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Moral Angels Weekly Flash 251008


Last week was movie time for elderly, :> they were watching “Money Not Enough 2”, and the CD was brought down by Susan. Thanks Susan. The hot favourite games; board games, mahjong and poker were taken charged of by Poh Yen and Desment.

Sweating out in the kitchen were Doris, Christina, Ming Yeh and Susan, helping aunty molly to cook black sauce chicken and black bean chicken feet. Wow, the elderly simply enjoy the meal especially the nourishing soup. Thanks women power! :)

Meng huat, JinXiong and I were having a meeting with Winnie. She was all updated with what we are planning to do, including rough estimate of $ for F&B and exhibition projects. I have already showed her the pictures of our water bottle, T-shirts for elderly, invitation cards, banner, F&B list, etc…she is ever ready to offer her help and support. She even offers to cook curry for us and get her staffs to cook their own dishes for us.

Oh, after the elderly had their chicken meal, MA began their chicken dance, haha…it was so crazily fun…:> who were the chickens…let me think…Rico, Doris, Ming Yeh, Susan, Christina, Shuhua, Jojo, SK, JinXiong and I. The farm hands, Mok and Gary were admiring their brood of chickens.:)

On the 15th November, all moral angels are to be present to for a meeting, before that try to come down early for dance rehearser.

Let’s work hand in hand to make this 10yrs Anniversary a success. 29th November, belongs to you, Moral Angels! :>




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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 181008

    Finally, Rusty has found her way back to Moral Home… Yes, this is Rusty writing the weekly flash.

    As usual, once I stepped in to Moral Home, the elderly was gathered together engrossing in their own activities. Mok were playing the fishing game with a few elderly. Most of the times, we were all entertained by the Chinese movie “Chu Liu Xiang”. However, the Mahjong group was quietly playing at another corner, totally not distracted by the people around them.

    After our daily activities, Mok, Jin Xiong, SK and Rusty were practicing our Moral Angels’ Song – Be The Angels. Jin Xiong recorded the whole session so that all Moral Angels can access to the song easily. Hmmm… a very meaningful song that every Moral Angel should know…

    After stretching our vocal cords, we proceeded to a more physical activity – Chicken Dance. Oh yes, we need to practice hard for our anniversary celebration! Christina, Mei Kuen, Jin Xiong, Sharon, SK, Shu Hua, Mok, Susan, Rusty and Sharon Foo were all panting with the increasing speed of the rhythm. Who knows what new ideas can Moral Angels come up with?! These will be disclosed soon…

    After all the sweats and laughter, we went back to our office. We ended our day by introducing and welcoming our new members who are Mok, Susan and Sharon Foo to Meng Huat.:) Hope we will see them joining us more often!


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  • Be The Angel

    Someone have to listen, someone have to care
    Someone have to cherish and someone have to cheer
    No one have to feel the pain, no one have to fear
    No one have to suffer and no one have to cry

    Just to make their day worthwhile
    Just to bring them joy and smile
    Be the one to light their day
    Be the Angel lead their way

    Someone have to listen, someone have to care
    Someone have to cherish and someone have to cheer
    No one have to feel the pain, no one have to fear
    No one have to suffer and no one have to cry

    (Repeat Chorus x2)

    Be the one to light their day
    Be the Angel lead their way

    Movie Outing 2008

    The Saturday We Were Escorts for Kreta Ayer Elderly

    Last Saturday, Shuhua, Sharon, Mr Mok, Susan and I were at Kreta Ayer to help bring the elderly to the movies!

    We reported at 1pm and waited for the elderly to report to Moi Moi, the Kreta Ayer volunteer.

    It was fun watching the elderly banter freely in Cantonese, but me and Shuhua could not chip in as Cantonese is not our forte. We can only smile and nod as the elderly talked in rapid Cantonese.

    There were 6 elderly from Banda Street and 7 from Jalan Kukoh. There were supposed to be more, but apparently a few went for lunch and forgot about the outing.

    On the bus, Mr Mok and Susan entertained us with their wonderful renditions of classic Cantonese songs which touched a chord with many of the elderly.


    Look at the elderly enjoying themselves

    The elderly enjoyed the show and worth the hour plus waiting and wandering around as we waited for the movie to end so as to bring them back home.

    Another mission accomplished!


    Moral Angels Weekly Flash 041008

    Hi angels,

    Humm…before I read the MA blog, I was hoping some smart angles took video of those angels practicing on the MA’s song in the room and put up in the blog,:) well done! JinXiong, smart guy! Bravo!

    Rico offered to write this flash initially, but because of JinXiong ‘speak all’ video clip, she back out. :)

    Mok and Susan, wow both of you non-stop auto machine huh? Switching from Mandarin to Hokkien than to Cantonese songs with so much ease. :0 An Ah Kong sitting at the canteen was so impressed by one of your Hokkien song that when I pointed you out to him, he straggled to stretch himself just to have a look at you. Hahaha. I heard from Rico that your piece of Moral Angels’ Song was beautifully composed too. Well, we’ll get to hear yours soon, as JinXiong said “coming soon”.

    Besides the non-stop singing, the elderly and volunteers were at their usual Saturday activities of Mahjong, Cards, Fishing games and befriending.

    It was also a very special outing for Aunty Vicky, who wanted very much to attend an orchestra performance. She was reminiscence and missing her younger days pastime. J I took her to watch the SSO “Stirrings of Youth” haha, what an appropriate title.

    I’m glad Aunty Vicky enjoyed her Creamy Lobster & Crab soup dinner at Stock Pot, the leisured walk inside ‘The Durian’ and the superb concert. Because of her, we were allowed into the concert hall 15mins before opening time. Oh gosh! She was overwhelmed by the entire place. :) She got first class treatment from staffs; even going to toilet was lead to different doorway from the crowd, to allow her accessed to wheelchair toilet J.

    She was asking whether on normal days is this durian open to public.:) Aunty V was commenting that when you are enjoying so much, it always ended so fast. She doesn’t feel like leaving. :) Reach MH almost 10pm.

    A thought came to me, since she can wonder what was inside ‘The Durian’, I believe some other elderly can too. If possible maybe the next outing we can include a walk thru ‘The Durian’ and have snack-break outdoor where they can just look up and see the big ‘The Durian’ just above their head.:)



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  • Moral Angels Song

    We proudly present you the Moral Angels Song:

    On satuday, i take a walk
    i take a walk, to Moral Home
    Before Simei, pass Aljunied
    We go meet up, with Moral Angels

    So everyone, please take a walk
    Please take a walk, to Moral Homes
    Come sing with us, sing the Angel song
    And then you will, love the Angels more

    Many thanks to Alex, Shuhua and Ping Sing for the lovely song. There is also a 2nd song written by Mr Mok. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, head down to the gallery for some new photos.