This year’s celebration for Mid Autumn Festival is a unique one where we have a “2-in-1” Eighth month Ge Tai since we didn’t have a seventh month Ge Tai last month.

As early as 1pm, volunteers are already in the midst of preparation. Some are peeling pomelo and cutting mooncakes (do not be surprise..for those who are peeling the pomelo..some of them did it for the same time!!).


While others are warming up their voices and guitar for their upcoming performance. And before we knew it, the elderly are already seated and waiting eagerly for the program to start. Hence without further ado, our very compatible =) emcees for the day, Ping Sing and Desment kick start the program by enlightening us on the significance of eating mooncakes & pomelo while the elderly enjoy their treat of the homemade mooncakes ( Special thanks to Agnes, MinYue’s friend for making them and thanks to ah xian for coordinating the numbers needed) and sweet and yummy pomelo bought by uncle song.


After which, the volunteers and elderly had a great time listening to the repertoire of songs brought to us by our Ge Shen –Uncle Song, SK, Gary(his new band name is “behind”), Stuart, Hui Quan, Uncle Loi and Ge Hou –Christina, Doris, Jojo, Ping Sing. Not forgetting, we also had some special guest performance by Xing Jian, Poh Yan’s colleagues(3 beauties and 1 handsome) and also Ah Kiat (its a good job done in playing the song “way back into love”..luckily it didn’t out to be “way back into cramp” own u a drink or u wan hug?? Hahaha…). Thanks to our Sam – We have special stage effect for our singers as they have cleverly thought of using dry ice to create a fog effect. And I believe Poh Yan had a fun time playing with it, to produce more of the flowing fog behind the singers! Not forgetting, he also doubled-up as dancer for Christina’s yi zi xiao yu shan performance. Though he has used the wrong prop of a da yu shan! With special comments to Stuart’s on his preparation of the “retro outfit” and Hui Quan’s challenge to himself of 4 songs in 4 different languages in untuned..oops..unplugged version.. haha…


As usual, the singing is interspersed with two games that are specially created in line with the mid-autumn festival theme. As our emcees narrated the stories on the origin of mid-autumn festival, we played a game of matching Chang Er and her pals (which include Wall E now?! But can’t be help, as its our second Mr FON – JX is in-charge) and making of mooncakes using flour dough prepared by shuhua.


Soon, its time for dinner where our elderly is treated with the yummylicious braised soya sauce chicken cooked by Auntie Molly with some sweaty help from christina. While the rest of the volunteers are treated with yam cake and yummy durian and cempedak mooncakes =)

I do not have a long list of thank you notes to people…as I believe those of us who are present there has already made a wonderful day for the old folks and we all can surely feel it within it the old folks or us…

In all, thank you to those who are present physically or spiritually for this event… it is deeply appreciated.