Hi angels,

we are now 4 days away from the big day, can u believe it? The air was filled with excitement and anticipation as we made the final preparation last sat at the home.


We will celebrate this National Day in carnival style. There will be games, food, prizes and song performance to mark this special occasion. All elderly will be given 10 angel dollars each, and they are free to use it for games, food, or exchange for prizes. Immobile elderly will be accompanied by 1 volunteer to help them move around the various stalls.

The food stall will be selling Mee Hoon Kuey (specially made by Min Yuet), Oneh oneh, tapioca kuey and other yummy food. Our dear Rico is the lady boss, so make sure you ask for discount, and some sweet love!

The mama shop is stocked up by Hui Quan, Song and Poh Yan. In fact there are so much varieties it should be called a hypermart. Many thanks to the bosses who helped buy all the stuffs. The towkay and towkay neo for that day will be HQ and Fiona.

The games are:
– Fishing – With real pond and real fishes!! And real Jojo!
– Casino – Roulette, big small, odd even with Big Boss Meng Huat and Sam.
– Ball Throwing – Whack the can, or Poh Yan shiny head.
– Steady Hand – Touch the wire and be shocked by Mei Kuen.
– Golfing – With Sharon the tigress.

The events are:
220pm – everyone in dining area for open ceremony
230pm – Cake cutting and song singing
245pm – Start of carnival
430pm – End carnival by singing lots of country loving songs
5pm – Jet fighters fly pass, and fireworks.

Other important committee members:
Photo – Stuart
Video – Ah Kiat
Game assistants – Rusty, Loi, Shu Hua, Xiao Xuan
Decor – Shu Hua, Hui Hsien, Ping Sing
Volunteer coordinator – Ah Yen
Big Boss – SK

All committee members please kindly meet up at 1pm. We need to decor the place, move the tables, set up the games, have some fun, etc.

Volunteers please turn up at 2pm, or earlier if you wish to help out. We sure can use some extra hands.

And please wear the brightest, reddest shirt you ever own.

Jin Xiong