Hello Angels…. It’s Ah Xian’s turn to write the weekly flash… So please bear with me and my broken eng bon hor… :)

Anyway, here it goes…
As I walked into the activities area, I thought I saw Hui Quan at the mahjong table. Split second later, he has MIA-ed and the mahjong session was taken over by our tall and slender Rico :). As usual, the Black Jack business was up and going at the other corner of the hall and Aunty Lee Ah Khim was grinning away.. Why ah??!!?? Why ah??11?? Ooo… Apparently she has made a killing at the black jack table and has even attempted to do a show hand at the last game (that’s what I heard). New faces was also spotted among the usual black jack kakis – our Aunty Ah Yen and our new banker, Charmaine, from CMH (I hope I got her name right).

Ah Yen: “Eh Ah xian ah, what’s the total point for an ace and 8??” “I think its 19” I replied. However, our Aunty Lee AK insisted it’s 18 as her total point is 19. There it goes, she won Charmaine by a point. Poor Charmaine :). So where is our veteran banker – Uncle Song and Aunty Molly?? As usual, Uncle Song was running errand for the elderly and Aunty Molly was serving chee chong fun to the elderly at the dining area. Yummy yummy…. Over at the dining area, Poh Yan was trying his best to be crowned the ‘King of Chess’. But sadly for Poh Yen, I heard it was 2 wins for Uncle John and a draw. Uncle Poh Yan ah, you need to try harder next time liao. We will support you all the way :)

So, where’s Josephine, Shu Hua and Ah Xian?? We were playing fishing and bean bags with the elderly. Well, I reckon that the group is growing. We have newly recruited 2 residents to join us in the games. Well done to whoever that wheeled the residents down. As for the background, we have Jinxiong to sing for us.

Oh ya, for a moment I thought we have a new volunteer leh.. At a closer look at that person, its no one else other than our Principal/Postman Uncle Lim SK… OMG, he looks so different in his working attire. But once he started to sing, our FON SK is back again!!!!…. :)

Not forgetting our VL, she was back to MH after a few weeks of MC. Well…heard that Uncle Meng Huat is not feeling well too and our Uncle Song is on the road of recovery. So Angels, do take good care of yourself ya… Pop in more vitamin C, fruits and vegetables :) .

PS: (not I Love You of course). But….not to comment on my grammar and eng bon ya…. :) … Just enjoy this broken eng bon flash la :)

Specially for our Teacher Rico, Teacher SK and teacher-to-be JoJo… Happy Belated Teachers’ Day. Flower

See Ya
Ah Xian