Last week was movie time for elderly, :> they were watching “Money Not Enough 2”, and the CD was brought down by Susan. Thanks Susan. The hot favourite games; board games, mahjong and poker were taken charged of by Poh Yen and Desment.

Sweating out in the kitchen were Doris, Christina, Ming Yeh and Susan, helping aunty molly to cook black sauce chicken and black bean chicken feet. Wow, the elderly simply enjoy the meal especially the nourishing soup. Thanks women power! :)

Meng huat, JinXiong and I were having a meeting with Winnie. She was all updated with what we are planning to do, including rough estimate of $ for F&B and exhibition projects. I have already showed her the pictures of our water bottle, T-shirts for elderly, invitation cards, banner, F&B list, etc…she is ever ready to offer her help and support. She even offers to cook curry for us and get her staffs to cook their own dishes for us.

Oh, after the elderly had their chicken meal, MA began their chicken dance, haha…it was so crazily fun…:> who were the chickens…let me think…Rico, Doris, Ming Yeh, Susan, Christina, Shuhua, Jojo, SK, JinXiong and I. The farm hands, Mok and Gary were admiring their brood of chickens.:)

On the 15th November, all moral angels are to be present to for a meeting, before that try to come down early for dance rehearser.

Let’s work hand in hand to make this 10yrs Anniversary a success. 29th November, belongs to you, Moral Angels! :>