Vicky, Rosy and Nelly

I remember the first time I met Vicky. She was recovering from an eye operation, and maybe that was the reason she saw me as a young handsome boy. Her vision might be blurred, but her mind crystal clear. Vicky thanked the Lord for her other good eye and her faith was rewarded with a full recovery. We talk about the weather, about her friends. We talk about the fun she had when out for a joyride with her friends.

True to her name, the world to Rosy is like a bed of flowers. One moment its Lily, the next moment its Rose. Never a person who dwells on the past, Rosy greets everyone with the enthusiasm of a 5 years old. She has this infectious laughter that even the grumpiest grandpa will break into fits. Her favorite punchline is ‘What’s your name?’.

Nelly is the coolest girl you will ever meet. Every week I will ask her out, and every time she will decline without missing a heartbeat. Nelly is always at peace, and doesn’t seems to be bothered by anything. She resides in a parallel world and is bemused by the hectic life led by mere mortals. Her favorite pastimes are eating and sleeping. This alone makes her the envy of everyone.

Thank you Vicky. Your wisdom has taught me. Your passion has touched me. Your faith and belief has built me a boat to sail through the highs and lows of the seven seas.

Thank you Rosy. I have learnt to live the moment and not dwell on the past. Laughter is the best medicine and doesn’t cost a cent.

Thank you Nelly. I have learnt to look inside for shelter rather than to chase the rainbow and ended up drenched in the rain and burnt by the sun.

As I give, I realise I have received.
As I teach, I realise I have learnt.
As I live, I realise I am dreaming.