, Shuhua, Sharon, Mr Mok, Susan and I were at Kreta Ayer to help bring the elderly to the movies!

We reported at 1pm and waited for the elderly to report to Moi Moi, the Kreta Ayer volunteer.

It was fun watching the elderly banter freely in Cantonese, but me and Shuhua could not chip in as Cantonese is not our forte. We can only smile and nod as the elderly talked in rapid Cantonese.

There were 6 elderly from Banda Street and 7 from Jalan Kukoh. There were supposed to be more, but apparently a few went for lunch and forgot about the outing.

On the bus, Mr Mok and Susan entertained us with their wonderful renditions of classic Cantonese songs which touched a chord with many of the elderly.


Look at the elderly enjoying themselves

The elderly enjoyed the show and worth the hour plus waiting and wandering around as we waited for the movie to end so as to bring them back home.

Another mission accomplished!